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Last updated Mon Jan 15 2024

Best Seasonal Campaign Contest: Results!

And that’s a wrap on our latest contest in the Wisepops community!

This time, it was a pretty special one, too—

Talented marketers unleashed their creative geniuses to use Wisepops to craft seasonal onsite marketing campaigns that not only engage but convert.

In this post, we invite you to journey through the remarkable entries that this contest has yielded. We’ll go through each campaign and, of course, announce the winners!

Results of previous Wisepops Community contests:

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  • Quandoo — Christmas loyalty spin-to-win campaign

  • Ideal of Sweden — Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022

  • LePantalon — A gift with the purchase campaign

  • Powertool World — Easter Egg Hunt campaign

  • Db Journey — Cyber Monday pop-up

  • OMAJ — Back to school eco-friendly spin-to-win popup

  • Nuoo — Advent Calendar Campaign

  • Syos — A special free sample offer

  • 4MURS — “Dads’ wishlist” campaign with pop-up & notification

  • Madura — Black Friday Pop-up Campaign

  •  émoi émoi — Back to School Braderie Campaign

  • Soi Paris — Spin to Win Christmas Campaign

  • Plume Paris — Christmas Campaigns

  • Mium Lab - French Days Campaign

The Winners:

🏆 The People's Choice Award: Quandoo & Ideal of Sweden

🏅  The Wisepops (Judges) Choice Award: LePantalon & Powertool World

1. Quandoo — Christmas loyalty program spin-to-win campaign

people's choice

First, Quandoo informed users on the portal that if they made a reservation, they would receive a promo code for their next one. This banner appeared after a user made a reservation:

popupAfter a user made a booking, a "Spin the Wheel" banner appeared:

popup contest campaign

“In December, Quandoo typically experiences an increase in visitors on both the portal and the app. Users tend to make more reservations to meet with friends and colleagues before Christmas. We wanted to treat them and also motivate them to make reservations one more time in January.”

Maria Bocharova, Content and Retention Team Lead, Quandoo

Website: Quandoo (six websites in six different countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Austria).

Why this is a great campaign:

  • The popups were activated during the time when Quandoo website experienced the highest visitor count and motivated visitors to make one more reservation 

  • Both mobile and desktop visitors were targeted (the campaign was optimized to be displayed well on mobile devices)


  • Among users who viewed the promo code, Quandoo observed a gradual increase in the conversion rate in the following month

  • Quandoo received +20% more newsletter subscribers compared to a usual month

2. Ideal of Sweden — Black Friday 2022

people's choice

"Our mission for BFCM sales periods was simple, yet ambitious: drive sales and grow our email database.

To make this happen, we divided our campaign into three distinct phases: Pre-BFCM, BFCM, and Post-BFCM. The duration of the campaigns was from November 1th to November 28th.

The pre-BFCM phase was all about building anticipation. We offered VIP access to our Black Friday sale, creating an exclusive club for our most loyal customers. The key here was Wisepops embeds - these little wizards allowed us to offer a seamless sign-up experience without disrupting the overall user journey:"

embed"As BFCM sales period arrived, we turned up the heat. Our VIP offer of 50% off went live, accessible to anyone who signed up. We also sprinkled secret deals throughout our site using Wisepops embeds, adding an element of surprise and delight during the shopping experience:"

embed two

"The post-BFCM phase was our final flourish. We extended a 'last-chance' offer to our newsletter subscribers and VIP members - 50% off everything, plus an extra 10% for one hour only. This was our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, and it paid off with a CTR of 15.82%:"

special popup


“Our mission for BFCM sales periods was simple, yet ambitious: drive sales and grow our email database. To make this happen, we divided our campaign into three distinct phases: Pre-BFCM, BFCM, and Post-BFCM.”

Christoffer Kjellberg, Head of Ecommerce, Ideal of Sweden

Website: Ideal of Sweden

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Using multiple channels to keep the message prominent (popups and embeds)

  • Placing embeds in various high-traffic pages to maximize visibility

  • Using a countdown and a time-limited post-Black Friday offer to drive a sense of urgency


Ideal of Sweden collected roughly 10,000 new emails, growing their customer base like never before!

3. LePantalon — A gift with the purchase campaign

judge's choicenotifications
Manon HUG

“We used notifications as a subtle yet effective way to surface this offer. The notification was neither pushy nor intrusive, striking a balance between informing and engaging customers. Plus, it allowed users to reopen it at any point to copy the code if they forgot, enhancing user experience and convenience.”

Manon Hug, E-commerce project manager, LePantalon

Website: LePantalon

Why this is a great campaign:

  • The notification helped boost sales

  • More customers were introduced to the emoi emoi’s collaboration with other brands


  • 37% Click-through rate

  • 8% Completion rate

  • The code CHOUCHOU100 was used 150 times

4. Powertool World — Easter Egg Hunt

judge's choicewelcome egg hunt
Jelena Vukovic, Powertool World

“Our Easter Egg Hunt campaign was an egg-ceptional success! It proved that sometimes, the best way to crack open increased sales and customer engagement is to think outside the box and make the shopping experience a joyous game.”

 Jelena Vukovic, Graphic designer, Powertool World

Website: Powertool World

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Encourages visitors to browse the store (the “egg” appeared after a visitor viewed four pages)

  • Makes the shopping experience more enjoyable

  • Promoted a sense of urgency with the coupon expiration date



5. Db Journey — Cyber Monday pop-up

black friday popup


“We aimed to connect with our customers who crave value and quality, while also painting a picture of missed opportunities if they didn't act fast…

We also kept tabs on conversion rates and purchases during the campaign, +25% more sales that day compared to last year's cyber Monday!”

Alejandro Suarez Poveda, CRM specialist, Db

Website: Db Journey

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Beautiful branded design that fits the website perfectly

  • Created FOMO among customers, driving sales growth for those who didn't purchase on Black Friday


  • 15.2% CTR

  • +25% more sales that day compared to last year's cyber Monday

6. OMAJ — Back to school eco-friendly spin-to-win popup

The screens with different prizes:

campaign options

“We wanted our users to be able to spin the wheel as soon as they landed on our site, without missing out on any of the exciting prizes they could win. 

The visually appealing design grabs immediate attention – a crucial element when creating a campaign. It's important to be both effective in content and to avoid overwhelming the campaign.”


Website: OMAJ

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Contained several prizes

  • Helped increase sales

  • Contributed to a significant increase in traffic after the campaign ended


Altogether, this campaign generated 8,991 emails in one month, with CTR often higher than 12%.

  • A conversion rate of 15% with the code GREEN20

  • A conversion rate of 6% with the code GREEN10.

  • A conversion rate of 2% with the code LIVROMAJ.


7. Nuoo — Advent Calendar Campaign

popups and onsite notifications wisepops

Image of Jeromine Schneider

“We saw a nice increase in our subscriber base and created a buzz around our Advent calendar. Beyond meeting our immediate goals, we also gathered high-quality leads for future marketing campaigns”

Jéromine Schneider, Ecommerce expert

Website: Nuuo

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Included multiple channels (notifications and ecommerce popups)

  • Strategic placement on the website

  • Created a sense of urgency (by offering early access to Black Friday deals to 500 first subscribers)

  • Gathered high-quality leads for future marketing campaigns (the newsletter sent to these leads later performed exceptionally well, with a 20% order rate)


  • 66% sign-up rate from both desktop and mobile users for the popup

  • 11% click-through rate and 4% completion rate for the notification

8. 4MURS — “Dads’ wishlist” campaign with pop-up & notification


julie azorit 4murs

“We succeeded in communicating in an innovative and cross-lever way during this commercial period, while boosting the number of recorded visits (new visitors and contacts already registered) over the period.”

Julie Azorit, PRM-CRM manager, 4MURS

Website: 4MURS

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Increased visitor engagement with the special offer

  • Boosted data collection from potential customers


  • 4MURS managed to increase the number of accounts created by just over 5%

9. Syos — A special free sample offer

bogo offerTo drive a sense of urgency, Syos also created a bar to remind the visitors about the offer:



“Actually this month of August has been our best month ever in sales.”

Pauline Eveno, CEO, Syos

Website: Syos

Why this is a great campaign:

  • An attractive, time-limited offer

  • Use of multiple channels to maximize the visibility of the offer on the website (onsite notifications and a bar)

  • Use of offsite marketing (three emails with reminders) to maximize customer engagement


  • Conversion rate the week before the offer: 1.3%

  • Conversion rate during the offer: 2.3%

  • +88% revenue growth

CTR and CVR of the notification was 25% and 10%, respectively:

data more

10. Madura — Black Friday Pop-up Campaign

black friday countdown popups

victoria le

 “The campaign was a success! The popups not only drove more traffic and increased our subscriber count but also led to tangible sales, significantly boosting our conversion rate.”

Victoria Le, Ecommerce and marketing coordinator

Website: Madura

Why this is a great campaign:

  • An attention-grabbing visual

  • A countdown that drives a sense of urgency

  • A discount as an additional incentive to buy


  • 298 sign-ups and an average sign-up rate of 15.85% in one day

  • Of all the customers that ordered on the day this campaign was active, 9% used the discount code

performance one

11. émoi émoi — Back to School Braderie Campaign

madura campaign

“We chose to use a notification feed instead of a more traditional popup. This decision was made to align with our brand culture of subtlety and non-aggressiveness. We wanted to engage our customers without being pushy, offering them a smooth, enjoyable browsing experience.”

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

Website: émoi émoi

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Promotion of the unsold stock from a previous season

  • Advertising new capsule collections in a visitor friendly way


The notification resulted in a nice 18% CVR:

data campaign

12. Soi Paris — Spin to Win Christmas Campaign

spin to win

Manon Wingerter, Digital project manager at Soi Paris

“This initiative significantly increased our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and overall marketing efficiency during a season where we traditionally invest heavily in marketing.”

Manon Wingerter, Digital project manager, Soi Paris

Website: Soi Paris

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Creates an enjoyable shopping experience

  • Gives a chance to win a nice bonus (a 10% discount, free delivery, and a 150€ voucher)

  • Helped achieve the main goals: collect emails and drive sales


Between December 1st and December 25th, the campaign had 8,850 displays, collected 2,224 emails, and achieved a sign-up rate of 25%

13. Plume Paris — Christmas Campaigns

And the second campaign:

popup contest campaign example

“Every week, customers eagerly awaited the new wheel. The results of this campaign were extremely positive, exceeding our expectations.”

Cynthia Nompex, Emerchandising & UX Manager, Plume Paris

Website: Plume Paris

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Multiple campaigns with different offers every week

  • Each campaign contained deals for specific product categories

  • Helped boost sales significantly during the holiday season


Plume Paris were able to collect over 7K new emails and generate numerous sales.

14. Mium Lab - French Days Campaign

french days campaignAnd the second campaign was a bar with a countdown:



“The analytics shows that the visitors who have interacted with our feed and notification are more likely to spend time on our website and convert.

In fact, in the last 7 days, 9% of our revenue can be attributed to our notifications and the campaign is not over yet!”

Marie Cornen, CRM Manager, Mium Lab

Website: Mium Lab

Why this is a great campaign:

  • Helped drive customers to a page with special offers

  • Used multiple onsite channels (the onsite notifications and a bar) to maximize the visibility of the promo


The campaign generated 422 impressions, with a solid 68% of these leading to clicks - and an impressive 60% completion rate.

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


West Pomeranian University of Technology


  • Marketing Strategy (course)

  • Advanced Growth Strategy (course)

  • Retention & Engagement (course)

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