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With Exit-Intent Popups

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What is an exit popup?

The exit-intent popup relies on mouse cursor tracking. When a visitor is about to close the page, he or she has to move her mouse upwards. The exit-intent script detects this movement and sends a signal triggering the popup to appear.

an exit popup example (source:

How to create an exit-intent popup?

  1. Get a Wisepops account
  2. Choose an exit popup template (or start from scratch)
  3. Customize popup design: add a visual and text
  4. Select the “exit intent” trigger
  5. Choose the pages you want to display your popup
  6. Done! Launch the exit-intent campaign

Popup gallery: get inspired

How Can You Leverage Your Exit Popups?

  1. Lead generation

    Establish relationships with qualified website visitors who might be interested in buying from you at a later time. Capture their emails before they leave forever.

  2. Boost sales

    Present visitors with attractive offers and conversion-driven copy that drives them to revisit your product pages before they navigate away from your site.

  3. Prevent abandoned carts

    Overcome objections and offer enticing information that drives potential customers back to the shopping cart.

  4. Seasonal promotions

    Inform website visitors about special offers and seasonal promotions that persuade them to buy from you now, not later.

  5. List building

    Encourage visitors to join your email list to receive information about upcoming special offers, promotions, and new products so that you can retarget them by email later.

  6. Surveys

    Learn how to improve your website, products, and business by getting helpful feedback from website visitors.

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