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Last updated Thu Jul 04 2024

émoi émoi Generates 20% of Online Revenue With Wisepops

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Founded in 2010, émoi émoi, a French brand celebrating love and human bonds through clothing and accessories, faced a challenge. With over 500 products across 70 boutiques and a growing online presence, they wanted to translate their ethos of personal connection into their ecommerce store.

The Challenge

Increase ecommerce conversions and average order value through better onsite personalization

The Solution

To achieve their goal, émoi émoi turned to Wisepops and its powerful onsite marketing features.

Lucie Poirier from émoi émoi shares:

"Wisepops empowered us to weave personalized touchpoints throughout the customer journey, seamlessly and without involving our technical team. This tool allowed us to translate the warmth and personal attention of our physical boutiques into the digital space, creating a uniquely émoi émoi online experience that truly resonates with our brand values of love and human connection."

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

How émoi émoi uses Wisepops

Here's how émoi émoi leveraged Wisepops to create a tailored, multi-channel shopping experience:

Campaign 1: “The Wheel of Love”

To speed up email list building, émoi émoi chose gamification. They made a beautiful spin to win popup called “The Wheel of Love,” which allowed new visitors to win products, free delivery, and discounts.

Within one month (May 2024), the campaign achieved these results:

  • 8,000+ new subscribers (17% sign-up rate)

  • 4% conversion rate

emoi emoi campaign wheel

Campaign 2: Personalized product recommendations with AI

Another onsite tool émoi émoi uses to increase sales is the AI Wishlist: it’s a behavior-based wishlist that uses visitor browsing activity, profile, or sales performance of viewed products to display recommendations.

In just 30 days, AI Wishlist yielded:

  • 9.3% engagement rate

  • 11.4% order rate from recommendation clicks

notification feed emoi emoi

AI Wishlist when opened:

ai wishlist emoi emoi

Campaign 3: Special sale

émoi émoi’s prices are fair all year round, so the brand does not frequently offer sales.

In this rare sale promotion campaign, the brand encouraged customers to check out the products from the last season:

sale campaign

Campaign 4: Upsell offers

To enhance the average order value, émoi émoi implemented effective upsell campaigns using Wisepops embeds. By strategically placing these offers at the right moments during the shopping journey (on product pages), the brand successfully encouraged customers to buy more.


This campaign offered a related product (gift box) to go with earrings:

embed campaign

And this one encouraged customers to add more items to the cart by promising a gift for buying two products from the same category (jewelry):

embed campaign bogo

Campaign 5: Cross-sell messages

In this cross-sell campaign, émoi émoi promoted a complementary product (a chain) to go with the item a customer is viewing (earrings). They did it by adding en embed below the “buy” button:

Campaign 6: Communicating shipping updates

In this sticky bar, émoi émoi shared a message about the deadline for shipping for Mother’s Day. Announcing this update with a bar was a smart choice since it’s a non-intrusive channel displayed to all visitors:

website bar with a promo

Campaign 7: Customer support links and updates

émoi émoi also uses onsite notifications to communicate the availability of customer support and ways to contact them. This channel makes these important messages readily available on the homepage, the most popular page, without having to sacrifice any space:

customer support message

Campaign 8: Sharing the messages of love from customers

This is one of the most original and creative onsite campaigns we’ve seen. In this onsite notification, émoi émoi asked visitors to share messages for their loved ones to be broadcast on the website:

emoiemoi 9

Here’s how émoi émoi shared this messages later (the animated website bar):

website bar with announcement

How Wisepops can help you grow your business

Whether your business is an awesome fashion store like émoi émoi or a SaaS solution or a Shopify Plus store, you can effectively convert your visitors with Wisepops. 

You get four onsite channels to try: 

  • onsite notifications (+AI Wishlist)

  • popups

  • bars

  • embeds

Of course, you can try our platform for 14 days (all premium features included) or get a personalized demo to learn more:

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


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