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Last updated Tue Jun 18 2024

30+ Best Shopify Stores 2024 [+Revenue Data]

Shopify stores are more than just websites.

They reflect months or sometimes years of incredible effort—and their successful founders got inspiration from somewhere.

You’ll get your inspiration here, in this post. 

Below, you'll find stunning, unique, successful and simply the coolest Shopify stores from 2023 and 2024 to ignite your creative fire. Also, you’ll learn estimated annual revenues for all the top Shopify stores on the list.

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The Best Shopify stores:

#Store nameAnnual RevenueIndustryCountry
1Allbirds $254+ millionFootwearUS
2Gymshark$556 millionFitness apparelUS
3Taylor Stitch $5-$7 millionClothingUS
4Steve Madden$20+ millionClothingUS
5Asphalte $3+ millionClothingFrance
6Bombas$20+ millionClothingUS
7Hiut Denim$2+ millionClothingUK
8Rebecca Minkoff$10 millionFashionUS
9Fashion Nova$80 millionFashionUS
10Kith$100 millionFashionUS
11Paramount Shop$30+ millionEntertainmentUS
12Chubbies$44 millionClothingUS
13Blume$1+ millionSelf-careCanada
14Kylie Cosmetics$29 millionCosmeticsUS
15Beardbrand$5+ millionMen's groomingUS
16ColourPop$15+ millionBeautyUS
17Soko Glam$15+ millionBeautyUS
18Hismile $20 millionHealthUS
19Haus$5+ millionDrinkUS
20 Stumptown Coffee Roasters$50 millionCoffeeUS
21Pipcorn$3 millionFood & snacksUS
22Death Wish Coffee$6+ millionCoffeeUS
23Partake Foods$1+ millionFoodUS
24PRESS Healthfoods$6 millionFoodUS
25MVMT Watches$100 millionWatchesUS
26WP Standard$5 millionAccessoriesUS
27Tattly$6+ millionTattoosUS
28Pura Vida Bracelets$68+ millionAccessoriesUS
29DB Journey$25 millionAccessoriesNorway
30 Emma Bridgewater$30 millionHome accessoriesUK
31Nickey Kehoe$2 millionHome accessoriesUS
32Made In$2 millionCookwareUS
33Art of Play$2 millionEntertainmentUS
34Ugmonk$5 millionAccessoriesUS
35Uppercase Magazine$2 millionArts and craftsCanada
36Bison Coolers$12+ millionOutdoor gearUS
37PopSockets$30+ millionElectronics accessoriesUS
38Elder Statesman$11 millionClothingUS

Best Shopify stores for clothing & fashion

The clothing industry holds some of the best and most successful Shopify stores in the world.

1. Allbirds


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $254+ million

Allbirds prides itself on selling “the most comfortable shoes in the world” made with sustainable materials. This top Shopify store reinforces this message throughout the website, making sure that every visitor realizes how unique its practices and products are.

The proof of the brand’s ethical status is included on the homepage (“Sustainability”) If you visit product pages on this top Shopify store, you’ll also see messages about the environmental impact of every item. Everything points out the fact that the very identity of Allbirds is based on eco-friendliness.

Shopify store case study

OddBalls, another example of a top Shopify store, generated £50K in sales with one clever campaign: OddBalls success story

2. Asphalte

asphalte shopify store example

Location: France (Bordeaux)

Estimated revenue: $3 million

An interesting thing about Asphalte is its unique business model (pre-order). Before the first stitch is sewn, the brand spends weeks asking customers and website visitors what they want to wear with a survey like this:

The feedback is then used to manufacture clothes and release them through pre-order campaigns—that means no waste.

Another great thing is the elegant design. This top Shopify store has amazing product photography—the big photos on the homepage set the feeling of how the rest feels like. Also, the design is elegant and modern, which perfectly complements the photography.

One interesting marketing tool that Asphalte uses is onsite notificationsa social media-like feed on a website. It helps to announce products and share discounts in a completely new way:

The notifications have built-in Shopify targeting properties, revenue tracking, and AI Wishlist—a machine learning-powered product recommendation feature.

You can also try them on your Shopify store:

Unlimited free trial, no cc needed


“Through onsite notifications, our website has seen improvements in customer engagement, sales and brand identity. Our next objective is to personalise the customer journey to enhance the experience even more by targeting specific audiences.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network
Visitor engagement strategy from a top Shopify store

Asphalte drives traffic to the feedback collection page with popups and onsite notifications. In the process, they also collect 4,000+ leads monthly.

Learn more: Asphalte Onsite Marketing Strategy

3. Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch shopify store example

Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $5 – $7 million

This Shopify store sells classic men’s clothing with a modern perspective. When you land on its homepage, the website immediately feels cool, almost like being a high-end retail store. Every detail contributes to the vintage feel—especially product photography.

Behind the scenes, Taylor Stitch is run according to a hybrid business model. The founders say they have essential products in stock and the rest (over 90% of products) is crowdfunded. Thanks to this model, the company minimizes waste and overhead costs.

More on this best Shopify store from Mike Maher, its founder:

taylor stitch
Shopify store conversion, Taylor Stitch style

If you go to Taylor Stitch, you'll get a popup with a 20% off the first purchase. We’re betting this strategy generates at least a few thousands new leads monthly.

More about email popups:

top shopify store in fashion

Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $11 million

The story of this top Shopify store began when Greg Chait decided to turn his interest in high-quality craftsmanship into a business.

“We don’t call our factory a factory, we call it an arts and crafts facility because that’s really what it is,” Chait says about his brand.

We can say the same about his successful Shopify store! It now makes $11 million despite getting only $1 million of initial funding.

Besides being one of the top Shopify stores, Allbirds and others on this list are also digital native vertical brands (DNVB).

More about this business model: What is a DNVB?

gymshark top shopify store example

Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $556 million

Gymshark began as a company selling workout clothes sewn and printed by Ben Francis, the founder, along with a team of friends. Now, it’s one of the most successful Shopify stores in the fitness clothing industry.

Gymshark was an early adopter of the influencer marketing model. From the very beginning, they’ve been investing in building a big social media presence. One notable collaboration was a workout video with Ross Edgley, the first person to swim around the entire 1780-mile coast of Great Britain.

More about this successful Shopify store from the founder:

bombas shopify store example

Location: United States (New York)

Estimated revenue: $20+ million

If you’re looking for inspiration for designing a colorful Shopify store, check out Bombas. This cool Shopify Plus website has a vibrant color palette, clear navigation, and plenty of engagement opportunities for visitors.

Their homepage gives you easy access to four main product categories. The banner “One purchased = one donated” just below the product menu hints that Bombas is a brand that helps those in need. Scroll down a bit on the homepage and you’ll see that the company donated 50+ million items!

patagonia new
Can Shopify stores promote themselves in an ethical way?

💡 Examples of Ethical Marketing (feat. Patagonia, Allbirds, and other successful Shopify stores).

huit denim shopify store

Location: United Kingdom (Cardigan)

Estimated revenue: $2 million

Hiut Denim focuses on manufacturing top-quality products with a clean ecommerce store design that puts navigation first. The homepage has only full-width images, which makes product category selection easy. There’s also a video that takes us inside the manufacturing facility in Cardigan.

This Shopify store example is great if you’d like to start a successful jeans brand. Take a close look at how they differentiate themselves with a great brand story and focus on making “one thing well.” The thing is the production of jeans, of course—so if you're one of the Shopify merchants looking to showcase your production, pay this top Shopify store a visit.

onsite notification feed
Get more sales as a Shopify clothing store

Get practical tips: Apparel marketing guide [features strategies from some of the best Shopify stores]

8. Rebecca Minkoff

fashion shopify store example

Location: United States (NYC)

Estimated revenue: $10+ million

One of the best fashion Shopify stores, Rebecca Minkoff sells clothing and accessories for women. This example proves that Shopify is an excellent choice for supporting brands with a wide range of products in many categories.

With a little bit of Bohemian touch in the store design, Rebecca Minkoff stands out from other top Shopify websites with luxury product photography. Those two elements combine to create a truly unique store experience.

Case study: this successful Shopify store drives 4,000+ visitors from homepage to product pages:

9. Fashion Nova

fashion nova shopify store example

Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $80 million

Fashion Nova is often called “an Instagram brand,” and for a good reason. From the very beginning, this Shopify store focused on engaging potential customers through its Instagram profile (which has 21+ million followers).

Indeed, browse Fashion Nova’s homepage for a minute and you’ll see how solid their social media game is. They have an Instagram feed, shoppable looks from influencers, and tons of “shareable” content. All these are extremely important since the brand’s success relies heavily on sales from social media.

notification feed wisepops
Speaking of Instagram…

Over 80% of its users discover products on the platform. If you want to promote Instagram posts above the fold on your Shopify store, try onsite notifications.

Learn more: 10+ ways to use onsite notifications

10. Kith

fashion example shopify store

Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $100 million

Kith is a streetwear juggernaut and a brand with a truly unique Shopify store. Huge product images and a simple menu create an elegant, minimalist website design that supports the brand’s communication style.

Kith is exciting not only because it's a truly unique ecommerce website design example, but also because of great products. The brand is known for its unique streetwear designs—even endorsed by superstars like LeBron James.


How to promote a product (examples and case studies)

11. Steve Madden

clothing shopify store example

Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $20+ million (from five Shopify stores)

Steve Madden is one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world. Despite being a retail-first company founded in 1990, the brand also has an impressive Shopify-powered store that looks nothing but outdated.

Scrolling down the homepage feels a bit like looking at an online version of Vogue or Marie Claire. That’s the effect of vintage-style product photography and classy fonts. Combined with an embedded Instagram feed, this Shopify store homepage offers tons of inspiration for shoppers.

Helpful guide for Shopify store owners:

How to add a popup to a Shopify store

12. Chubbies

chubbies shopify store clothing example

Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $44 million

When you’re on the mission to bring short shorts to every man’s wardrobe, your Shopify store should be as engaging as possible. Chubbies achieves this goal with unique branding, entertaining product descriptions, and creative images.

Brand founders say their products embody the notion of fun. Indeed, Chubbies turned that into something that differentiates them from other apparel brands. This idea remains the recipe of success for the brand, proving that selling products that went out of style in the 1970s is anything but crazy.

More details about how Chubbies became successful: Shopify Success Stories (also includes Beardbrand, Allbirds, and Blume).

Best Shopify stores for beauty & health

From the current market value of $511 billion, the beauty and health industry will grow to $748.6 billion in three years. These top Shopify stores will be a huge part of this growth.

13. Blume

skin care shopify store example

Location: Canada (British Columbia)

Estimated revenue: $1+ million

Blume became a seven-figure business in just one year. Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, co-founders of the brand, found a great opportunity to challenge big self-care companies whose branding was outdated. 

The two came up with a brilliant strategy for targeting Gen Z and Millennial customers. Instead of traditional Shopify marketing strategies, Blume focused on educating them about topics that are typically taboo (sex ed, skincare, and puberty). Also, the brand helps customers establish a solid routine with natural products tailored to their individual needs.

Shopify store case study

Learn how Blume converts up 5% of their store visitors with popups: Blume success story

kylie shopify store successful

Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $29+ million

This Shopify store example is the business child of Kylie Jenner, where she sells makeup, skincare, and baby products. Kylie herself often features as the model in the store, which is a no-brainer technique for an influencer-led business.

What makes Kylie Cosmetics one of the best Shopify stores is social proof. Example: you can read about the results customers achieved by using the products, e.g. “98% agreed the formula is transfer-proof and smudge-proof” (taken from a page with the Kylie Friday Lip Kit).

Shopify businesses easily add social proof to their sites with special apps.

Here are the best Shopify apps if you need top recommendations (includes Shopify apps for sales, SEO, social proof, email marketing, and more) and Shopify abandoned cart apps.

beardbrand top shopify store

Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $5+ million

Facial hair grooming can be a challenge. Beardbrand is the company that solves this problem with a personalized approach. Visitors take a quiz to get product and grooming technique recommendations, which is easy and fun.

This business strategy works because it provides personalized service to a large, underserved group of customers: beardsmen. That’s why Beardbrand remains one of the top choices in the beard care category despite fierce competition.


Guide to limited-time offers for Shopify stores (contains expert tips and examples)

16. ColourPop


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $15+ million

Although ColourPop doesn’t earn the title of the most stunning design, this trending Shopify store is a great example of the impact of social media on business growth. ColourPop burst onto Instagram in its colorful glory in 2017 and won over ordinary users, vloggers, and influencers.

Many influencers, including Jaclyn Hill (7.2 million) and NikkieTutorials (15.6 million followers) talked about ColourPop on their channels. As a result, the brand now has a reputation of being “wallet-friendly” and “super-Instagrammable,” which became their main competitive advantage.

Improve the performance of your Shopify store with wishlists:

Best wishlist apps for Shopify

17. Soko Glam

shopify store example skin care

Location: United States (NYC)

Estimated revenue: $15+ million

Soko Glam was founded in 2021 to help people discover Korean beauty, skincare, and cosmetics products. Now, it’s a booming online marketplace with hundreds of unique products brought from the Korean market.

The founder of this great Shopify store, Charlotte and Dave Cho, take regular trips to Seoul to consult beauty experts and bring items for curation. This business model works perfectly—Soko Glam has even been featured in Vogue, Allure, and New York Times.

18. Hismile

care shopify store example

Location: Australia (Queensland)

Estimated revenue: $20+ million

Hismile does an awesome job explaining the benefits of the product right away. Since their teeth care products use original formulas for color correction, the brand needs to win the trust of the visitors as fast as possible.

To raise awareness of the innovative product, Hismile used a legion of social media influencers. At the peak of awareness, the brand managed to sell $5 million worth of products over a holiday period. They accomplished that with influencer marketing (including endorsements from Kylie Jenner) and different kinds of website sales.

Speaking of website sales, here’s how brands drive traffic to sales pages: Sales promotion examples

Best Shopify stores for food & drink

Thinking about selling food or drinks? Look at the best Shopify-powered websites from this market to learn their best practices.

19. Haus

haus shopify store example

Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $5+ million

Haus is tapping into the Millennial generation’s desire for moderate and refined drinking habits (the pandemic saw alcohol sales grow by 22%). Unlike big alcohol brands, though, their products are made from grapes, natural, and lower in sugar content.

Shopify praises the direct-to-consumer business model of Haus that involves a membership program. The brand’s customers get beverages delivered to their door, which also allows Haus to collect user data big alcohol corporations don’t have.

20. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

stumptown shopify store example

Location: United States (Portland)

Estimated revenue: $50+ million

Founded in 1999, Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a producer and distributor of a variety of coffees. The brand is known for its ethical production practices, which are reflected through the website design and content.

Product quiz is another reason to check this great Shopify store. Through a series of questions, the brand offers personalized product recommendations (even based on the astrological sign!). Definitely a useful resource for those planning to create a quiz on their Shopify stores.

21. Pipcorn

pipcorn top shopify store

Location: United States (Pennsylvania)

Estimated revenue: $3+ million 

Pipcorn is dedicated to providing tasty snacks that can be enjoyed every day. Their Shopify website is a colorful intro to the world of snacks that will make you hungry. The combination of unique design and brand storytelling gives Pipcorn the title of one of the best-looking Shopify stores.

Just like Haus, Pipcorn is also a great example of the design of a product subscription landing page. Their subscription page is nicely designed, describes plenty of benefits for customers, and gives answers with a small FAQ section at the end. 

22. Death Wish Coffee


Location: United States (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Estimated revenue: $6+ million

Mike Brown wanted to make a strong blend of organic coffee with amazing taste when he created the recipe that became Death Wish Coffee. Little did he know that the recipe would give birth to be an extremely popular name in the industry. 

It was not long before this unique brand was featured in media like Good Morning America. From there, it’s been smooth sailing for Brown, whose talent was highly appreciated by coffee drinkers, even on the International Space Station. Yes, he invented an instant freeze-dried blend that NASA sent to space.

23. Partake Foods


Location: United States

Estimated revenue: $1+ million

This successful Shopify store has a very unique background. Denise Woodard, the founder, came up with cookie recipes for her daughter who had severe food allergies. At some point, she decided to share them with others—that’s how Partake was born.

Today, the brand has an impressive Shopify store that follows the best ecommerce practices. For example, since allergy-friendly ingredients are a major selling point, the homepage has multiple headlines (“Safe to share,” “Because ingredients matter”) to appeal to the target audience.

Interesting fact: Investors declined Woodard’s idea 86 times before she secured the startup money from an investment company owned by Jay-Z.

Tip for Shopify entrepreneurs
See writing techniques that top Shopify stores like Partake Foods use to appeal to audiences: Ecommerce copywriting guide (+examples).


Location: the UK

Estimated revenue: $6 million

PRESS Healthfoods sells juices, juice cleanses and other healthy foods made from materials supplied by G.A.P. certified farms. Georgie and Ed, the founders, say they are on the mission to become the biggest health food brand in the world.

Their Shopify store is helping them reach this bold goal. The homepage has many (but not too many) CTAs along with client testimonials and product benefits to convert visitors. This makes PRESS Healthfoods one of the best conversion-optimized Shopify sites out there.

Best Shopify stores for accessories

Shopify is a perfect platform for selling accessories like jewelry, glasses, wallets, watches, and even tattoo designs. In this section, you’ll find some of the most successful Shopify websites operating in these niches.

25. MVMT Watches


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $100+ million

Many Millennial customers want to own watches, but they can’t just drop $700+ for well-made items. That’s a lot of money, which is what triggered Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante to start a Shopify store that makes premium-quality and stylish watches affordable.

What I especially like about MVMT is top-notch product photography. Through a masterful use of lighting and backgrounds they make watches look absolutely stunning and grab our attention from the very first moment.

26. WP Standard


Location: United States (Texas)

Estimated revenue: $5 million

WP Standard is one of the best-looking Shopify stores selling high-quality bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. The design is clean, modern, and made with a straightforward but good-looking color theme that matches the products.

Navigating this Shopify site and adding products to the cart is quick and easy. You can navigate to the checkout page in just a few clicks, making WP Standard one of the best in terms of navigation on our list.

WP Standard’s lead generation strategy

Strategy: Product giveaway (a free tote worth $228)
Tool: Email popup on the homepage

This Product Giveaway Case Study describes
how a clothing store generates 5,000+ leads. Get more giveaway ideas.

27. Tattly


Location: United States (NYC)

Estimated revenue: $6+ million

Tattly founder, Tina Roth Eisenberg started her own business to make high-quality temporary tattoos available to more people. The result was Tattly, a great Shopify store featuring works of some of the best tattoo artists in the U.S.

Despite temporary tattoo art being a super tough sell, Eisenberg received 10,000 online orders just within the first year after launching her Shopify store. Now, Tattly is a fast-growing community that supports independent designers and artists.

28. Pura Vida Bracelets


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $68+ million

One of the most successful jewelry stores on Shopify, Pura Vida started in 2010 when Griffin and Paul, two friends, brought handcrafted bracelets from Costa Rica to California. Having sold 400 items in a few days, the two decided to start a business.

Now, Pura Vida is a huge success, selling millions of handcrafted items each year. According to Shopify, the company is growing 50% in revenue year-over-year. The brand’s Bracelets Monthly Club is a great example of how Shopify brands increase customer lifetime value. 

db journey shopify store

Location: Norway

Estimated revenue: $25 million

Known for their sleek and functional designs, DB Journey's products cater to both professional athletes and casual travelers. The brand's aesthetic leans towards modern minimalism, with clean lines and a focus on practicality.

Their successful Shopify store has been built with the same principles in mind. Definitely check this fast-growing Shopify store for inspiration if you'd like yours to be modern and minimalistic.

Best Shopify for homeware & cookware

The home and kitchen improvement market will be rising by 6.5% in the next five years. In this section, you’ll find the top earners using Shopify that are fueling the growth in this category.

30. Emma Bridgewater


Location: United Kingdom (Stoke)

Estimated revenue: $30+ million

This popular Shopify store looks like a colorful online DIY magazine. Despite being founded in 1984, this pottery brand gives new meaning to everyday kitchen china with a blend of modern and classic designs.

Emma Bridgewater is now a popular destination for shoppers looking for unique gifts and inspiration. Plenty of colorful product images, personalized items, and an Instagram feed with customer content will make browsing this Shopify site a joyful ride.

31. Nickey Kehoe


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $2 million

Nickey Kenoe was started back in 2004 by two designers, Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe. They had a simple mission: to share their love for homemade furniture and interior design with the world. Since then, the business has grown, adding a good-looking Shopify store.

Despite having a large product catalog, Nickey Kenoe managed to arrange their Shopify store in a way that feels fresh, modern, and minimalist. That’s the way Nickey and Kehoe want store visitors to feel about their products, too.

32. Made In


Location: United States (Texas)

Estimated revenue: $2 million

Made In is the first direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand in the cookware industry. They partner with artisan makers from the U.S. and France to create high-quality products with unique aesthetics.

“We took our design aesthetic and knowledge from what pro kitchens buy, and then gave the home cook only what they need,” says Chimp Malt, one of the founders of Made In.

That’s why, according to Malt, his business has a diverse base of customers, from amateur cooks to some of the best chefs in the world.

The brand’s Shopify store reassures visitors that they’re onto top-notch products, with media mentions (including CNBC and Food Network) and videos of collaborations with chefs being in prominent places.

Other successful Shopify stores

Pretty much any market has great Shopify stores. In this section, you’ll find examples of successful stores outside of the most popular markets.

33. Art of Play


Location: United States (California)

Estimated revenue: $2 million

A popular Shopify store for gifts, Art of Play sells playing cards, puzzles, games, home goods, toys, and books. Started by twin brothers who are accomplished magicians, the business originally targeted cardists and collectors, but soon expanded to gifts that anyone could enjoy.

Design-wise, Art of Play is a truly unique Shopify website. There are numerous animations, transitions, and other elements that quickly get our attention like a master magician. Take a close look at their gift finder, too—it’s a nice example of how a brand can help find a perfect gift for anyone.

34. Ugmonk


Location: United States (Pennsylvania)

Estimated revenue: $5 million

Ugmonk sells a range of products, including leather goods, clothing, and accessories. But the most famous product is the Analog productivity system designed by the brand’s founder, a veteran designer Jeff Sheldon. 

If you’re looking for homepage inspiration, be sure to check this Shopify store. From Ugmonk’s homepage, you can see all the products without visiting menu pages—yet it feels super clean. Definitely one of the best Shopify stores in terms of navigation.

35. Uppercase Magazine


Location: Canada (Alberta)

Estimated revenue: $2 million

Uppercase Magazine is one of the top Shopify stores in the publishing niche. The woman behind this successful business is Janine Vangool, who serves as a writer, editor, publisher, and customer service agent.

Janine decided to offer her amazing magazine in print and use crowdfunding to fuel her project. She was able to build a large organic community through her unique content for creative individuals and features them in the magazine.

One thing to notice: the homepage opens with a video taking us through the latest magazine issue. That’s an awesome idea to engage visitors right away.

36. Bison Coolers


Location: United States (Texas)

Estimated revenue: $12+ million

Bison Coolers are heavy-duty coolers designed for any type of outdoor adventure. Started in 2011 by a father-son duo, the brand has been accomplishing its mission of long-lasting, American-made coolers and other products for outdoor enthusiasts.

In an interview with Voyage Dallas, the founder of this top Shopify store said the brand hit the sweet spot of providing the best overall value on the market. Indeed, this Shopify store offers an unmatched warranty, top-notch quality, and even product customization for reasonable prices.

37. PopSockets

popsockets storeLocation: United States (multiple factories)

Estimated revenue: $30+ million

This top Shopify store is the main revenue channel for the company eyeing expansion in Asia, South America, and other markets. It's super colorful, easy to navigate, and even lets visitors create their own design thanks to a customization tool.

38. Paramount Shop

paramount shopify storeLocation: United States

Estimated revenue: $300+ million

Paramount Shop is one of the most successful online stores running on Shopify, making about $300 million. It's a home to thousands of products and multiple language versions, and amazing ecommerce design—a truly awesome example of what Shopify can do for big companies like Paramount.

Shopify Stores FAQ

Here, we’ll cover some of the most common questions asked about Shopify stores.

1. How many Shopify stores are there in 2023?

There are over 4.6 million Shopify websites that are live in 2024 (up by around 400K in 2023). Although merchants reside in 150+ countries, more than half of Shopify stores come from the United States. 

2. How do I find Shopify stores?

You can find Shopify stores in multiple ways: in the Founder Stories section on the Shopify blog, through Google, or by using a technology recognition tool like Builtwith.

3. What should I sell in my Shopify store?

Based on this list of top Shopify stores, the most successful examples sell clothing, accessories, cookware, homeware, food, drinks, and beauty products. But among all the ecommerce platforms, Shopify is one of the the versatile ones, which makes it a great choice for many other product categories.

4. What are the most successful Shopify stores?

Kylie Cosmetics, ColourPop, Paramount Shop, PopSockets, Steve Madden, Pura Vida, Allbirds, Fashion Nova, Gymshark, and Bombas are the most successful Shopify stores on this list. Each company generates at least $5 million in annual sales, with some reaching as high as $200 million. For example, Paramount's online shop is running on Shopify and makes about $300+ million.

5. What are the biggest businesses on Shopify?

Steve Madden, Gymshark, PopSockets, Allbirds, Pura Vida, Fashion Nova, Partake Foods, and Kylie Cosmetics are among the biggest businesses using Shopify. In terms of size, only Fashion Nova and Allbirds, for example, have an estimated 1,000 employees.

5. How can I make my Shopify store stand out?

Creativity in web design and branding helps Shopify stores differentiate themselves. Doing something differently (a custom theme, unique photography style, unusual website layout, etc,) from others can help your bottom line.

Businesses also differentiate themselves by making special emphasis on their unique value proposition on homepages. We’ve seen this technique on Allbirds, Taylor Stitch, and other examples of Shopify stores on our list.

How we chose these Shopify websites

To find this list of the most profitable stores on Shopify in 2024, we checked their blogs for open-access financial reports and other reliable open sources.

Example of data used: Steve Madden's news releases

6. Is trying Shopify worth it?


Although Shopify changed their pricing a bit and reduced the free trial, it still remains the best overall platform because it helps non-tech users to create beautiful stores with impressive functionality.

Even Beyoncé chose Shopify to start her new haircare brand Cécred in 2024, proving the platform's popularity and reputation once again.

Shopify Stores: Final Thoughts

It can be tricky to find stores that use Shopify, and even harder to discover the most successful ones. I hope this list of successful Shopify stores gave you a lot of inspiration and ideas about how to design your own.

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses by writing detailed, in-depth guides.


Master's in International Marketing, Academy of Municipal Administration

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