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Last updated Thu May 23 2024

Ecommerce Popups: 25+ Examples (Incl. Unique Templates)

Ecommerce popups can do much more than just collecting emails.

You can drive traffic to your products, upsell, cross-sell, have an Easter Egg hunt on your website, get more orders during sales, collect customer feedback, you name it.

In this post, you’ll see how successful ecommerce stores are using website popups to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

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Popups with Shopify properties, unique discounts, and Klaviyo segment targeting
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What are popups in ecommerce?

An ecommerce popup is a popup window, a slide-in, or a bar used by ecommerce stores for email list building, driving visitors to pages with deals, sharing sales promotions, sharing discounts, and collecting feedback.

ecommerce popup example
Shop now sales popup
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Examples of ecommerce popups

1. A first-order discount popup (Blume)

popups for shopify marketing


  • Build a list of potential customers

  • Convert first-time visitors into customers by giving them a discount


  • Popup gives the incentives to motivate customers to sign up

  • Visitors get the code in the popup when they subscribe

  • Product image shows some of the items customers could buy


This ecommerce popup by Blume converts 5% of visitors.

2. Flash sale popup (Charlotte Bio)


  • Share the discount code

  • Allow visitors to apply the code to the shopping cart in one click

  • Accelerate sales during a six-hour-long flash sale


  • The popup describes the conditions of the flash sale

  • A discount code that can be used by clicking Apply the code

  • Fully optimized for viewing on mobile


This ecommerce popup generated an impressive 50.8% CTR, with over 700 visitors applying the code to the shopping cart:

mobile popup perfrormance sale
Marilou Bertrand

“The campaign generated six times more customers in six hours than we get on a full regular day, which we really did not expect.”

Marilou Bertrand, Director of Digital Marketing, Charlotte Bio

3. A coupon code popup (Overstockart)

ecommerce popup with a coupon


  • Build customer base

  • Share a coupon for purchases over $200


  • Popup describes how to get the coupon

  • Contains only one signup field, making subscribing very easy


This ecommerce popup helped Overstockart get around 1,000 new emails every month.

Amitai Sasson

"We needed a tool to entice customers to leave their emails so we can at least achieve a "mini" conversion and spark a conversation until they make the ultimate decision and decide to buy."

Amitai Sasson, VP of ecommerce, Overstockart

4. Easter Egg Hunt contest popup (Soi Paris)


  • Motivate visitors to look for “eggs” (egg-shaped popups) with holiday discounts on the website

  • Help get a boost in sales during the Easter weekend


  • Popup describes the rules of the contest

  • Does not require any input


This campaign, along with a few ecommerce popups that complemented it, resulted in 233 customers redeeming the discount codes in 48 hours.

Elodie new

“We are really satisfied with the results of this campaign, it exceeded our expectations. In three days, it helped generate 42% of our revenue (month to date) with a nice average order value. We also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. They really enjoyed our egg hunt!”

Elodie Trebuchet, Director of Digital Marketing, Soi Paris

5. Gift card giveaway popup (Black Ember)

product giveaway example in a popup


  • Build an email list of quality leads


  • Describes how to enter the giveaway

  • Contains an image of a popular product that customers can buy with a gift card

Learn how Black Ember drove 4,019 shoppers from the homepage to product pages:

6. Product discount popup (Flaus)

flaus product promotion popup


  • Motivate visitors to buy a subscription


  • Describes the value proposition of the product

  • Contains an image of the product in action

  • Converts visitors with an email signup field

6. A product giveaway popup (Faguo)


  • Build an email list of quality leads


  • Describes the prize for the winner

  • Allows to spin the wheel to win the prize or other perks (free shipping)


This ecommerce popup generates around 5,000 new leads for Faguo.

Shop now sales popup
Case study: Quandoo added 2,800 emails to the customer base with popups

7. A product category selection popup (Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

product exploration popup


  • Help customers find products fast

  • Raise awareness of different products

  • Accelerate sales


  • Allows visitors to go to product categories

8. Staycation sale popup (Brooklinen)

sale popup


  • Drive visitors to the page with the sale


  • The popup mentions the discount size

  • Visitors can easily go to the sale page by clicking the button in this ecommerce popup

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9. A customer feedback popup (Asphalte)

full screen popup

Here's what this ecommerce popup says:

popup copy


  • Collect feedback on what clothing items shoppers would like to buy next season


  • A full-screen popup

  • Contains the link to the survey page


This popup generates about 4,000 leads every month (meaning that the same number of shoppers finish the survey, too):

Picture of Benjamin Mateo

"Popups are like ads. People don't like them, so we made them fun. A really good popup does not feel like a popup at all."

Benjamin Mateo, head of growth and tech, Asphlate

10. A spin-to-win popup with discounts (OddBalls)

wheel popup website example


  • Build an email list

  • Motivate unregistered visitors to make purchases


  • A spin-to-win wheel with discounts

  • Colorful design that matches the design of the website

Oddballs also converts its visitors with onsite notifications (one campaign, for example, generated £50K):

11. An exit popup with a product promo (Le Creuset)

product exploration popup


  • Prevent the visitors from leaving by driving them to a related product they haven’t viewed


  • The popup contains the image and some details about the product

  • The button with the link to that product

  • The campaign appears only when the visitor is about to leave

12. A product promo popup (Teadog)

product promo ecommerce popup


  • Share the promo message about the free item with the purchase

  • Helps increase the average order value


  • Contains the details about the promoted product as well as how to get it for free

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13. A Wallet Finder quiz popup (Ekster)

quiz popup


  • Motivate visitors to take the Wallet Finder quiz (which is a good example of ecommerce personalization), which gives personalized recommendations on products based on the user’s input


  • Contains the link to the quiz

  • The popup launches only when the user clicks a “Wallet Quiz” button

Ecommerce popup tip:

On-click popups (just like the one above) is perfect for launching quizzes, loyalty program signup forms, contact forms on websites, and product subscriptions.

See how to create on-click popups

on click ecommerce popup

14. Product restock popup (Dolce & Gabbana)

dolce gabbana popup box


  • Announce that a product has been restocked

  • Drive traffic to the product page


  • Contains the announcement, the product image, and the link to the product page

  • Appears on the homepage for maximum exposure

  • Non-intrusive (covers about 5% of the screen)

15. A free shipping promo popup (Lulu & Georgia)

free shipping Time limited deal example


  • Share a code for a free shipping promo

  • Accelerate sales with a time-limited offer

  • Speed up email list building


  • The design matches the website perfectly

  • A clear description of the promotion


Guide to time-limited offers (how to use them to sell more)

16. An exit popup with a discount (Copper Cow Coffee)

exit ecommerce popup


  • Build an email list with a discount

  • Convert first-time visitors into customers


  • Clear proposition of value

  • Nice, quality images

  • One signup field for easy subscribing

17. A newsletter signup popup with product category choice (Kith)

ecommerce popup newsletter


  • Build a list of potential customers

  • Categorize subscribers thanks to the product selector in the popup


  • Product category selector (mens, womens, kids), which is useful for nurturing subscribers with the right products in emails


How to build an email list (strategies and examples from ecommerce businesses)

18. A referral program popup (Sam Edelman)

ecommerce popup referral program


  • Add more participants to the referral program


  • Easy signup with multiple options

  • Includes an option to subscribe to the brand’s marketing communications

19. A product discovery popup (Adore Me)

product ecommerce popup


  • Encourage visitors to learn more about (and try) one of the brand’s main products 


  • A nice product image

  • Link to the page with the product

20. An exit popup with a viewed product (Anine Bing)

product abandonment ecommerce popup


  • Encourage visitors to stay on the website and check out the product they viewed


  • Contains a reminder about a viewed product

  • Clicking the product image takes visitors to the product page

21. An exit popup with a free sample promo

free sample popup window example


  • Encourage visitors to get the free sample before subscribing for a membership


  • Contains the product image and a link to the product

  • This ecommerce popup is shown on product pages when the visitor is trying to exit

22. An SMS popup (Death Wish Coffee)

ecommerce popup for phone numbers


  • Build a list of phone number subscribers for SMS marketing 


  • Perfectly matches the website design

  • Gives a discount in exchange for subscribing

23. A product collection promo popup

product collection ecommerce popup


  • Introduce the brand’s collection of essential products


  • The popup contains a brief description of the collection

  • Clicking the button in the popup takes visitors directly to the collection page

24. A cross-sell popup (Clusterbucks)

cross sell ecommerce popup


  • Present multiple related items for the visitor to check out

  • Increase the average order value


  • Contains several related products that visitors can easily browse

  • Allows to add them to the cart in one click

25. A “free product with purchase” popup (Codage Paris)

ecommerce popup aov increase


  • Increase the average order value


  • Describes the offer clearly

  • Contains the image of the free item

26. A shopping experience feedback popup (Converse)

feedback collection ecommerce popup


  • Collect feedback about the online store experience from visitors


  • Contains different forms and ratings

  • Makes giving feedback easy thanks to short forms

  • Displays progress at the top of the popup


How to collect feedback about your website (see examples of feedback forms from ecommerce stores)

Get started with popups for ecommerce

If you’d like more ideas on how to use ecommerce popups:

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