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Last updated Tue Apr 23 2024

Springly Accelerates Email List Building by 50% with Wisepops

  • Goal:

    Build a high-quality email list by driving traffic to landing pages with content

  • 5.8%

    CTR of one ebook promotion campaign

  • 50%

    More leads acquired when using Wisepops

springly logo
  • Website: Springly

  • Founded: 2011

  • Industry: SaaS (nonprofit software)

  • Integrations: HubSpot, Zapier

  • Using Wisepops since: July 2020

About Springly

Springly is an all-in-one nonprofit software (CRM, accounting, website creation, and more) for nonprofits, associations, and other professional organizations. The platform offers a wide range of features to manage memberships, donations, events, and communications effectively. 

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from the software suite offered by Springly, including charities, associations, clubs, and foundations. By simplifying administrative tasks and automating processes, Springly allows nonprofits to focus on their core mission.

Spring into step (a free weekly expert newsletter) along with content like webinars and ebooks, serves as a lead acquisition channel for the company. It gives subscribers (nonprofit organizations) a selection of top-level tips and strategies every week. Promoting content, especially the newsletter, is a very important part of Springly’s client acquisition strategy.

springly homepage
Patricia Seidel

“We chose Wisepops because it’s really easy to use, the customer support is fantastic (we get quick and helpful answers every time!) and because of the integrations (Zapier and Hubspot, especially).

Patricia Seidel, Growth Manager, Springly

How Springly Uses Wisepops Popups to Acquire Leads

Lead generation through content is the main use case for Wisepops at Springly, says Patricia. Since content is the #1 lead acquisition channel, the company’s website is the place where she uses various popup campaigns to drive traffic to the newsletter signup page.

Let’s talk about two campaigns in more detail.

Campaign #1: The eBook promotion

This good-looking campaign promoted an expertly crafted ebook that Springly made in cooperation with The Charity CFO (a nonprofit accounting & bookkeeping service). Since accounting is a common challenge for nonprofits, this ebook is an excellent resource for them.

campaign lead magnet popup

This campaign guided visitors to a purpose-built landing page, describing the ebook's profound value proposition in more detail. 

To download this ebook, visitors needed to provide a bit of information about themselves, which Springly uses for personalizing marketing communications:

landing page lead magnet

Results: Over 2,000 clicks

The results of this campaign on the website were outstanding. With a remarkable 2,033 clicks, it demonstrated a good ability to capture the attention of visitors. 

The campaign's click-through rate (CTR) of 5.8% was also great, indicating a high level of interest in the promoted ebook:

ebook popup campaign performance

The campaign generated a substantial number of high-quality leads, showcasing its success in attracting the right audience. These impressive results not only signify the campaign's effectiveness in generating interest but also highlight its ability to drive valuable engagement and lead generation for Springly.

Campaign #2: The weekly newsletter signup

This campaign was created for the “Spring into step,” Springly’s newsletter. This popup is active only during certain times to avoid competing with other content campaigns (for example, when there’s a need to promote a webinar).

When visitors browse Springly’s blog, they are greeted with this popup, inviting them to subscribe:

newsletter popup saas springly

Instead of the signup form with an email field, this campaign has a button, clicking which takes subscribers to a dedicated signup page (below).

There, they need to give their email, name, and their organization’s name to subscribe:

newsletter signup page

This way, Patricia collects more information about potential clients, which allows her to understand their needs better (and therefore send them content they’re likely to find helpful).

With the newsletter being so important for lead acquisition for Springly, driving traffic to the landing page is a non-stop project.

Results: 138 quality leads obtained

During the latest run, this campaign generated a significant increase in newsletter signup conversions compared to the time when other campaigns were active.

If we take a look at the performance, we see that the campaign was viewed almost 5,000 times and resulted in the addition of 138 high-quality leads to the email list. Despite a relatively low click-through rate (CTR) of 2.8% (again, the popup is active during certain times), the campaign successfully attracted a highly engaged audience.

Springly campaign performance
Patricia Seidel

“We noticed that our email list building performance drops by 50% when we don’t use Wisepops campaigns.

Using Wisepops has been very important for our growth in the US, as it remains our most effective tool for building a customer base.”

Patricia Seidel, Growth Manager, Springly

See Wisepops popup builder in action

Patricia mentioned that our popup builder is very easy to use—if you’d like to see it in action, check out a video where our own Sydney Loew, our brand designer, creates a good-looking popup in minutes:

And, of course, give Wisepops a try—

We're rated 5 stars on Shopify and help over 1,600 online businesses convert traffic:

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


  • Marketing Strategy (course)

  • Advanced Growth Strategy (course)

  • Retention & Engagement (course)

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