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Last updated Thu Feb 22 2024

7 Brilliant & Cool Popup Campaigns From Our Contest [+Results]

Recently, we hosted the first ever popup design contest in the Wisepops Community.

The contest was a showcase of popup designs made by clever marketers (or should I say Wise marketers?) that generated impressive results.

In this post, we thought we’d share the amazing popup campaigns from the contest to inspire you to try these proven tactics to engage visitors.

What you’ll see:

  • Examples of high-performing popups

  • Effective onsite marketing examples and ideas

  • Expert tips on creating popups

Let’s get started.

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  • 4MURS — A campaign converting in-store visitors with QR codes and popups

  • Soi Paris — A gamified “egg hunt” campaign that combined multiple popups and formats

  • NUOO — An upsell popup with a personalized discount code 

  • Municibid — Email capture campaigns that target visitors with personalized offers

  • Charlotte BIO — Campaign with a time-limited discount code

  • The Humane Society of the United States — A campaign that drives traffic to a donation page

  • ChefEquipment — Newsletter subscription & first order discount popup with a gif animation

Who won?

🏆 Judges' Choice: 4Murs 
🚀 People's Choice: Soi Paris

More about each popup campaign

Let's now see the designs and what went into the creation of these campaigns.

1. 4MURS

Converting in-store visitors into leads with QR codes and popups

julie azorit 4murs

“We wanted to set up an in-store campaign to work on lead acquisition and contact enrichment through a competition. We therefore set up an in-store communication relaying the pop-up via a QR code to encourage visitors to take part in the competition to try and win a piece of furniture.

The popup was only displayed on the website to people who came from this QR code. This campaign allowed us to acquire new email OPTINs and to enrich our 1st party data (with the date of birth) in an omnichannel way.”

Julie Azorit, PRM-CRM manager, 4MURS

Website: 4MURS

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Popup combined the offline and online experience

  • Campaign was displayed only to those who scanned the QR code in-store

  • Example of how popups and product giveaways work together

  • Popup generated both emails and helpful customer data for segmentation



How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

To show your campaign to a specific group of visitors (like those who scanned the code in this example): you need to define it in Display Rules > Audience.

Julie used UTM campaign parameter to “Medium - Is equal to - QR_code (that was the campaign name),” to be sure this popup will display only to users who scanned the QR code first.

audience settings wisepops

Learn more about this feature: Target by traffic channel, source or UTM parameters

Julie also chose mobile as the only device to display this popup (Display Rules > Display on mobiles). This also makes sense, because not so many people will scan QR code in the furniture store with their laptops:

display rules wisepops

2. Soi Paris

Egg Hunt Campaign 

This campaign is a fantastic example of how multiple popup campaigns can be used together in a creative way to convert more visitors.

The first popup was placed on Soi Paris’s homepage (basically, it was the announcement of the campaign), saying that there are three “eggs” hidden on the website (in French):

… and—

Here’s how these egg-shaped popups look like:

soi paris campaign overview


That’s how visitors would get the discount (this popup window appeared after someone clicked one of the “eggs”):

soi paris campaign
Claudia Dufas, Soi Paris

“We learned that a campaign with a strong brand identity was likely to be successful. We have seen the effects of a promo code added to a countdown timer. And we noticed that the customers were taken in by this fun and out of the ordinary campaign.”

Claudia Dufas, Soi Paris

Website: Soi Paris

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Time-limited offer (campaign ran only during the Easter weekend)

  • Amazing design (“the egg design” was made by Eden, Soi Paris’ artistic assistant)

  • Extra encouragement for customers to use discount codes: the countdown

  • The “egg” campaigns with activated tabs were placed on product pages and visitors had to click on the tabs to view the popup with the discount

  • Campaign was promoted on social media, emails, and onsite notifications) to ensure maximum awareness


  • 233 redeemed discount codes

  • Campaign helped generate 42% of Soi Paris’ revenue (month-to-date)

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

Get mode details about this campaign: 

💡 Egg Hunting Campaign

3. NUOO 

Cross-selling popup

Image of Jeromine Schneider

“I created a campaign that informs people who visit a page selling a shampoo bar that a box to store it is also available on our e-shop.

In addition to potentially increasing sales of this item, I hope to remove one of the main barriers to buying solid cosmetics, which is storage.”

Jéromine Schneider, Ecommerce manager, NUOO

Website: NUOO

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Use of a tab (clicking which allowed visitors to launch the popup themselves again)

  • The tab is only displayed on the URL of the shampoo bar product page

  • The tab only appears after visitors scroll 10% down the page


🏆 47% CTR

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

First, create the main popup with the offer

Then, go to Display Rules > Select URLs > Specify where to display > and add the page where you want to the popup to show in the window that appears:

display rules pages popups

Now, your campaign will be displayed only on that page—which is perfect for creating marketing offers related to the products on that page.

More about how to use feature: Wisepops page targeting

Next, activate the tab by going to Tab > Activate tab > choose Rectangle and position (bottom left corner):

Finally, customize the tab by using the customization tab above the main popup window in the editor. If you’d like the tab to have a background, use the Background Image toggle button (below the tab position settings).

4. Municibid

Popups that targeting visitors with different product types

The first popup campaign:

municibid campaign

And the second popup:

municibid campaign
sophie eden

“Targeting visitors with popups by product type worked great for us! It allowed us to tailor messaging and focus on displaying one image of a great item, instead of trying to show the wide range of items we have with multiple photos…”

Sophie Eden, Director of Marketing, Municibid

Website: Municibid

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Deal personalization: the popup let visitors subscribe to email alerts when new auctions are in the their state or zip code radius

  • Product personalization: Two campaigns that target visitors by two auction types (automotive and heavy equipment)

  • Targeting of visitors: Campaigns are shown to visitors coming from specific social media ads to personalize the offers displayed in popups

  • Mobile-optimized popups: since most visitors on Municibid come from mobile devices, the campaigns were divided into desktop and mobile versions


  • The automotive popup: CTR of about 20%. 

  • The heavy equipment popup: CTR about 30%

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

  • Choose a mobile-friendly template when creating your campaign (here’s a guide on making mobile popups)

  • Add pictures of products related to your offer to popups (on average, popups with images convert 4.96% of visitors while the ones without images convert only 2.85%).

  • Make sure to target a specific category of traffic (paid ad visitors, organic visitors from Google, etc.) in Display rules > Audience 👇

municibid campaign traffic channel
patagonia new
Expert tip:

Learn how companies do marketing in accordance to ethics principles: Examples of ethical marketing

5. Charlotte Bio

A campaign with a time-limited promo code

The desktop version:

The mobile version:

"With the help of Wisepops, we wanted to test a flash promo code of -40% on the whole site, for only 6 hours. From 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. The interest of making a promo code with a very short deadline is to capitalize on the urgent side of the code. We relayed in ads and organic.”

Marilou Bertrand, Director of ecommerce marketing, Charlotte BIO

Website: Charlotte BIO

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Two separate campaigns (for desktop and mobile)

  • Time-limited offer valid for only six hours

  • Countdown added to popup to create a sense of urgency

  • Visitors could apply the code to their order by clicking the button in the popups


🏆 38% click through rate on desktop and 27% on mobile.

📈 Read the full Charlotte Bio case study

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

  • Create two separate campaigns (for desktop and mobile)

  • Add a discount code in the thank you window

  • Add a countdown section (Block > Countdown) 👇

adding countdown to welcome popup

6. The Humane Society of the United States

Donation campaign that drives traffic to a donation page

Kelsey Ivey, Senior web marketing strategist, The Humane Society of the United States

“This campaign was after we rescued 174 cats from cruelty. The goal was to raise funds for our animal rescue team in order to provide urgent care for these animals.

We've found that cinemagraphs (like a GIF) work really well for us, especially if the donation form that it links to matches the imagery. It's much more moving to see a moving image/video than a static one. We link these from Vimeo.

Kelsey Ivey, Senior web marketing strategist, The Humane Society of the United States

Website: The Humane Society of the United States

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Donation popup on a nonprofit website

  • Campaign added to the homepage for raising maximum awareness 

  • Use of the GIF animation


popup results

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

  • Add a gif file with animation as a background image

  • Drive traffic to the page of your choice (like the donation page in the example) by adding the link to it in the popup’s CTA button (Blocks > Button, see below)

blocks signup

7. ChefEquipment 

Newsletter subscription & first order discount popup

Thank you-window:

“Chef from The Muppets banging on kitchen small wares as a short looping gif for the hero image with some light fun copy. Submissions increased 40% with this design.”

Colin Turnbull, Digital Marketing Manager, ChefEquipment

Website: ChefEquipment

Why this is a cool campaign:

  • Use of an engaging animation

  • Popup appeared only after a visitor viewed two pages on the website

  • Two major benefits mentioned (the deals and the first-time order discount)

  • A small survey to get more information from customers to personalize future marketing offers


🏆 This campaign converted 149 customers, reaching a CTR of 7.6%

How to create similar popup campaign in Wisepops:

  • Use the lightbox popup effect (Design > Style > Use Overlay)

  • Add the survey component to insert the question (Blocks > Survey)

  • Use the thank-you window to inform the visitors that they’ll get the code in an email

  • Integrate Wisepops and Klaviyo to send the discount in emails (use the guide below)

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