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Wisepops vs Klaviyo Sign-up Forms: How They Compare

Klaviyo is one of the best email and SMS marketing platforms. Yet, its signup forms are not as good as their email automation.

Learn why Wisepops is a better signup form tool and why businesses that combined Wisepops and Klaviyo are getting amazing results.

Wisepops Klaviyo

Why Klaviyo Sign-up Forms aren’t the best ones…

    • “The Popup form has multiple bugs including: placeholder text not showing and the popup closes when a user scrolls on mobile.”

      Its Trendi, a Shopify App Store review
    • “I can't figure out how to get my sign up form for my newsletter. I am so frustrated. It says it should work.”

      Healing The Hyperbaric Way, a Shopify App Store review
    • "Tried to implement a 'don't leave' pop up on my store offering discount, it didn't work, as I tested it myself and didn't receive the discount email. 

      Asked for help and got one response first time which didn't solve the problem, and since then I've emailed 3 times and had no response so I'm going to delete the app and try another one."

      Go Genie, a Shopify App Store review

And why you should use Wisepops for signup forms...

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      “Having tried almost all other pop-up apps, Wisepops is by far the easiest to use with the most professional pre-built templates. Integration is really quick and everything just works.”

      Oliver, Shopify
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      “Wisepops helped me in many ways. I increased my conversion rate with marketing messages displayed at the right moment thanks to their targeting options…

      …It integrates very well within my stack (Klaviyo for emails and Postscript for SMS).”

      Adam, Trustpilot
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      “Wisepops is used by our marketing team, to make sure all our efforts are launched without having to wait for the dev team…

      Everything about this tool is great, especially at a relatively low cost for such an impact you can have for your business.”

      Alex, Capterra

Eight reasons to choose Wisepops

over Klaviyo Sign-up Forms

  • Onsite notifications
  • AI Wishlist
  • Spin-to-win gamified popups
  • Website bars
  • Advanced non-signup campaigns
  • Better onsite analytics
  • More popup display options
  • More design customizations
Reason 1

Onsite notifications

Onsite notifications are a feed with marketing messages for websites—kind of like what you see on social media, yet with powerful targeting, personalization, and integrations with your CRM or ESP.

They are perfect for sharing:

  • Product announcements

  • Newsletter signup forms

  • Personalized discounts

  • Brand news and updates

  • Links to pages with sales

  • Previews of Instagram posts

Onsite notifications were a significant driver in revenue for the launch of our new product range and we will be making use of the notifications for future product launches.

Dan Mitchell
Ecommerce Manager, OddBalls
Reason 2

AI Wishlist

Wisepops offers an autonomous AI shopping assistant aimed at enhancing every customer's experience in your store with personalized touches:

  • Anticipate purchase intentions. Our AI Wishlist is adept at forecasting probable purchases by analyzing browsing activity, customer profiles, and sales data.

  • Increase revenue. Improve sales through conversion-boosting features like limited stock alerts, coupons, and showcasing best-selling items.

  • Simplify the shopping process. Enable size selection and direct cart additions from the notification feed for seamless browsing and purchasing.

ai wishlist
Revenue generated by AI Wishlist in less than one month:


Reason 3

Spin-to-win popups

Another channel that Wisepops has (and Klaviyo doesn’t) are spin-to-win popups.

Spin-to-win popups are a proven tool for email list building and sales—in fact, they can convert up to 30.3% of visitors (while traditional popups convert 3.8%).

By choosing Wisepops, you’ll be able to:

  • Convert visitors with holiday spin-to-win campaigns with time-limited offers

  • Make the shopping experience on your store more engaging thanks to gamification

  • Experiment with different marketing offers in one campaign (discount sizes, bundles, etc.)

Picture of Martin Charousset

I can do everything by myself if I need to. Wisepops is super easy and the automation is amazing, to we can do a lot of lead generation experiments with spin-to-win popups.

Martin Charousset
Director of digital marketing, Faguo
Reason 4

Website bars

One more channel that Wisepops has is website bars, versatile onsite tools for lead generation and sales. If your goal is to create a diverse strategy with all the possible onsite marketing channels, you should use them.

Wisepops bars are 100% customizable and can contain:

  • Email signup forms for lead generation

  • Buttons to lead traffic to pages with sales and products

  • Countdowns to generate a sense of urgency during sales

  • Fields with discount codes for one-click shopping cart application

website bars
marilou bertrand

We added the bar with the countdown to reinforce the sense of urgency for those who did not apply the code in the popup, which was key to success.

The campaign generated six times more customers in six hours than we get on a full regular day.

Marilou Bertrand
Director of Ecommerce, Charlotte Bio
Reason 5

Advanced non-sign up campaigns

Klaviyo’s forms are created for one goal only: getting signups. But you can also use popups for many other ways. Doing so can help you skyrocket your conversion rates, especially if you’re a Shopify store.

Examples of non-signup campaigns you can make in Wisepops:

  • Exit surveys

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) forms

  • Suggestion boxes with open-ended questions

  • Forms with unique discount codes from your Shopify store

  • New product or collection announcements

  • Promos for customers who bought from you X days ago

  • Time-limited deals for visitors on a specific product menu section

Reason 6

Better onsite analytics

The analytics for signup forms in Klaviyo are pretty basic—

Essentially, you get stats on displays and submits, along with the conversion rate. It’s something, but nowhere near enough you need to grow the conversion rate and improve onsite marketing strategy:

klaviyo editor forms

On the other hand—

Wisepops analytics are not limited to how many emails you collect.

Wisepops gives you much deeper analytics for making data-informed, effective decisions. With this data, you can easily understand how to create personalized experiences for shoppers as well as focus on things that matter for your business growth.

That data include:

  • Clicks, CTR, reach, sessions

  • Breakdown with pages with the most conversions

  • The most engaged countries, regions, or visitor categories

  • Performance breakdown by every channel (popups, bars, onsite notifications, embeds)

  • Campaigns that contribute the most to your revenue

popup analytics wisepops
Ben from Asphalte

We like audience management display frequency features that helps us define who and how often sees our campaigns.

Benjamin Mateo
Head of Growth and Tech, Asphalte
Reason 7

More popup display options

With Wisepops, you get more ways to show your campaigns and make them more relevant to your visitors. In addition to having more triggers for your campaigns, you’ll also be able to target segments you have in Klaviyo.

Display optionWisepopsKlaviyo Forms
On landing
On exit
On click✖️
On hover✖️
On scroll
Custom trigger
Cart value (Shopify)✖️
Cart item count (Shopify)✖️
Cart total price (Shopify)✖️
Last order created (Shopify)✖️
Related products based on (Shopify)✖️
FOMO messages based on product inventory quantity (Shopify)✖️
Offers based on the number of orders made by a customer✖️
Reason 8

More design customizations

With Wisepops popup editor, you get more ways to customize your campaigns, which makes it more suitable not only for ecommerce brands, but content creators and SaaS businesses. 

Examples of Wisepops customizations that are lacking in Klaviyo forms: 

Videos inside popups

Use cases for video popups:

  • Ecommerce stores could promote new products, collections, lookbooks, events, and blog content

  • Bloggers can share their YouTube videos to drive more engagement

  • SaaS companies could engage visitors with video demos and feature presentations

video popup in wisepops

Two-button popups

Having multiple buttons makes it easier to: 

  • Create conversational popup campaigns

  • Drive traffic to products, menu categories, and sales pages

  • Speed up product discovery by focusing the attention of visitors on them

wisepops editor

More than two content columns

Adding more than two columns allows you to:

  • Organize your content better

  • Include more info in your campaigns (in a neat way)

  • Grab the attention of your website visitors like never before

columned popup

Wisepops vs Klaviyo Sign-up Forms:

At-a-glance comparison

Wisepops Klaviyo forms
Shopify rating 5 stars 3.5 stars
Capterra rating 4.9 stars 4.4 stars
Trustpilot rating4.7 stars4.4 stars
Free trialYesYes
Free trial length14 daysN/A
Cheapest plan$49/mo$45/mo (for 1,001 subscribers)
Onsite notifications✖️
AI Wishlist✖️
Website bars✖️
Embeds (embedded forms)
Exit intent popups on mobile
Gamification popups (spin-to-win wheels)✖️
On-click popups✖️
Video popups✖️
Revenue tracking✖️
Campaign templates27061
JS callbacks✖️
Custom CSS✖️
Performance analytics
Nonprofit discountAvailable, get in touch to find out moreAvailable, get in touch to find out more
Zapier integration
Instagram integrationYes, in onsite notifications✖️ (only in emails)
Ecommerce attributes
Shopify attributes✖️
UTM parameters

Klaviyo and Wisepops.

Better together

We're called the #1 onsite marketing platform for a reason: Wisepops is best for converting visitors and customers on websites. Klaviyo is also a leader in lead nurturing and getting sales, outside of websites. If you combine the two apps, your audience, be it a first-time visitor or a long-time customer, will hear from you at the right time and the right place.

Why combine Wisepops and Klaviyo:

  • Take the guesswork out of how your marketing is performing: both Wisepops and Klaviyo give you attributed revenues for their respective channels

  • Unify your strategy and bring in more data: Wisepops has a deep integration with Klaviyo: you can even target Klaviyo segments without leaving Wisepops

  • Save money and time: using Klaviyo and Wisepops means covering most of your marketing needs, as their combined capabilities replace the need for (and the cost of) 10+ separate apps.

wisepops klaviyo

Successful businesses trust Wisepops and Klaviyo.

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