Seamlessly capture and engage your website visitors with Embeds

Popup modals are useful and efficient when it comes to converting website traffic into leads. However, some content is meant to sit on a website page quietly and peacefully so it is available at any time. One powerful way to inspire website visitors to engage with your brand is embedded content. By inserting a video, a sign-up form, a promotion, or a survey, marketers can grab attention, inspire action and transform their websites into conversion machines.

With Wisepops embeds, you can easily integrate your content as part of any website page. It will not disturb or annoy anyone. You can go even further by using advanced targeting conditions to reach the right audience.

Website embeds

How to Add Embeds to Your Website

  1. Choose “Embeds” in the template gallery
  2. Customize your embed and add your elements (form, survey, countdown, text, …)
  3. Choose where you want to embed your content on your website page
  4. Use our advanced targeting options to target the right visitors, at the right time
  5. Activate your campaign — Enjoy a website that is optimized for conversions! 

Use Cases

Wisepops can help you create all sorts of embeds. Let’s have a look at the most popular use cases.

Sign-up forms

Create online forms and embed them seamlessly into any of your website pages — no coding needed. When connected to your email tool, they can help you grow your email list effortlessly and it won’t annoy anyone!


Add any inline content to a website page using promotion or content engagement CTAs. Buttons, content boxes, sidebar, … These smart units can be targeted to engage specific audiences at the right time.


Create general surveys to be displayed to all your visitors or a specific group. Ask simple questions such as “What could we do to improve our website?” or “Would you recommend this website to a friend?” and start collecting general feedback.

Why Wisepops

Unrivaled Timing and Segmentation

No tool compares with Wisepops when it comes to reaching the right audience at the right time. Visitors coming from search engines for the first time? Existing users who’ve seen three pages on your website? iPhone users browsing from the US? All done in a few clicks.

Simple Survey and Popup Builder

Forget old-school survey builders that take forever to understand and generate ugly surveys. With Wisepops, designing stunning modal surveys takes less than 5 minutes.

The best part? You don’t have to know HTML or javascript to use our tool.

Optimized for Conversions

Convincing your visitors to take a survey is not easy. That’s why we worked tirelessly on our user interface to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to answer your questions whatever the browser or device they’re using.

Detailed Reporting

Know exactly how many visitors saw your pop-up and what proportion of them took your survey. Activate our Google Analytics integration to put these metrics in perspective and know on which pages or in which countries your survey was taken. Use our A/B testing option to optimize your modal and increase the number of respondents.

CSV or Zapier Export

You’re in control of your data. Export your data in CSV or send it directly to Zapier.

More Popup Formats

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