Design Overlays That Convert

Creating an overlay can be a pain. You have to know HTML and CSS or someone who does. You then have to find a way to make it appear on your website at the right time to the right users by tweaking obscure settings…

Well, no more! Meet Wisepops, the user-friendly website overlay software. With our tool, it takes only a few clicks (and zero coding knowledge) to design a beautiful modal. We help you reach the right visitors at the right time thanks to more than thirty targeting and segmentation options. Finally, we let you know how your overlay is performing on a daily basis with a detailed dashboard.

The time of poorly designed and hard-to-configure overlays is officially over!

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How to Create a Website Overlay

  1. Set up our script on your website (this requires only a simple copy and paste)
  2. Use our drag-and-drop builder to create the overlay
  3. Adjust its target and frequency settings
  4. Activate the lightbox. You’re done!


How to Make the Most of Website Overlays

In this article, we explain what is a website overlay and what rules you need to follow to create one that your visitors will like. Includes real-life examples.
Read the article.

Why Wisepops

Works with Any Website

Wisepops works with all CMS, including but not limited to WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, etc. Its setup is easy and requires a simple copy and paste.

Made for Marketers, Not Developers

Our tool was built for busy marketers and business owners who don’t have time to learn code or dive into complex plugins. You won’t need HTML, CSS or any technical knowledge to use Wisepops.

100% Customizable

Our builder is the result of years of experience. Designing a lightbox takes less than a minute and only a few clicks.

Supports All Kinds of Content

With Wisepops it’s easy to design all kinds of overlays, from email overlays that will help you grow your email list, to exit overlays to retain visitors, to video overlays to share your latest video…

Never Miss Your Target Again

Benefit, out-of-the-box, from a wide range of targeting options, including the option to target visitors based on their location, the website they visited from, their UTM parameters, their device, the page they’re currently viewing, etc.

Advanced Reporting

Displays, clicks, number of emails collected…You’ll know exactly how your overlays are doing. We also integrate with Google Analytics to help you put these metrics in perspective. Create A/B tests in just two clicks and follow the impact on your conversions in real-time.

Fits in Your Email Marketing Stack

We integrate with 700+ ESPs and CRMs and offer a webhook option to build your own connectors. Synchronizing your new emails is a breeze.

Expert Support

Our team is made of web and ecommerce experts, all available through our chat. You’re not alone in this adventure!

Start your free trial today and find out for yourself how easy it is to create your own modals.

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