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Last updated Thu Jun 20 2024

How to Create Unique Shopify Discount Codes in Wisepops

Thinking about using discounts to get more revenue?

Let’s get you there. The first step: create discount codes for your Shopify store. You can generate the codes automatically and share them with your customers on autopilot.

Below, you’ll learn how to do so with Wisepops easily.

Get started:

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Types of Shopify discounts

Let’s look at the four basic types of discounts available in Shopify.

Percentage discount

The discount is given as a percentage, e.g. 20% off. It’s the most popular discount type (you probably also signed up for 10% or 20% off your first purchase once or twice, right?). Percent-off discounts are versatile and used to drive sales, recover carts, and other goals.

Fixed amount

This discount is the monetary amount of the normal selling price, e.g. $10 off. Jonah Berger, a marketing expert, recommends it for items priced over $100 because customers perceive it as having the best value.

Free shipping

In this discount type, the order ships for free. That is, if it meets the conditions you predefined. They can be a minimum purchase amount, the quantity of products in the order, or a certain cost of shipping.

Buy X get Y

This one is also called “Buy one, get one free” or BOGO. To get the free product, the customer must buy one or multiple items. This strategy works great for time-limited sales offering products of frequent use (beauty, cleaning, etc.)

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How to create Shopify discount codes in Wisepops

ℹ️ Before you begin
Log in to Wisepops and connect your store. Sign up or log in here or, if you prefer, use our Shopify store page.

Step 1: Make a new campaign

In Wisepops dashboard (Popups tab):

  • Click New Campaign

  • Select Custom Campaign

  • Choose Popup

Here are these steps:

create a popup

Step 2: Add a discount code

You can make two discount code types: public and unique

Public discount code is a code that multiple customers can apply. Unique discount code is unique to each customer and can be used only once.

Adding a unique discount code

Unique discount codes are private and added to the Thank-you step. It’s displayed after the customer signs up.

  • Go to Blocks in the main menu

blocks element
  • Click THANK YOU 

wisepops popup editor
  • Choose Discount code

shopify discount code how to create in wisepops
  • Select Unique discount code

unique discount code section wisepops
  • Choose a discount from your store

Note that you can use discounts set to be used only one time (this is done in Shopify dash).

After this step, the unique code will be automatically added to your campaign. You’re done!

You might be asked to allow Wisepops to access the discounts in your Shopify account. Click Allow to continue if the app requests permission.

Now let’s try creating the public codes.

Adding a public discount code

  • Go to Blocks in the main menu

blocks in wisepops
  • Choose Discount code

shopify discount code how to create in wisepops
  • Click Select in the Public discount code section

  • Select how to create the code:

Choose Shopify discount: means selecting a code from your Shopify account

Insert code: Wisepops creates a code for you

public discount code

If you decide to get the code from Shopify, just choose one from the dropdown in the same section☝️Or, click Insert code and Wisepops will automatically add it to your campaign.

Whatever option you choose, customize the code to your liking.

Step 3: Set up the button

So, now, would you like to allow the customer to copy the code to their clipboard or apply automatically in the checkout?

Here’s how to choose—

While in the Discount block, click the Button tab.

discount blocks

There, you can make the choice of what happens when visitors click on the discount code.

copying the code

Step 4: Customize the design

We created the discount code, so now we need to make our campaign match the overall style of your website. So, go ahead and customize the design: fonts, colors, copy, and images.

popup customization

Need some design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? 

See the next section for fantastic designs along with effective discount tactics.

Popular discount tactics

Here’s how to turn the four discount types into great deals, with examples from successful online stores.

First-time customer discount (fixed amount)

Best for: Building a customer base

Customer acquisition is hard and expensive. That’s why businesses offer discounts to new visitors. It’s a good strategy: 39% of shoppers agree that discounts are enough to convince them to buy.

Example: SurfStitch uses Wisepops to run this welcome popup with a $20 discount. Campaigns like these convert up to 5% of visitors.

example of popup discount campaign

💡 Discount strategy tip

SurfStitch also collects visitor info (gender and the first name) ☝️You can also request this info with signup fields in Wisepops.

More examples of discount popups
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Package deal (percentage discount)

Best for: Increasing the average order value (AOV)

With this discount tactic, you can offer several products as a “package deal” at a lower price than it would cost to buy them separately. It’s a good idea to sell related products + your packaging and shipping costs will be lower.

Example: Bombas allows purchasing sets of products for a discounted price.

bombas example pack discount

“Free shipping” discount

Best for: Getting more sales

The word “free” has an amazing effect: 50% of shoppers say it’s the top reason they decide to make a purchase. 

Example: Lobos 1707 offers free shipping to all customers immediately when they enter the site to encourage adding more products to the cart while browsing.

free shipping popup

Offer free shipping for a minimum purchase

To set the right threshold, dive into your order history. Make the minimum value a bit higher than AOV to increase sales.
Communicate your offer with a website bar to increase visibility

👉 Guide to website bars

“Buy one, get one free” discount

Best for: Getting more sales with time-limited, special offers

Note that you can tweak this discount strategy. For example, it’s pretty common to require two purchases, e.g. “Buy two, get one free.” 

Example: Blume celebrated its fourth anniversary with a BOGO sale. Here’s the announcement as a homepage popup.

buy 2 get 1 free sales popup example from Blume
Blume case study

Learn how Blume campaigns convert website visitors:

Read case study

The bottom line

Discounts can get you more customers, increase the average order value, prevent cart abandonment, and increase sales.

Play around with all discounts to see what works. For example, you might find that fixed amount discounts generate more sales of expensive products because your customers perceive them as having the best value. 

With that in mind, I hope you learned to create discount codes for your Shopify store. Now, go get those sales!

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