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Exit Popups: 7 Intelligent Ways To Harness Their Conversion Power

Exit popups—or exit overlays—are the most effective tool to ramp up your website’s conversions. Why? Simple: Exit popups eliminate distractions. They’re like a candy display at the checkout counter: a strategically defined point where you know customers will interact. They’re a last-chance offer that gives customers a simple choice to move forward.
If you could eliminate your website’s distractions and relay one single, simple message, what would it be?
Maybe you want to:

  • Grow your email list.
  • Promote a newly-launched product.
  • Offer a discount code when users start to abandon cart.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, exit popups convert at almost 10x the normal rate of more traditional marketing messages. So play around and see what works. To get your juices flowing, here are seven ideas for exit-intent pop-ups that are enticing, not annoying.

An exit popup can promote your free download

exit popup to increase optins

The result: Grow your email list
In exchange for their email address, customers expect to get something. No idea what to offer? While we could write a whole post on this, here are some basic ideas to get you started:

  • Templates and checklists (this can work for everything from an organizational tool to a Photoshop design template)
  • Ebook or guide
  • Case study
  • Video tutorial

And if you’re really stuck, you can absolutely repurpose content you’ve already created. Maybe you wrote an awesome travel guide for a client via email. Or maybe turn that popular blog post into a slideshow? Turn that puppy into a pretty PDF and there’s your offer!
Ideally, this free offer should be highlighted across website‚sidebar, footer, header, at the end of blog posts… But reminding users just as they exit your site page is a distraction-free reminder of your offer.

Exit popups reduce the number of abandoned carts

exit popup abandoned cart

The result: Increased sales
Nothing’s more indicative of an intent to purchase than a visitor actually landing on your shopping cart page. So what happens when they leave before purchasing? Now’s the perfect time to entice them to come back and buy.
Guess what helps increase sales with just a simple piece of software? You guessed it – exit pop-ups. Create a shopping cart abandonment pop-up offering a discount or coupon.

Exit popups promote your best content

exit popups promote content

The result: Brand awareness (and increased time on site)
Pop-ups don’t always need to do a hard sell.
Let’s say you’ve already collected a customer’s email address and they’re visiting your site for a second (or third or fourth) time. Sure, you could no longer show your subscription pop-up, but why waste an opportunity to direct their attention to the right place?
If you have a blog, visitors see what’s recent, but not necessarily relevant. Your latest post may have been about a recent round of funding, but your most popular post was an engaging tutorial that almost every reader shares with their friends. Don’t let visitors miss out on your best stuff just because they landed on the wrong part of your site.
Whether you’re proud of an article you wrote about cleaning tips or excited that your company was featured on TV (congrats, by the way), sending people to your best stuff helps reinforce branding while also increasing time on site and lowering bounce rate. You also look really impressive.

Use exit popups to collect feedback

exit popup collect survey

The result: Customer research
Feedback collection is important for any business, which is why many are catching on to using pop-ups to request feedback. Using pop-ups for feedback often collects better feedback, since your user is right there on the website while submitting).
On top of all this, asking for feedback on exit gives you the unique opportunity to find out why a visitor is leaving. Be brave and ask “Why are you leaving?” to receive incredible insight as to what customers were looking for and what didn’t find.

Exit popups encourage social media sharing

exit popup social media sharing

The result: More traffic
Again and again, studies show people are more likely to share your content if you ask. A simple exit pop-up that asks, “Like what you read? Share the love.” An easy click to tweet or Facebook like button makes this an incredibly easy and fast way for customers to spread the word.
Take it a step further by loading a pre-set tweet or Facebook share to take any additional hassle out of the process. Something like “I just discovered the best new makeup brand!” Or, even better: “I just discovered the best new makeup brand! Friends get $5 off.”
Warning: Don’t do this if your visitor has only spent a few seconds on your site. These folks aren’t going to share your content and you’re better off showing them a content redirect pop-up or feedback pop-up instead.

Exit popups increase sales with last-minute coupons

exit popup coupon code

The result: Increased sales
Different from a downloadable offer, requesting a coupon allows you to kill two birds with one stone: grow your list while also increasing sales. You can choose to send the coupon in a separate email or, for an immediate ROI, show the coupon directly on the pop-up right after the visitors enters their info.

Exit popups help you run content and surveys

exit popup customer survey

The result: Customer research
Let’s say you own an online cupcake delivery service and are thinking about launching a new flavor. You have a few options you love, but you’re not sure which one will sell the best. You could do a trial run, but that’s expensive and time-consuming.
Why not go straight the source and ask the people what they want? A simple exit popup form can collect answers and sync with services like Wufoo or Zapier.
Ask customers anything: their birthday, demographic info, pet’s name or favorite flavor.

Exit popups create a sense of urgency

exit popups discount timer

The result: Increased sales
If you run an ecommerce store, exit popups are the perfect opportunity to capture potential buyers before they leave. Why not offer a time-sensitive discount upon exit?
With Wisepops you can embed one of the many HTML timers available or keep it simple with a headline that reads “Only valid for the next 12 hours”.

Exit popups are more flexible than you think

We clearly love pop-ups, mostly because you can do whatever you want with them. Increase sales, grow your list, reinforce brand values, collect feedback. The options are really are limitless. But when it comes to exit popups, they really allow you to boil everything down to one message: what do you really want your customers to do? When you figure that out, everything else often falls into place

Your turn: What’s the one thing you want more people to do on your website? Can you use an exit popup to help you get there?

**All the exit popups in this post were created using Wisepops templates. Like ‘em? Try it yourself for free.

Marian Schembari Marian is an award-winning blogger and the puppet-master behind Wisepops' stories.

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