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Do you have experience using Wisepops and want to recommend it to your audience or clients?

It’s simple! Read on.

What will you get as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you’ll benefit from:

  • 15% revenue share on Wisepops recurring subscriptions (not limited in time)

  • Access to training and best practice materials

  • A free partner account (conditions apply)

Read affiliate terms and conditions.


  • Who can participate in the program?

    We accept two kinds of affiliates:

    • Bloggers & influencers: share Wisepops with your audience and earn money every time someone you refer upgrades.

    • Agencies: recommend Wisepops to your clients or to your audience and create an additional revenue stream for your agency.

  • How do you select participants?

    We check your website and social media, and make sure that you have an active following.

  • What kind of support will I receive?

    We provide every affiliate with a media kit including training articles, brand assets and a short video.
    If you have a large audience, we can help you set up a pop-up featuring your affiliate link as well.

  • How can I promote Wisepops?

    You’re free to promote Wisepops on social media, in articles, in newsletters, etc.
    Promoting Wisepops through ads is strictly prohibited. It’s also forbidden to do self-referrals.