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Drive up to 5% more sales
with the AI Wishlist

Powered by an AI that predicts purchase intention, the AI Wishlist
makes shopping easier and boosts sales up - all on autopilot.

Engage customers with
the products they want most

The AI Wishlist understands your visitors interest, and assist them from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes’.

Leverage the #1 predictive AI for purchase intention

Leveraging multiple data sources such as onsite activity, visitor profile or sales performances, the AI Wishlist is trained to predict visitors purchase intention.

AI Wishlist Purchase Intention algorithm
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Delight customers with a new personalized experience

The AI Wishlist fills in automatically, acting as a smart shopping assistant for all your visitors. It’s always there, one click away, and never disturbing.

Maximize engagement with conversion boosters

Once on a list, AI Wishlist turns interest into sales with conversion boosters: dynamic 'soon out of stock’ or ‘best selling’ badges, limited-time coupons, and more.

AI Wishlist Conversion Boosters

Generate upsell with more product recommendations

Drive more sales by offering additional, relevant products to customers as they shop. Increase their order values with personalized recommendations that match their current wishlist.

Unlock more opportunities to connect with your visitors

Invite your visitors to receive updates and offers on their list, so you can reengage them by Email, SMS or Push notifications.

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Activate in one click, and watch sales grow

We know you don’t have time. The AI Wishlist is fully automated, and plug and play with Shopify. Set it up in one click and let it run on autopilot.

Customers love the experience.
You’ll love the results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between the AI Wishlist and a Wishlist?

    In a traditional wishlist, your customers manually save products that they consider purchasing in the future. Our AI Wishlist, powered by machine learning algorithms, identifies the products they will most likely be interested in buying. It then automatically places these products in a feed on the website for their convenience, allowing them to view and purchase them with just one click to shorten the time to convert in your store.

  • How does your AI algorithm work?

    We trained our own Machine Learning model based on past visitor data. The model considers a variety of signals in the customer journey: which products were browsed and how the customer interacted with them before converting or not. We consistently enrich our algorithm with new signals, benefitting the efficiency of your AI wishlist on the fly.

  • How is attributed revenue calculated for the AI Wishlist?

    Attributed revenue specifically tracks purchases made by customers who opened the feed, clicked on recommended products, and completed a purchase of the clicked product within a three-day conversion window. 

  • I already have a wishlist app, do I need to remove it?

    You can keep both wishlists. We recognize that some clients have been accustomed to curating their wishlists manually. In that case, we recommend to implement the AI wishlist inside our notification feed. However, we are confident they will cease this practice upon realizing that our algorithms automatically include all their desired items in the new AI wishlist.

  • Do I need a developer to use AI Wishlist?

    No developer assistance is required. The AI wishlist operates automatically, easily activated with a single click. Simply install Wisepops on your Shopify store, ensuring you have the latest version of the Shopify app installed.

  • How will it be displayed on my website?

    AI Wishlist is housed within our onsite notification feed. Tailor the icon and position of your notifications feed to align with your brand's identity and enhance UX practices.

  • Does it work on all platforms?

    Currently, AI Wishlist is compatible exclusively with Shopify. Note that it does not work with Headless setup. We plan to expand to headless and other e-commerce platforms in the near future. 

  • How much does it cost?

    During the Beta, it’s 100% free. Post Beta, the AI Wishlist will be priced 2.5% of the attributed revenue.

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

Ai Wishlist has been instrumental in helping us to gather data, assist conversion rates, and ultimately generating revenue since we launched it.

Dan Mitchell
Ecommerce Manager, OddBalls

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