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Turn customer feedback into more sales

Find out what customers think about your brand. Gather data to optimize your website and get sales with our innovative feedback templates.

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1,600 brands in 53 countries deliver 2 billion personalized onsite
messages each year to collect feedback and increase sales using Wisepops.

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Feedback is your most
valuable resource as a marketer

Wisepops can help you optimize your feedback channels by helping you create NPS surveys, track your traffic sources, measure satisfaction, and provide exit surveys.

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NPS survey

Quickly and easily identify areas for improvement

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys measure customer satisfaction and drive loyalty and retention.

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Exit survey

Learn the exact reason why visitors abandon their carts

Gain insight on visitor behavior to create a perfect user experience that converts like never before.

Satisfaction survey

Figure out how visitors are feeling at every step

Identify user sentiments with seamless satisfaction surveys that engage and don’t intrude.

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Source of traffic survey

Find out where your site visitors are coming from

Precisely pinpoint your sources of traffic and capitalize on them to hone your marketing strategy.

Visitor’s profile survey

Get to know your customers with quick questions

Knowing your site visitors means creating more personalized experiences to increase conversions.

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“Wisepops makes it super easy for me to send multiple personalized messages (product launch, promotions, editorial content), with a design that fully integrates with my website”

Jeromine Schneider
e-Commerce manager, Nuoo

We build simple products that drive measurable results

Five simple steps to drive more sales

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Customize popup design
sales popups targeting
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  • 1. Choose your campaign

    Select your main onsite goal

  • 2. Customize your design

    Select a ready-to-go template or start from scratch

  • 3. Target the right audience

    Define the best target audience for your campaigns

  • 4. Launch your sales campaign

    Generate more revenue from your visitors

  • 5. Test, measure & improve

    Run A/B tests, and improve your conversion rates

Choose one of the ready-to-go sales templates

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experience survey popup example
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nps survey popup example
experience survey popup example

Works with your platform

Connect Wisepops with your existing tech stack to create unique and
seamless customer experiences and build engaging workflows

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Trusted by the best marketers

    • "About 60,000 visitors see our popups each month and 4,000 of them convert.
      Thanks to Wisepops, this channel is now our #1 organic lead generation channel."

      Benjamin MateoCRO, Asphalte
    • "Wisepops is super easy and the automation is amazing, so we can do a lot of lead generation experiments with popups. Now, we’re generating eleven times more leads, four times cheaper."

      Martin CharoussetHead of e-Commerce, Faguo

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