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Last updated Fri Jul 12 2024

10 Ecommerce Case Studies [+Expert Tips]

These ecommerce case studies will give you:

  • Customer engagement strategies

  • Tips from fellow online business owners

  • Instructions on how to replicate successful campaigns 

I compiled these case studies for ecommerce business owners looking to learn some new techniques to engage their website visitors.

Sounds like something you’d want to know?

Let’s get started.

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Ecommerce case study #1:

OddBalls generated an extra £50k with onsite notifications & improved engagement with product launches

  • 35K

    Visitors engaged by two onsite notification campaigns

  • £50k

    Revenue thanks to one campaign

  • 693

    Emails collected by onsite notification vs 150 collected by a social media post

Industry/niche: Clothing (underwear)

Challenge(s): Improve sales; maximize awareness and engagement with new products 

Solution: Using onsite notifications

Although Oddballs’ main products include underwear (some of the most colorful you’ll ever see, too!), they also recently launched a range of new products (hoodies and accessories). After Facebook announcements did not produce enough engagement, OddBalls tried onsite notifications and generated 4.5X more emails.

Another reason to check out this ecommerce case study is the discount strategy at OddBalls. The brand was able to improve sales by using small extra discounts, which they also promoted among website visitors.

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

“Onsite notifications were a significant driver in revenue for the launch of our new product range and we will be making use of the notifications for future campaigns and product launches.”

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls
Get more details:

Ecommerce case study #2:

Charlotte Bio: a six-hour flash sale gets 17% of the monthly revenue

charlotte bio
  • TwoCampaigns

    That promoted a flash sale: a popup and a bar

  • 17%of monthly revenue

    Was generated within six hours of sale

  • 6XMore revenue

    Thanks to one campaign, compared to a usual day

Industry/niche: Cosmetics

Challenge(s): Maximize customer engagement with time-limited sales

Solution: Promoting the sale offsite (emails) and onsite (a popup and a bar)

Charlotte Bio sells organic and cruelty-free cosmetics that are affordable (the most expensive item it sells costs about $20), so they rarely host sales. But the brand does use occasional flash sales to clear some inventory.

In this ecommerce case study, you’ll see how this online store was able to generate sales, in part thanks to a website bar with a code applier and a countdown. A really useful case for those wanting to maximize results during sales. 

Marilou Bertrand

“We added the bar with the countdown to reinforce the sense of urgency for those who did not apply the code in the popup, which was key to success.”

Marilou Bertrand, Director of Digital Marketing, Charlotte Bio
Get more details:

Marilou also shared more insights into this successful onsite campaign in an interview with Ben, our founder (in French):

Ecommerce case study #3:

The onsite marketing strategy that gives Asphalte 4,000+ leads every month

  • 25%

    The highest CTR achieved by survey popups

  • 42%

    of revenue generated by 11.5% of visitors who clicked onsite notifications

  • 4K

    Emails generated on average with a couple of popup campaigns every month

Industry/niche: Clothing

Challenges: Build the email list; maximize awareness of product launches; collect feedback from visitors on what clothing items to produce

Solutions: Product giveaways; Customer surveys with signup forms

asphalte popup campaign

Asphalte is not an ordinary fashion brand. It manufactures only the items their website visitors and customers choose, thus eliminating overproduction. As you’ve just seen, this store doesn’t have sales, either—but they do give special prices to those who help them co-create clothing.

As you can imagine, keeping the feedback flowing is essential for Asphalte, so they come up with creative ways to get it from website visitors. Also, their product launch game is incredibly effective, thanks to brilliant product promotion strategy as well as presentation.

Picture of Benjamin Mateo

"We realized that customer lifetime value was higher after a customer has learned about our mission and how we work."

Benjamin Mateo, Head of Growth and Tech, Asphalte
Get more details:

Read Asphalte case study (also available in French)

Ecommerce case study #4:

How Black Ember promotes new products and drives shoppers to product pages

black ember
  • 4,019

    Customers visited pages with new products via notifications

  • 4,296

    Customers have seen the free shipping promo in just 14 days

  • 29.4%

    The highest CTR achieved by onsite notifications

Industry/niche: Accessories

Challenge(s): Boost new product awareness among visitors; drive customers to product pages; convert website traffic into subscribers

Solutions: Make non-intrusive product announcements without changing the homepage content; Give away gift cards to build the email list

Black Ember specializes in crafting technical packs tailored for urban lifestyles. Their innovative pack designs are created using advanced techniques such as laser cutting and sonic welding. They came up with a smart new product promotion strategy where they drive plenty of shoppers to new items while not having to sacrifice even an inch of space on the homepage.

“Our first priority is to provide our community with a positive, engaging and easy-to-use UX. We have found onsite notifications to perfectly complement the design and functionality of our website.” 

Black Ember

Ecommerce case study #5:

How The Knitting Network updates customers with regular and time-limited deals

the knitting network
  • 26%

    Average open rate of campaigns

  • 748

    New shoppers visited product pages in three days via notifications

  • 2X

    Higher website engagement from visitors who opened notifications

Industry/niche: Arts & crafts

Challenge(s): Promote marketing offers to all visitors; help customers find the best deals easily; increase average order value

Solutions: Onsite notifications as a new channel to drive shoppers to product and collection pages

In this ecommerce case study, you’ll see how a successful ecommerce retailer engages their customers with effective sales promotions. Also, you’ll find out the motivation behind Steve’s motivation to implement onsite notifications and how he chooses to use them.

“Our notifications focus on promoting deals, increasing average order value, communicating product launches, and sharing any important news. 

By targeting these specific areas, we've been able to cater to our customers' interests while simultaneously driving business growth.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

Ecommerce case study #6:

Faguo gets 11 times more leads, four times cheaper

  • 4X

    Lower spending on the lead generation tool

  • 5K+

    Leads generated in one month on average

  • 15%

    The highest CTR achieved by lead generation popups

Industry/niche: Fashion and accessories

Challenge(s): Slow lead generation limited to a hundred of monthly leads; manual lead import from a popup app to the email marketing app; high lead generation costs

Solutions: Product giveaways; website popups for lead generation

Can one spin-to-win popup campaign capture up to 10,000 new leads in a month? Totally! This ecommerce case study will be useful for those who would like to use wheel popups for generating leads the right way and needs some giveaway ideas for thier store.

Also, you’ll see how Martin from Faguo was able to speed up email capture thanks to A/B experiments and popup designs.

Picture of Martin Charousset

"Spread, our previous popup software, was costing us €4,400. Wisepops only costs us €1,000 annually. In addition, the performance is outstanding:

  • December 2018: 700 emails collected with Spread

  • December 2020: 8,200 emails collected with Wisepops.

Basically, four times cheaper and 11 times more efficient!"

Martin Charousset, Head of Ecommerce, Faguo
faguo logo
Get more details:

Read Faguo case study (also available in French)

Ecommerce case study #7:

Blume converts 5% of website visitors and builds an engaged email and phone number list

  • 5%

    Higher-than-average popup CVR achieved

  • Targeting

    Effective way to engage a specific audience: new visitors and returning visitors

  • Sales

    More awareness of special deals and flash sales

Industry/niche: Self-care

Challenge(s): Build email & SMS list; Convert first-time website visitors; Improve results of time-limited website sales

Solutions: Desktop and mobile campaigns with the first-time customer offer;  Used visitor segmentation options to make onsite campaigns exclusively for new customers

If you’re looking for ecommerce case studies showing examples of how online stores are building email and phone number lists with email and SMS popups, this one is a good read.

You’ll see examples of lead generation campaigns, get tips on how to increase engagement with sales and time-limited offers, and the tech stack that this successful brand uses.

Ecommerce case study #8:

How émoi émoi increases average order values with special offers

emoi emoi
  • Goal:

    Increase average order value

  • 145

    Visitors who applied the discount code to the shopping cart

  • 8%

    CTR of the onsite notification with the promo offer

Industry/niche: Fashion and accessories

Challenge: Promote a special B2GO offer (a collaboration with another brand) 

Solutions: Use onsite notifications to promote the offer as well as embedded forms for discount code application 

To introduce their recent collaboration with Superga, émoi émoi aimed to convey the idea that children have the option to wear the same shoes as their mothers. To facilitate this, they provided an attractive incentive: customers received a complimentary pair of socks for every two pairs of shoes purchased.

So, they created a clever onsite campaign that resulted in the promoted products being the 3rd and the 4th most viewed on their website.

“Here’s what we got from this campaign:

A satisfied customer— Who does not need to take a screenshot of the offer to remember a discount code anymore.

A more relaxed Customer Care Team — who is less solicited by customers who fail to take advantage of the promotion.

A highlighted product — The Superga x émoi émoi shoes are the 3rd and 4th most viewed product pages since the beginning of the operation.”

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi
Get more details:

Ecommerce case study #9:

An Easter marketing campaign that helped Soi Paris generate 42% of monthly revenue (MTD)

soi paris
  • Four

    Onsite campaigns in one

  • 2.6%

    Conversion rate

  • 233

    Redeemed discount codes

Industry/niche: Fashion and accessories

Challenge: Maximize engagement with an Easter sale

Solution: Hide the discount in egg-shaped ecommerce popups on product pages and have shoppers discover them while browsing the store 

Want to see a creative campaign to engage more shoppers during the holidays? Then check out this ecommerce case study: it’s an egg hunt on a website! So much more engaging than just giving a simple discount, this campaign resulted in 233 redeemed discount codes by customers.

Elodie new

“We are really satisfied with the results of this campaign, it exceeded our expectations. In three days, it helped generate 42% of our revenue (month to date) with a nice average order value. We also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. They really enjoyed our egg hunt!”

Elodie Trebuchet, Director of Digital Marketing, Soi Paris
onsite campaign on website
Get more details:

Ecommerce case study #10:

OverstockArt.com: Building an Email List to Jumpstart Sales

  • 1,000

    New leads generated every month (on average)

  • 300%

    Email list growth in one year

  • More

    Sales made thanks to a larger and more engaged email list

Industry/niche: Art

Challenge: Capture website visitors’ emails to engage and educate potential buyers.

Solutions: Use different personalized email popups to convert visitors to product pages and blog posts

For overstockArt.com, the process of finalizing a purchase for a $200 framed oil painting involves many touchpoints. That’s why a significant percentage of first-time website visitors, around 98%, typically leave without making a purchase. 

So, overstockArt.com sought a method to capture email addresses and nurture potential leads. Given the number of potential customers visiting overstockArt.com through mobile devices, Amitai also sought a tool capable of effectively converting mobile traffic.

A seamless integration with the company's designated email app (Sailthru) was a priority. Amitai required a solution that facilitated smooth communication with the steadily growing list of potential customers. 

Amitai Sasson

"We needed a tool to entice customers to leave their emails so we can at least achieve a 'mini' conversion and speak conversation until they make an ultimate decision to buy."

Amitai Sasson, VP of Ecommerce, Overstockart.com

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses by writing detailed, in-depth guides.


Master's in International Marketing, Academy of Municipal Administration

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