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Last updated Tue Apr 23 2024

Émoi émoi's Promo Raises the Average Order Value and Achieves 8% CVR

  • Goal:

    Increase average order value

  • 145

    Visitors who applied the discount code to the shopping cart

  • 8%

    CTR of the onsite notification with the promo offer

  • Website: émoi émoi

  • Founded: 2014

  • Industry: Fashion and accessories

  • Integrations: Shopify

  • Using Wisepops since: 2022

About Émoi émoi

Émoi-émoi is a lifestyle clothing brand that celebrates the joys of parenthood and family life. With a curated selection of fashionable clothing and accessories for both parents and kids, they create a sense of togetherness and style. Combining comfort and elegance, Émoi-émoi is a go-to destination for modern families seeking fashionable yet functional products.

emoi emoi

“Our mission is to make clothes, jewelry and accessories that say "I love you". To yourself, to the people you love and to Mother Nature.

Our customers are mainly loyal people who care about sustainability and try to bring sunshine wherever they go

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

How Émoi émoi uses Wisepops to drive sales

Émoi émoi runs many onsite campaigns with Wisepops (sharing discount codes, product promotions, and sales offers). In this case study, we’re going to focus on a unique one where they combined two channels (onsite notifications and embeds) to engage visitors.

Campaign: Special offer promo (product bundling)

Goal: Increase average order value

Wisepops features used: embeds and onsite notifications

To introduce the recent collab with Superga to their customers, émoi émoi wanted to spread the message that kids can (and should) wear the same shoes as their mothers! To achieve this, they offered a brilliant incentive: for every two pairs of shoes purchased, customers received a complimentary pair of socks.


To promote an offer in a way that made it clear.. 

  • What products qualified for the promotion

  • How to apply the promo code to get advantage of the offer

  • How to choose the gift (the pair of socks) size

To make that happen, Émoi émoi created one onsite marketing (an onsite notification + an embed) in Wisepops:

The first campaign—

This embed on the pages with the products eligible for the promotion (shown in the image below).

It looked like a colorful form and contained a reminder about the offer and the promo code. Clicking the pink button in the form applied the code to the shopping cart. To go get the second pair shoes and get the complementary socks, visitors clicked the black button at the bottom of the form:

embed on website

The second campaign was created later to drive traffic to the promotion. 

This time, it was an onsite notification that briefly described the offer, showed the eligible products (two pairs of shoes), and had a link to the Superga x émoi émoi collab page:

emoi emoi onsite notifications


Let’s see how a visitor could find the promo and take advantage of it on mobile:

onsite marketing campaign example emoi emoi

Campaign results

The first campaign, the embed, was launched on May 22, and so far, a total of 7,282 visitors saw it. Also, 145 clicked to take advantage of the offer and get the complimentary socks:

emoi emoi onsite notifications CTR%

The onsite notification, the second campaign, was enabled in early July (about a month after the embed).

It  was seen by over 12,000 visitors, of which 30% clicked to read the whole message. Then 290 of them landed on the product page with the first pair of shoes, achieving a nice 8% conversion rate:

emoi emoi onsite notifications CTR

And that was not everything— Lucie says that the Superga and émoi émoi shoes were respectively the 3rd and 4th most viewed product pages on their website!

“Here’s what we got from this campaign:

A satisfied customer— Who does not need to take a screenshot of the offer to remember a discount code anymore.

A more relaxed Customer Care Team — who is less solicited by customers who fail to take advantage of the promotion.

A highlighted product — The Superga x émoi émoi shoes are the 3rd and 4th most viewed product pages since the beginning of the operation.”

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

Next step: Achieve your goals with Wisepops

With Wisepops, you can engage and convert your website visitors using four channels: popups, onsite notifications, bars, and embeds. So, it’s possible to create both simple campaigns like newsletter signup to more complex ones like émoi émoi.

See how you can grow your business:

If you'd like to learn more about how others are converting traffic and selling with Wisepops, check out the case study below:

Marilou Bertrand

“The campaign generated six times more customers in six hours than we get on a full regular day, which we really did not expect.”

Learn more: Charlotte Bio Case Study

Marilou Bertrand, Director of Digital Marketing, Charlotte Bio

Want to learn how to install onsite notifications on your ecommerce store?

That could be done in minutes. 

This quick video will help get you started:

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


  • Marketing Strategy (course)

  • Advanced Growth Strategy (course)

  • Retention & Engagement (course)

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