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Last updated Wed Jul 24 2024

30+ Ecommerce Website Design Examples [List & Takeaways]

I handpicked 35 ecommerce website design examples so you can take some inspiration when building or redesigning your own online store.

These ecommerce site examples come from different industries, including fashion, accessories, food & drink, jewelry, self-care, home decoration, and supplements. 

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What goes into the best ecommerce website design?

  • Simple navigation. That includes an easily accessible menu, a clickable logo, easy-to-manipulate dropdown menus, and limited navigation options

  • Brand personality. Content structure, color palette, menu placement, images, etc.—every web design element should represent the business’s personality and style

  • Multiple avenues of exploring. Not everyone coming to the website will convert right away, so a good ecommerce website design gives different ways to explore (your values, mission, trust signals, helpful blog content, etc.)

  • Lifestyle product photography. They help visitors imagine having and using your products in everyday life, which is critical for their decision making

  • Mobile compatibility. People are used to buying from mobile devices—but they will only decide to do so if it’s easy to do 

  • Simple and fast checkout. Even the best ecommerce website won’t sell if checkout is difficult, so simplify yours as much as possible (for Shopify stores, it often means using the Shopify Pay functionality)

  • Effective onsite marketing strategy. Combining all your onsite tools (content sections, live chat, ecommerce popups, onsite notifications) into one strategy can help make personalized marketing campaigns

Tip: Determine the priorities of your ideal customers before designing

With online store design, some founders tend to focus on things they want shoppers to see and do. 

A better idea is to think about what visitors’ priorities are going to be. For example, we can safely say that not everyone is ready to buy when they first visit.

That’s why designing your ecommerce website based on priorities and trust-building content is a more effective strategy.

Pawel Lawrowski, Digital Marketing Expert

Best Ecommerce Website Design Examples

Use these categories to find examples of online store designs:

Fashion & apparel

If you'd like some inspiration for building your online fashion store, check out these examples.

1. Asphalte

asphalte best ecommerce website design

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Fashion

This online store design keeps the hero section clean to focus our attention on the product. Asphalte’s business model is pre-order, so they need visitors to learn about the upcoming clothing items with such large content sections. 

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Large and fantastic-looking hero image

  • One good-looking font throughout the entire website for a stylish look

  • Perfectly structured for visitors who prefer skimming over reading

You might be surprised but…

Website popups are the top lead generation channel for this clean-looking website. Asphalte managed to strike the balance between popups and UX and collects 4,000 emails monthly.

How they did it: Asphalte’s lead generation strategy.

the nines

Platform: Prestashop

Industry: Fashion

If you’re a small business looking to see how others relaunched their multilingual ecommerce websites, check out The Nines. They’ve recently unveiled a complete redesign of their online shop, making it super modern and inviting.

What’s best about this ecommerce website design:
  • Beautiful example of how to promote fashion collections

  • Excellent lifestyle photos of products

  • Nice, neat, and memorable web design

Overall, this webshop design is clean and good-looking. And keeping it that way is apparently a goal for The Nines because they’re using onsite notifications—a social media-style feed for websites.

As you can see, The Nines is promoting new collections with the feed—visitors click on a bell with the familiar “unread” sign to see this message:

the nines onsite notification feed

"The onsite notification feed is perfect to inform about something, without sacrificing too much space or attention, two main barriers in the e-commerce sector.

The feed fits perfectly here, offering us the possibility to share the news subtly. It also permits us to leave this message for a month, while changing our homepage sliders and not sacrificing any other main event." 

Terence Lajaumont, The Nines

You can add the feed to your website, too (it works on all ecommerce websites). Here’s our Sydney Loew—in this one-min video, she’ll show what this tool can do for you:

Check out how the onsite notification feed can help your online store:

No cc needed, unlimited free trial. Learn more about onsite notifications

This detailed guide will also be helpful:

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Apparel

Allbirds is not scared of the fold—its hero image will always cover the entire screen regardless of the device you’re using. But it actually could be quite fine, as their navigation is great. We get “Men,” “Women,” “Kids,” and more above the fold in the menu.

What’s great about this ecommerce site design:
  • “Shop men” and “Shop women” buttons perfectly split the visitors and get them on the road to finding their next shoes quickly

  • Nice-looking hover effect on product menu pages that adds interactivity to product research

  • Helpful conversion-oriented product page features (size chart, product videos, trust signals, verified customer reviews, and others)

Shopify logo
Allbirds is one of the most successful Shopify stores, getting over $298 million in revenues.

See Shopify stores that make the most money.

oddballs homepage design

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Apparel

OddBalls started as an idea to sell men’s underwear and raise awareness of testicular cancer. Now, it’s one of the UK’s most loved brands with an eye-catching ecommerce website design that screams personality. 

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Nice use of the homepage slider section to entice and engage visitors

  • Exclusive and personalized limited-time offers for customers throughout the website

  • Consistent brand experience with a colorful palette, playful copy, and attention-grabbing images

How effective onsite marketing helps OddBalls sell

OddBalls generated about £50,000 with one extra discount code that was kept on the homepage at all times.

Go to case study

online store websites faguo

Platform: PrestaShop

Industry: Clothing

Faguo is a French fashion brand that plants a tree for every product it sells. Just like other webshop designs, Faguo immediately captures the attention with the large headline and gives us two options for exploring the website further.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Individual products are visible above the fold, inviting customers to scroll down

  • Lifestyle product photos greatly enhance the overall web design

  • The brand shares its mission statement everywhere (in a user-friendly way)

This ecommerce website example also gives us some insights into their strategy. For example, Faguo gives away products and vouchers to build their email list:

spin to win popup

So far, this strategy has paid off.

A similar campaign to the one you just saw (it was actually a spin-to-win popup) converts about 17% of Faguo visitors, which translates into around 5,000 new leads every month:

We won’t go into too much detail here, but you can learn more about their strategy here:

Read Faguo case study

emoi emoi

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Fashion and accessories

If you’re looking to start a clothing business with a strong identity, take a look at Emoi Emoi. This ecommerce design is colorful, positive, and most importantly, reinforces the brand’s values and mission on every page.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • This design for ecommerce reflects a positive style that perfectly aligns with Emoi emoi’s identity

  • The well-organized menu and helpful filtering options make browsing effortless

  • A helpful separate section with gift ideas

  • Context-based popups with targeted discounts

émoi émoi case study

Learn how émoi émoi converts visitors with embeds and onsite notifications:

Read case study

soi paris online store website example

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Fashion

This fashion ecommerce website design is tailored to boost conversions and have more people get introduced to the wonderful story behind Soi Paris. Check out this store if you’d like some inspiration for fashion websites whose goal is to drive traffic to and sell original clothing collections.

What’s best about this online store design:
  • Big, quality photos and nice typography

  • Robust footer with site links and beautiful images

  • Dedicated pages for showcasing clothing collections

onsite campaign on website
Soi Paris Case Study

Find out how Soi Paris engages visitors with holiday flash sales:

Read case study

hopaal website design store

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Clothing

Hopaal is a French fashion brand whose ecommerce site design is truly unique thanks to vivid, sharp images. The website focuses on Hopaal’s mission to reduce overproduction and overconsumption; for example, we get links to custom mini clothing collections and sustainability projects. A really nice example of online shop design that focuses on the brand’s DNA.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Clean and minimalist store design that embodies the brand’s commitment to producing sustainable fashion

  • Engaging storytelling: the store excels at telling Hopaal’s brand story with captivating images accompanied by concise and impactful texts

  • Addition of interactive elements and smooth transitions adds a touch of sophistication to this online store design

Hopaal’s commitment to fighting overconsumption in the fashion industry comes through in many ways. For example, you can get this small popup window (below) as you browse through, asking you to go check out a four-piece collection that you can wear in most situations:

popup from hopaal
Patagonia campaign ethical marketing example
Ethical... marketing?

Empathy, promise-keeping, sustainability, honesty, and transparency—basing marketing on these ethics principles is becoming a standard.

Here are ethical marketing examples of companies doing this the right way.

online store design example

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Clothing

This business sells one-of-a-kind, whimsical robes. No surprise the copy on their website is very creative and engaging. In terms of the design, the website keeps the cognitive load at minimum with short texts, beautiful images and intuitive navigation.

What’s great about this ecommerce shop design:

  • Excellent example of the “keep it simple” (KIS) site design principle

  • The website is easy to scan because content blocks are divided into small, digestible sections

  • Ridiculously creative ecommerce copywriting (that even includes two-sentence product descriptions)

Expert tip: Make your branding memorable

“Oftentimes, businesses will even go as far as switching ecommerce platforms (say, Wix to Shopify) because they are not getting enough sales even after building a brand. In many cases, the real problem is that the branding isn’t memorable. Simply, visitors came and then went to the competitor because it stood out to them more.”

Learn how Highway Robery made their first Shopify sales thanks to branding.

Pawel Lawrowski, Digital Marketing Expert
online store websites design

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Clothing

Holderness & Bourne sells men’s stylish and premium golf apparel. Their website features a stunning full image background layout that makes us feel like standing on a hill overlooking a beautiful country golf course. Everything in this online store shows that the brand lives and breathes golf.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Screen-wide images of golfers with product tags (almost like shoppable Instagram)

  • Helpful gift guide with products categorized by potential recipients and prices

  • Interactive fit guide for easier product choice

See how other ecommerce websites grow:

Ecommerce case studies (with performance data and tips from business owners)

elder statesman online store website

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Apparel & accessories

This online store design is all about authenticity and exceptional quality any way you slice it. The luxury lifestyle brand’s fashion collections are known for their California twist vibe, and it seems like the same philosophy has been applied to the design of the online shop. 

What’s great about this online store example:
  • Sleek and modern design style with lots of colors

  • Unique product photography that evokes the feeling of nostalgia

  • The interactive side menu takes you to the landing pages of product collections

  • Cool-looking popups with product images

Why popups are important for ecommerce websites?

If someone isn’t ready to buy after exploring your website (that could be up to 99% of your visitors), you need to have a plan B, e.g. a different way to maintain the relationship with the customer. Popups can help you get visitors' emails and nurture them.

12. Kith

kith store design ecommerce

Platform: Shopify Plus

Industry: Fashion and accessories

This ecommerce store example stands out with superb photography and a vintage look. Even though Kitch leans towards minimalist ecommerce shop design, it still has a lot of creative details like animations of products.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Stunning minimal product photography

  • Simple and concise product descriptions

  • Strong sense of brand through imagery and typography

best ecommerce website example

Platform: Salesforce Commerce

Industry: Fashion & home

Ralph Lauren gives us one of the best retail website designs. The store gives us something to buy right away (with sales commonly featured in the hero image section), which kind of hints at a retail store experience.

What’s best about this ecommerce website design:
  • Homepage gives visitors something to buy

  • Impressive product photography

  • Engaging elements (animations, videos, sliders)

Get marketing tips for your clothing store:

Apparel marketing guide [with examples and strategies from well-known fashion stores including Dolce & Gabbana]

Self-care & beauty

Now, let's move on to the examples from a different category. Some of the best ecommerce design examples in the self-care and beauty industry include Meow Meow Tweet, Flaus, Blume, and Summer Fridays.

14. Meow Meow Tweet

ecommerce website design store

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Self-care

Meow Meow Tweet is a beauty and skincare brand selling vegan and cruelty-free products. This is one of the best ecommerce sites when it comes to whimsical and playful designs, with a lot of creative illustrations, a bright color palette, and creative copy.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • The fun, youthful, and positive vibe

  • The design beautifully balances the product imagery and illustrations 

  • A blog packed with helpful content (skincare tips, guides to choosing the right products for specific skin, etc.)

15. Flaus

online store website flaus

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Self-care

Flaus’s website design is an excellent example of how a business can promote its innovative product (an electric flosser!) and build trust. There’s only one main product sold there (with a small related set), and the website does an amazing job of focusing our attention on its benefits.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • The value proposition and social proof (media mentions) are front and center on the homepage as well other pages to demonstrate confidence in the product

  • Features product videos and informative descriptions to introduce visitors to all the benefits of and see the product in action

  • There’s a dedicated “Dental Professionals” page collecting partners for the brand to build a network of advocates

Flaus puts their unique value proposition in popups (the brand uses them to build the email list):

flash website popup
Flaus made this popup using Wisepops—an onsite marketing platform used by 2,000+ ecommerce stores.

16. Blume

blume store design

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Self-care products

Blume is on a mission to make young generations feel more comfortable about topics like acne, sex ed, and period care. Besides simple and intuitive shopping, there’s a great interactive quiz that helps to choose products based on the customer's goals and needs.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Sharp, minimal product photography

  • Colorful and simplistic product pages

  • Plenty of social proof to build trust (customer reviews + dermatologist testimonials)

Keep Reading

Learn how Blume, a self-care brand, converts up to 5% of their visitors with popups: Blume success story

summer fridays

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Skin care

Just like Snif, this ecommerce design uses grids. The website is divided into large sections with a distinct purpose so all visitors can quickly find what they need. For example, the homepage you see above has two sections: the one on the left leads to the makeup bundle builder while the other one shows off a product in action.

What’s best about this ecommerce website example:
  • The grid format makes it easy to highlight (and browse) products

  • Efficient content structure on product pages thanks to the grid

  • Multiple interactive tools (Skincare quiz, shade finder, and makeup builder)

Like grid layouts in web store design?

The simplest way to give your ecommerce store design grids is to pick a theme that uses them. For Shopify, those are Grid by Pixel Union, Drop, Fashionopolism, and Symmetry (all are paid).

Watches & jewelry

Let's see some ecommerce sites from this category now.

18. Audemars Piguet

website ecommerce website design

Platform: Adobe Commerce

Industry: Watches and jewelry

Want to sell watches? This example of an ecommerce website design will be inspiring. It does an excellent job of creating exclusivity, which is a must-do marketing strategy for luxury products. 

Why this is the best ecommerce website example:
  • Stunning close-up, high-detail images of products

  • Clutter-free design that focuses on the watches

  • Rich navigation menu with categories, stores, the services

Website bars are another way to share marketing messages and keep ecommerce website design clean.

Consider this guide to website sticky bars if you'd like to use them.


If selling accessories like backpacks, wallets, planners, notebooks is something you're interested in, this small list of online store designs is for you.

19. Cabaiia

ecommerce website design cabaiia

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Accessories

This ecommerce store sells backpacks and accessories designed for weekend and city getaways. One thing that makes Cabaiia’s products stand out is that they come in many different colors. In fact, you can even create your own backpack and choose pretty much any color you’d like (see the image below).

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Nice-looking footer menus with icons and images

  • Very easy and intuitive shopping experience

  • A separate gift card page where you can even customize its design

Here’s the look of Cabaiia’s bag customizer:

cabaiia bag customizer
Cabaiia is a digital native brand—a business model where a brand starts to sell online and then extends to brick-and-mortar stores.

Find out why DNVBs are popular: What is a DNVB?

best ecommerce website design

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Accessories

Db Journey sells travel gear and bags designed in Scandinavia. The design of this ecommerce website is everything you’d expect from a cool brand: visually appealing, stunning product images, responsive, and intuitive.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Visually captivating design, broken into intuitive content sections

  • Superb lifecycle product imagery that inspires to go on a trip

  • Nice example of how to do pre-order marketing

ecommerce website design with onsite feed

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Accessories

If you’d like ideas on how to make your online store design user-friendly, check Black Ember. 

A positive, engaging and easy-to-use UX is a major theme throughout this website—in fact, the brand’s homepage is one of the cleanest you’ll ever see (partly thanks to the huge hero section and onsite notification feed). It’s a very smart strategy, considering that 51% of ecommerce websites use aggressive and distracting ads on homepages.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Design allows visitors to discover products at their own pace

  • Great product discovery videos showing backpacks in action

  • Just the right amount of white space to emphasize product quality and make the whole design feel less crowded

black ember logo
Black Ember prioritizes unobtrusive experience in their online shop design

That’s why they announce products with onsite notifications—a website feed that does not interfere with the browsing experience.

Learn more: Black Ember’s product announcement strategy

simple self design ecommerce

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Accessories

Simple Self is an ecommerce website offering everything you need to stay productive: planners, notepads, stickers, and tabs. If you’re looking for the best ecommerce designs from niche businesses, pay this one a visit for inspiration.

What’s great about this online store design:
  • Modern aesthetic style

  • Some of the best benefit-focused product descriptions you’ll see

  • Homepage structure that starts with the benefits, continues with individual planners and then proceeds with social proof


Platform: Shopify

Industry: Accessories

Hardgraft sells luxury, top-quality lifestyle products from Italy, and their website beautifully matches their branding. The eye-catching and sleep design features large product images without backgrounds, which focuses our attention on them even more.

What’s best about this ecommerce design example:
  • Product photos with transparent backgrounds to make the website look less cluttered

  • The design uses minimal light colors to make all the other elements stand out without a stark contrast

  • Unique product descriptions that have important words in larger fonts

One more thing—

Let me show you how Hardgraft builds the email list. Since their homepage design does not include email signup forms, the website shows this absolutely gorgeous popup. What an example of a website popup made to perfectly match the ecommerce website design!

gorgeous popup from a website
countdown sales popup
Want to learn how to design beautiful popups that convert?

Food & drink

Need some inspirational designs or ideas for your food or drink ecommerce website? Check these out:


oe webshop

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Food and drinks

This simple yet elegant multilingual ecommerce design example should inspire those looking to start a wine business with  a small product range. Oé sells organic wines, all of which can be easily viewed even on the homepage thanks to smart structure.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Clear value proposition on the homepage (zero pesticides, organically grown wine)

  • Customer reviews and brand commitments on the homepage to build trust

  • Awesome wine blog with recipes stories of partners and winegrowers, and industry news

white walnut estate

Platform: Squarespace

Industry: Food and drink

If you’re looking to build a website design for a wine brand, definitely check out White Walnut Estate. Their ecommerce store design is like a beautiful black-and-white postcard that comes alive with stunning videos and animations.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Superb job at introducing the winery and the folks behind the business

  • Creative design that makes us want to explore the history of the winery as well as its founders

  • Black and white design gives the site the luxurious and timeless feel


20+ ecommerce tools (for marketing, sales, and store management)

26. Recess


Platform: Shopify

Industry: Food & drink, supplements

Recess is another great ecommerce website example if you’d like to get creative. The combination of animations, changing screens, and beautiful pastel colors evokes a relaxing feeling. And look at that pastel background—it looks terrific against the crispy colors of the products, making the website more engaging and focusing our attention.

What’s best about this store website design:
  • Recess showcases customer reviews and press mentions on the homepage

  • The typography and product images perfectly match and complement the website’s overall design

  • Engaging animations and plenty of scroll-triggered effects enhance the appeal of this ecommerce website design and give it a particularly distinctive eye-pleasing appearance

Platform: WooCommerce

Industry: Food & drink

Checking this ecommerce website felt like visiting the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle. Seriously, everything from the fantastic product photography to the copy feels royal and grand. Note the overall structure as you scroll, too—this store presents a mixture of cool images, product cards, and typographic layouts in a really nice way.

What’s best about this online store design:
  • Perfectly smooth animations that make the whole website experience feel like a journey

  • The website has a horizontal scroll—something that not a lot of ecommerce websites have

  • The “Uncork your inner queen” headline perfectly relates to the image in the background, giving the website conceptual unity (a UX term meaning multiple elements working together for the user’s convenience)

Platform: Custom

Industry: Food

Simple yet classic example of ecommerce design. Monti Verdi sells a limited range of handcrafted salami, so their website should be helpful for those wanting to sell food products. One takeaway for you right away: check out how great the homepage tells the story of the company and its founders.

What’s best about this ecommerce site design:
  • Big background picture of the farm at the top of the homepage

  • Beautiful product pages divided into two differently colored sections 

  • Introductory video about the business for those who want to learn more

pipcorn website design store

Platform: Shopify 

Industry: Food and drink

Pipcorn sells healthier versions of classic salty snacks, from mini popcorn to non-GMO corn chips. Apart from the ecommerce store, the brand’s products are also sold in retail stores across the U.S. Their online store design really captures the vibrant personality of Pipcorn.

What’s best about this ecommerce store:
  • Whimsical website design that introduces visitors to the Pipcorn world

  • Many elements sharing the nutritional value and the unique difference of the brand’s products

  • Engaging design: playful animations, awesome custom illustrations, and plenty of non-pushy conversion elements

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Food and drink

This ecommerce website design has some of the coolest scrolling experiences. As you go down the homepage, you’ll see a few products, with each one having its own background color and animations. 

What’s best about this ecommerce website example:
  • Playful product discovery thanks to animations (and even ingredients flying around)

  • Unique product page layout enhanced by storytelling

  • Browsing the entire website feels like one continuous experience 

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Food and drink

Fallen Grape is one of the best ecommerce website design examples when it comes to art direction—a UX technique that uses design to intentionally evoke emotions from visitors. That means showing the product in different contexts in a creative, cool way.

Why this is the best ecommerce design:
  • Fun, engaging shopping experience thanks to creative illustrations

  • Heavy focus on brand personality, which appeals to the brand’s target audience

  • All the major information about the product is neatly listed on the homepage

Home goods

Planning to sell home decorations, like candles or dinnerware? These examples of ecommerce websites should help.

32. East Fork

east pork

Platform: Shopify Plus

Industry: Home decorations

Want your design for ecommerce to be simple yet elegant? Check out East Fork. Their shop’s web design captures our attention right away with stunning product imagery and a sophisticated color theme that creates a harmonious visual experience. 

What’s best about this ecommerce website design example:
  • Ample white space makes products stand out

  • Creative use of the grid layout that allows to promote various types of content

  • Beautiful combination of elegance, simplicity, and functionality

33. Snif

ecommerce website design snif

Platform: Shopify

Industry: Home goods

Snif’s website design captures our attention with unique fonts, creative copywriting, and moving elements. And the unique color palette—bright orange, cold, and peach—makes this online store really stand out.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Vibrant design with a cool, energetic vibe

  • The design perfectly conveys a playful brand personality (animations, cheeky illustrations, and off-the-charts impressive copywriting)

  • An interactive “Build your own bundle” page where you can choose samples of scents to try out for a reduced price

Another thing to be impressed with is how well Snif engages its visitors.

One example is this gigantic email popup that says we can win a candle which was in Oprah’s Favorite Things! It’s a great giveaway idea that probably gets Snif at least a couple of hundred quality leads every month:

snif popup example

Want to try giveaways for your business, too?

Here’s the list of proven giveaway ideas [with examples]


See how to promote your services with a cool-looking website design of this business:

35. Swtch


Platform: WordPress

Industry: EV charging infrastructure

Swtch is an example of a B2B ecommerce website design. It’s a company that provides high-speed electric vehicle charging solutions, which, of course, requires the website to have plenty of educational content. That’s why the homepage of Swtch is perhaps the longest among all the ecommerce websites on this list.

What’s best about this ecommerce website:
  • Clear explanation of the value proposition thanks to diverse content types (videos, case studies, quotes, and tables)

  • Long and packed homepage still makes it easy to digest information thanks to clear copywriting

  • Social proof and reviews to highlight the capabilities of the product

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses by writing detailed, in-depth guides.


Master's in International Marketing, Academy of Municipal Administration