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Powerful analytics that
enable fast growth

Enhance visitor engagement, increase conversions, and drive more revenue with relevant experiences

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Make smart, data-driven decisions
to increase your revenue

See your campaign engagement metrics at a glance

Uncover trends over time with visualizations of the key metrics and advanced customizable reports

  • Track each channel's performance
  • Get insights into your conversion funnel

Uncover the secrets behind your top performers

Dive into comprehensive tables breaking down your top campaigns, pages, devices, and locations to identify what works best.

  • Find the most impactful campaigns
  • Determine pages with maximum conversions
  • See your most engaged countries or regions

Improve engagement with A/B testing

Test multiple variations of your campaign to fine-tune your strategies and enhance customer engagement.

  • See which designs drive more conversions
  • Find the copy that resonates with your audience
  • Pinpoint the right visitors to maximize your revenue

Track how many incremental sales Wisepops generates

Learn how Wisepops contributes to your business goals by analyzing the best-performing campaigns

  • Understand which campaigns give revenue
  • Set and track your business goals

Seamlessly integrate Wisepops with your data stack

Centralize all your crucial data within Wisepops, including website events, purchase histories, viewed products, and beyond, to feed our data engine and create a powerhouse of insights.


Send Javascript events to any analytics platform. You have full freedom on the level of data you want to capture thanks to Javascript callbacks.

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Google Analytics

Easy integration with Google Analytics. Start feeding events from your Wisepops campaign within minutes.

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Native tracking of the revenue generated by customers who interacted with Wisepops campaigns. More Shopify insights coming soon

Top pick for onsite marketers

Discover why Wisepops is one of the highest scoring products in both
popularity and user ratings for thousands of marketers

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  • AB Testing
  • Lead generation
  • AB Testing
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  • AB Testing
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  • Campaign management
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