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Last updated Tue Apr 23 2024

Quandoo grows its email list 20% faster


  • Accelerate lead generation

  • Grow the number of repeat clients in key markets


  • Share bonus loyalty points in exchange for emails with spin-to-win wheels

  • Maximize the awareness of the campaign with embedded banners (embeds) on the website


  • 20%

    More newsletter subscribers compared to a usual month

  • More

    Conversions observed the next month among those who viewed a discount code


  • Website: Quandoo

  • Location: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded: 2012

  • Industry: Foodservice

Quandoo: Get a Table at the Best Restaurants Worldwide

Quandoo is a restaurant reservation and management platform that connects diners with 17,000+ restaurants in 12 countries and helps them make online reservations. The platform serves as a bridge between diners looking for a place to eat and restaurants seeking to fill their tables. 

Using Quandoo simplifies the restaurant reservation process, allowing diners to secure tables conveniently, access restaurant information, and earn rewards for their loyalty. For restaurant owners, Quandoo fills empty tables, increases online visibility, and attracts a broader customer base.

quandoo homepage

How Quandoo Engages Visitors with Wisepops


  • Increase table reservations with bonus loyalty points (that customers can exchange for cashback)

  • Accelerate email list building during the holiday season

Wisepops features used: 

  • Embeds

  • Spin-to-win popups

Campaigns made:

  • Embeds that announced the offer (one for desktop and another one optimized for mobile)

  • Spin-to-win popups that allowed getting bonus points (one for desktop and another one for mobile)

“In December, Quandoo typically experiences an increase in visitors on both the portal and the app. Users tend to make more reservations to meet with friends and colleagues before Christmas. We wanted to treat them and also motivate them to make reservations one more time in January.”



Quandoo created customized versions of this campaign for the Quandoo website operating in different countries, including Australia, Austria, and Singapore.

Here’s how the campaigns worked:

When clients made a table reservation on Quandoo (both on desktop and mobile), they saw a non-intrusive banner (which was an embedded form, or an embed), which promoted the offer:



After a client made a booking, they would get this spin-to-win campaign on the checkout page, asking them to provide their email in exchange for extra loyalty points:

popup contest campaign

Of course—

Those who booked a table on mobile got the same message after the checkout:

mobile popup wheel

As you can see, visitors could get different amounts of points (250, 325, and 450), and every participant won, as the wheel had no “0 points” or any other losing options.

Campaign results

Quandoo successfully achieved both goals:

20% more newsletter subscribers compared to usual month


Many clients who claimed bonus points through the spin-to-win wheel campaign also returned to Quandoo shortly and made more reservations.

Want to achieve similar results?

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


  • Marketing Strategy (course)

  • Advanced Growth Strategy (course)

  • Retention & Engagement (course)

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