Create Exit Popups That Drive Results

Exit popups are one of the least intrusive, yet best performing ways to engage your visitors. Internal data shows that their conversion rate is, on average, +5% higher than the conversion rate of “traditional” popups.

Creating exit popups is a breeze with WisePops.

Use our drag and drop editor to design popups that meet your brand identity and capture your users’ attention (full disclosure: you don’t need any HTML or CSS knowledge). Add any kind of content — from pictures to video to iframes — and customize every element of your popup.

Rely on our top-notch display scenario builder to reach the right users at the right time, on the right page (without annoying the others).

Measure the results of your exit offers on your dashboard. Track the percentage of users who clicked your call-to-action or signed up and monitor the impact of these interactions on your business objectives. Take your campaigns further with A/B tests.

Popup Templates

How to Create Your First Exit Popup

  1. Register on WisePops
  2. Select an exit popup template or start from scratch
  3. Customize your popup design (with exit popups, it’s recommended to have a large popup and eye-catching visuals)
  4. Select the “exit intent” trigger and choose the pages you want to display your popup on and who should see it
  5. Activate your campaign


You’re done!

Use Cases

Lead generation

Establish relationships with qualified website visitors who might be interested in buying from you at a later time. Capture their emails before they leave forever.

Boost sales

Present visitors with attractive offers and conversion-driven copy that drives them to revisit your product pages before they navigate away from your site.

Prevent abandoned carts

Overcome objections and offer enticing information that drives potential customers back to the shopping cart.

Seasonal promotions

Inform website visitors about special offers and seasonal promotions that persuade them to buy from you now, not later.

List building

Encourage visitors to join your email list to receive information about upcoming special offers, promotions, and new products so that you can retarget them by email later.


Learn how to improve your website, products, and business by getting helpful feedback from website visitors.


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Why WisePops

Easy to set up, easy to use

Build and launch compelling exit popups on your website without any coding experience or help from developers.

Works with all websites

WisePops is compatible with all websites and can be set up with Google Tag Manager.

Advanced targeting

Create popup campaigns that target specific audiences so you can present them with offers and products they’ll love.

Integrates everywhere

Save even more time by seamlessly connecting with most popular email marketing software providers.

Track and improve your results

Track your campaign performance over time with detailed stats. Launch A/B tests that help you understand what motivates visitors and how to build more effective exit popups.

Gorgeous templates

Publish and customize your popups in no time by selecting from a suite of tried and tested templates proven to convert.

Advanced customization options

Build popups that match your branding, fit into the style of your website, and meet the unique needs of your business.

More Popup Formats

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