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Last updated Mon Jan 15 2024

Meet the Notification Feed — a revolutionary onsite marketing tool

On Jan 31st, we’re rolling out a new version of Wisepops. We’re merging our popups and notifications (aka Wisp) tools into a single platform. You might be wondering…

Q: Why combine popups and notifications? 

After 10 years in the e-commerce industry both as a founder of a small boutique and as a manager at Amazon, I'm still stunned at the discrepancy between what you see on an online store and all the vibrant activity hidden behind the scenes. New collections are released, products come in and out, different sales are posted every day, event or promotions are launched, and more. Yet, customers only see a series of static pages and generic banners.

That’s why we designed the Notification Feed. What makes Notifications special is that they are both engaging AND non-intrusive. Inspired by social media notifications, they revolutionize how to reach your onsite customers. It’s every customer's one-stop-shop to see all of your product announcements, events, brand updates, and more.

Together, Popups and Notifications deploy a full onsite marketing strategy, covering every step of the customer journey from lead generation to nurturing repeat purchases.

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Q: What are the results? 

Here are 3 facts from 100+ brands actively using notifications:

  1. Notifications proved themselves as an effective communication channel with 200M+ messages read by visitors to date.

  2. 25% of customers check their Notification Feed at some point during their session.

  3. Visitors who check their Notification Feed are 3x more likely to come back.

View use cases and results of companies currently using the Notification Feed

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Q: How can I start using Notifications? 

You will need to add 2 pieces of code to your website:

  1. A setup code for Notifications to install on your website either manually or through GTM or Shopify.

  2. The html code for embedding the Notification bell, either manually or through Shopify.

That’s it! You are now ready to publish your notifications campaign and convert your visitors...

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Q: What’s next?

In 2023, we’ll add 3 major features:

  1. We’ll make the feed more engaging by adding one-step Notifications.

  2. We’ll track the revenue generated at the campaign level to give you a full view of your conversion funnel.

  3. We’ll enable new, exciting automated sales campaigns through Shopify integration and our API.

Q: How much does it cost? 

Nothing. Notifications are included for free with your Wisepops subscription starting today until the end of 2023 – don’t miss out!

We’re looking forward to grow this product with you, and seeing how you use Notifications to transform your website and benefit your business.

Benjamin Cahen

Benjamin Cahen

Benjamin Cahen is the founder & CEO at Wisepops. He is also a former Amazon staffer and investor.

With an extensive background in digital marketing and online business, Ben focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with onsite marketing.