Working at Wisepops, a new life…?

We have been very intentional about creating our own work culture. Having no investors and being funded 100% by our customers help keep our focus on what matters.

We don’t have a foosball table or free sushi in our office. We don’t even have an office! We don’t think happiness at work is just about fun perks like a teambuilding event in Barcelona (pronounced “Barthelona” to sound cool).

Many of us came from Big Tech companies (Amazon, Facebook, Revolut to name a few) and got tired of large structures, top-to-bottom decisions, micromanagers, and BS week-over-week analysis.

We think happiness at work comes from human relationships, growth opportunities, and mindset.

What does working at Wisepops look like?

Think of it as a team...
In a team, there is no manager to tell you what to do. Everyone brings some expertise, knowledge, and unique skills. It’s up to the team to learn how to play and win together. No one has the final word because of their teneure, title, or seniority.

Made of superstars...
Because we have no managers, we need autonomous people who know what to do and know how to find answers when they don’t. We expect each team member to be a leader in their field and we trust them.

Who work when and where they want...
We were fully remote before it was cool. We are grown ups and trust each other. We don’t need someone to tell us when and where to work. Each person at Wisepops is empowered to find their best work-life balance and work environment.

To build something big...
We have gathered truly impressive people to achieve very ambitious goals. We’re not here to build a successful startup. We’re here to buld an amazing company. We think the key is to be 100% focused on our customers. We exist because of them.

While enjoying the ride.
We’re humans and we want to have fun with the people we work with. Life is too short to get bored or play the political game.

Our team

  • Ben

    Founder & CEO Paris, France

    Ben started his first company, an eco-friendly marketplace, in 2008. One thing stuck with him: how hard it was to connect with his audience and to establish a digital brand. A few years later, he joined Amazon while creating a solution to this problem. Wisepops was born.

  • Lisa

    Head of Customer Success Paris but soon Marseille

    Lisa started her career as a marketer in the B2B tech space before joining Wisepops in 2021. Her mantra: Provide value and a delightful customer experience. She's also a yoga teacher.

  • Boris

    VP Engineering Paris, France

    Epitech graduate, Boris laid the technical foundations of Wisepops. He joined the project in 2014.

  • Anthony

    Head of Product Tokyo, Japan

    Anthony worked in the aerospace industry then at Amazon. He discovered his passion for karaoke while in Japan. Also, a terrible singer.

  • Florie

    Head of Sales Paris, France

    During the last 10 years, Florie has contributed to generate B2B revenue for SaaS start-ups worldwide. She joined Wisepops in February 2021 and is also running her own Sales business. When she is not behind her computer, you might find her at Krav Maga.

  • Ernestas

    Back-end Tech Lead Vilnius, Lithuania

    Ernestas joined Wisepops in the beginning of 2020. He's passionate about technology and basketball.

  • Romain

    Head of Data Science Singapore

    Romain joined us in 2021 after 8 years at Facebook and Amazon in France, China and now Singapore. Passionate about data science, startups and tech investments, he otherwise spends most of his time with his wife and two daughters.

  • Olek

    Head of Product Design Cracow, Poland

    Ex-Revolut, Olek is passionate about behavioral science and fine craft.

  • Paweł

    Head of Growth Szczecin, Poland

    At work, he loves to implement new marketing campaigns - after work, he rewatches Quentin Tarantino's movies for the hundredth time.

  • Clément

    CTO Paris, France

    After 3 years at Botify, Clement joined us in 2019 to start developing a new project.

  • Mike

    Front-end Tech Lead Cracow, Poland

    Michal has been building web applications for more than eight years. He joined Wisepops in April 2021. Passionate about technology, cooking and photography

  • Mike

    Frontend engineer Cracow, Poland

    Lifelong learner and experimenter. Focuses on building stuff that's useful to others. He shares his learnings in text, audio and video. Also, an amateur photographer who loves to calm down in the nature while taking photos.

  • Oleksii

    Content Writer Warsaw, Poland

    Oleksii joined Wisepops in March 2022 after being a long-time freelance contractor. He's responsible for growing organic traffic on our site. Outside of work, Oleksii likes to learn climate science and watch NFL games.

  • Seïfane

    Back End Developer Nantes, France

    Code every day all day. Tinkerer. I will not be able to rest until that bug is fixed.


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