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Countless case studies have proven that popups are the best means available to WordPress users to collect more emails, leads and increase their revenue.

Wisepops makes it easy to create WordPress popups that look super good and convert your visitors into subscribers or customers. Our main strength? With our drag and drop editor, you don’t have to know code or design to create popups. Anyone can use it, straight out of the box.

Because timing is everything, we also equip you with a robust targeting engine which lets you select which users should see your popups, on what pages of your blog or site and when.

Following your results is simple and doesn’t require any additional tagging on your site. We let you know how your campaigns perform and let you A/B test your campaigns with a single click.

Ready to supercharge your site? Discover why WordPress users have voted Wisepops the best WordPress Popup Plugin.

Email Popup Templates

How to Use Wisepops Popup Plugin

  1. Sign up on Wisepops.
  2. Set up our script on your website using our WordPress plugin or Google Tag Manager.
  3. Design your popup in a few clicks with our drag and drop editor or customize one of our templates.
  4. Prepare your popup target.
  5. Turn your campaign on and start engaging more visitors!

Use Cases

Grow your email list

Encourage your visitors to sign up to your newsletters in just a few clicks. With our email popups, you can expect to turn up to 10% of your visitors into subscribers.

Capture more leads

What are your visitors worth if you can’t turn them into actual prospects or clients? Use Wisepops to redirect your visitors to the pages that really matter to your business.

Share announcements

Exceptional events require exceptional communication means. Make sure your visitors can’t miss your latest announcements.

Survey your visitors

Getting feedback is key when you want to improve your website. Wisepops makes it easy to select the visitors for your survey and set the optimal timing to maximize your response rate.


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Why Wisepops?

Works great with WordPress

Tired of cheap WordPress plugins? With our widget, it takes only a few seconds to add Wisepops to your website. You can also set up our plugin using Google Tag Manager.


We make popup design easy with a drag and drop editor which requires zero HTML skills. It takes less than one minute to design a popup form that matches your WordPress theme and brand identity. Looking to create a lightbox popup? A slide-in? A sidebar? All done in a few clicks.


Are you afraid to display popups to your mobile visitors? If so, you shouldn’t be. We provide a safe way to create responsive popups that engage them and make the most of this important part of your traffic.

Best-in-class targeting engine

Refine your targeting scenario by device (mobile, desktop, tablet), OS (iOS, Android, etc.), geolocation, source of traffic, and more. Do you want to promote your newsletter to mobile visitors from California? To promote your app to iPhone users visiting your website for the first time? All done in a snap.

Track your performance

No more guesswork. We provide a detailed report to help you measure the impact of your campaigns on your website. You can also track the results of your campaigns in Google Analytics. Want to go further? Use our A/B testing option to optimize your campaigns and increase their conversion rates.

100% customizable

Adapt your popups to your website design and identity and make them blend into the navigation experience.

Sync your emails

We integrate with all the leading email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Hubspot, and more. Synchronizing your new subscribers takes under a second.

Go even further with our advanced features like dynamic content, custom properties, two-step forms, etc.

Not using Wordpress?

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