Design WordPress Newsletter Popups That Work

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You’re already driving traffic to your site. But only a small percentage of your visitors are subscribing to your newsletter.

We’ve been there.

That’s why we created Wisepops, the easiest and most powerful tool to promote your newsletter. Design beautiful popups that speak to your visitors without any coding experience, segment them with more than thirty different options and track their impact on your email list.

Let’s review in detail how our plugin can help you build your email list.

How to Add a Newsletter Popup to Your Wordpress website

  1. Create an account on Wisepops.
  2. Design your newsletter popup.
  3. Set up our script using our WordPress plugin.
  4. Activate your campaign and start attracting subscribers instantly.
  5. Monitor your results and optimize your popup.

Why Wisepops?

Best Targeting Engine

Timing is everything. Take advantage of our extensive set of targeting options to trigger your popups when they’re most likely to convert.

Powerful Builder

Create unique eye-catching popups and bars without any design experience.

Transparent Reporting

Track everything, from displays to conversions.

Works with Your Email Tool

Our native integrations and email API help you sync your email with most email solutions.

Why Do Newsletter Popups Work?

A growing number of WordPress users rely on popup plugins to build their email list.
Why? Simply because they perform better than traditional opt-in forms.

Here are a few of their advantages over other email collection techniques:

  • Newsletter popups can be segmented by user type (returning or new, coming from a specific source of traffic, logged in or not, etc.), page viewed (depending on the page URL, page tag, author, etc.), device, geolocation, etc. A precise segmentation means a higher conversion rate.
  • Popup designs are limitless. You can add visuals, pick specific colors, edit your wording. In other words, it’s easy to create forms that will attract your users’ attention.
  • Opt-in popups are usually more visible. Thus, your visitors are less likely to miss them.
  • Popups are easy to A/B test, track and optimize.

The bottom line? On average, our WordPress users triple the number of new subscribers they get.

Four Tips to Create the Best Newsletter Popups

Test Your Campaigns

List-building is an art, and it’s very rare to find the best strategy right away. You can start by testing your wording, and then your targeting, your design, etc.
Remember to test one element after the other to identify the exact element which makes the difference.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Do you see the difference between: “Subscribe to our newsletter” and “Join the gang! Get fresh news every week”? A/B tests run by our customers have shown that modifying a single word choice can produce significant results. Be creative!

Pick the Right Incentive

Subscribers are very sensitive to offers. Some of our customers have multiplied their numbers of subscribers by up to eight times by offering a coupon. And don’t worry, coupons are not the only options. Sweepstakes, freebies or great content can do the trick as well. Think as a user: what extra incentive would convince you to subscribe to a newsletter?

Sync Your Popups

Send your new subscribers to your email marketing tool automatically to contact them right away. Welcome them with an automatic email and start building a relationship with them.

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