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Last updated Thu Jun 13 2024

How Online Businesses Use Wisepops: 10+ Examples

There’s so much you can do with Wisepops:

➡️ get leads

➡️ make more sales

➡️ collect feedback,

share unique Shopify discount codes, cut through the noise with onsite announcements, drive customers to sales pages…

Let’s see how real users do all of that.

Below, you’ll see how some of our clients achieve different conversion goals:

Wisepops Case Studies

If you prefer case studies full of numbers and insights, check out these:

OddBalls, a Shopify store, generated 50K with one onsite notification:
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Get more leads, sales, and grow your business with Wisepops
sales popup with targeting and results

1. Blume: Email list building with discounts & sales promotions

Industry: Self-care, all products for under $35

Campaign goal: Build a customer base

Like most businesses, Blume needed an onsite campaign to convert first-time visitors into customers. To achieve that, the brand’s team used Wisepops to make a popup with a 20% discount 👇


This campaign converts 5% of website visitors, says Bunny Ghatrora, one of Blume’s co-founders. This is two percent higher than the average popup conversion rate.

blume popup campaign example

Campaign goal: Sell more with a special, time-limited offer

One more campaign example—

Blume also runs special sales and promotions. Not so long ago, the brand turned four—an impressive milestone anniversary! To celebrate (and create even more brand awareness), Blume came up with a time-limited offer: a BOGO sale.

Here’s how they used Wisepops to share that sales promotion:

bogo popup sale

2. 4living Furniture: Sharing coupons to get sales

Industry: Furniture & renovation

Campaign goal: Get sales with a coupon code

Many brands fall into the trap of overly pushy popups… But 4Living Furniture is not one of them. For their latest onsite campaign, the brand designed a small popup with only the essentials: the coupon code, the discount size, and the instructions to apply.

A perfect one for fans of straightforward designs!

4living campaign made with wisepops popup builder

Also, 4Living made another smart move—

They activated the “sticky tab” to make sure the visitors could find the coupon again whenever they wanted. The tab keeps the code in a small window when visitors close the popup.

Here’s how this works at 4Living👇

I recommend trying this feature because one more thing—

The tab can get you more sales.

Here’s what a customer thought about using coupon codes in tabs:

feedback about popups


It’s about making the coupon code available when the customer is ready to buy.

Shop now sales popup
Free popup templates

Get a head start on designing website popups. Browse our library of designer-made templates. Start converting your traffic.

➡️ Go to templates

3. Sundays for Dogs: Generating demand with free samples

Industry: Pet food

Campaign goal: increase sales by having more people try product

Sundays For Dogs, a subscription business, uses free samples to boost demand—a proven tactic in the industry. To help their visitors be confident in their choice before committing, the brand shares an offer with a good-looking popup 👇

The campaign appears on the homepage and the product page. Placing the offer on the latter was a fantastic idea since the visitors there might need a bit of encouragement to try the product.

free sample popup made with popups

💡 Campaign tip

Thanks to page-level targeting, you can add Wisepops campaigns on any page on your website. For example, you can add campaigns to different product categories to try different incentives.

4. Surfstitch: Generating leads and segmenting them at the same time

Industry: Clothing 

Campaign goal: Convert more visitors with a newsletter signup promo code 

SurfStitch, a popular retailer in Australia, takes an interesting approach in its newsletter signup popup. Besides requiring the email (that’s something everybody does), it also contains the field for the first name, phone number, and gender selector.

Collecting this data helps SurfStitch segment their subscribers—which gives a great chance to personalize offers sent in marketing emails.

email signup popup made with Wisepops

5. Soi Paris: Easter egg hunt campaign

Industry: Fashion

Campaign goal: Generate sales during a holiday weekend

An egg hunt on the website? You’ve read that right!

Soi Paris has perhaps the most creative onsite marketing campaign on this list. For this Easter, the brand arranged an egg hunt—everybody who found an egg got a special bonus.

Let me walk you through.

When customers visited Soi Paris’s website, they were greeted with this popup. 👇 The message said that three eggs were placed throughout the website and those who found them would get an extra 15% off on that weekend.

onsite campaign on website

Each egg was a creative take on the tab window.

Wisepops allows adding an image instead of the tab, which was exactly what Soi Paris did. They placed the image of a super colorful egg and added them to a few special pages.

Here’s one of those pages 👇

See “the egg” in the bottom left corner?

onsite campaign soi paris

When customers clicked it, they were rewarded with a discount.

This is how that message looked like Note that it's a countdown timer popup—a perfect tool to create a sense of urgency.

soi paris campaign lead generation

Needless to say, such a creative project generated some great results. This guide to onsite notifications has all the details you need about this campaign.

But here are some quick facts:

  • It achieved a 2.6% conversion rate

  • 223 discount codes were redeemed

If you’re wondering how to make a similar onsite campaign, you’ll be glad to know that it’s pretty straightforward. Our Lisa Fockens, the head of customer success, shows all the steps in under five mins—take a look.

Learn more about this campaign:

Soi Paris Egg Hunt Campaign Breakdown

6. Asphalte: Lead generation with product surveys

Industry: Clothing & fashion 

Campaign goal: Build a customer base & collect product feedback

This time, the brand used a full-screen popup to drive traffic to product surveys. Asphalte uses the pre-order business model, so it needs customer feedback to decide what clothing items to produce.

Ben, the man behind this strategy, linked the buttons to Typeform to lead visitors to surveys. As a result, he was able to generate tons of feedback and 4,000+ leads every month.

Here’s one product survey popup Ben uses—it’s just gorgeous.

asphalte campaign with wisepops

Learn more about this campaign: Asphalte lead gen strategy

And we’ve got one more campaign from Asphalte worth your attention. Let’s take a look at it next.

Campaign goal: Drive customers to product pages

Asphalte also uses onsite notifications to drive visitors to products that were approved for pre-ordering. Each product has its own notification in the feed—the visitors get the essential product info right away:

asphalte campaign onsite notifications

Want to get a closer look?

Here’s the same message once again.

asphalte notifications onsite

And now, performance.

When asked about the performance of these campaigns, Ben had this to say.

lead generation quote business owner

Get a head start on using Wisepops onsite notifications:

💡 50+ onsite notifications templates

7. Art of Play: Converting first-time visitors into customers

Industry: Entertainment

Campaign goal: Convert first-time visitors and get more sales 

This example is here because of its gorgeous design. Not only does this newsletter signup campaign match the website but also simply looks amazing. The trick: a branded photo, cool fonts, and colors.

Another thing Art of Play did well is the signup itself—there’s only one field to complete (the email), which makes it really easy to get the discount. 

exit popup made with wisepops

Want to see more campaigns?

8. Pedego Harlem: Using countdowns to drive urgency during sales

Campaign goal: Generate more orders with a time-limited offer

Pedego Harlem often offers special deals—here, a free electric battery upgrade was offered to clients who bought new bikes. To share awareness of this offer and get more orders, the brand created this cool campaign 👇

Note the countdown timer—a great idea to entice visitors to check out the deal!

countdown timer popup made with wisepops

And there’s more—

The brand also used this countdown popup for the Thanksgiving Day sale 👇

thanksgiving popup

Want to try a countdown campaign, too?

Look for Countdown in the Blocks main menu section inside Wisepops.

9. Voxie: Raising awareness of an event with a website bar

Industry: SaaS

Campaign goal: Get more attendees for a webinar

Are you running a SaaS business? Here’s a good use case of how you can increase website engagement. Voxie hosts regular webinars and shares awareness of them with Wisepops.

Their latest campaign invites visitors to attend a webinar about switching from a competitor. Having the banner on the homepage a) maximizes onsite visibility and b) keeps the website experience “clean.” 

website bar example wisepops

10. Glasses Shop: Converting visitors with coupon codes

Industry: Eyewear

Campaign goal: Generate sales with a special offer

Are coupons a part of your sales strategy? Then check this example out—Glasses Shop offers a special deal: a special coupon code + free shipping. This deal is a popular discount tactic that retailers use to make their offers more attractive.

Here’s the campaign on the brand’s homepage.

free shipping discount email popup glasses shop

Note that this campaign also uses the sticky tab (see below).

Again, that’s a great way to make the discount easily available for customers when they decide to buy after checking out some products.

glasses-shop-campaign by wisepops

11. Wisepops: Getting more software demo participants with on-click campaigns

Yep, that’s a campaign from us!

We thought we’d show you how we convert visitors on Wisepops.com.

Here’s one example—

To make it easy to sign up for the demo session, we’re using an on-click popup. This campaign appears only when visitors click Book a Demo buttons on our website.


The popup contains a few fields for the visitor to fill out: contact data and a short description of their needs.

Here’s a closer look at the campaign.

wisepops on click popup

That’s another great campaign idea for SaaS businesses—use a popup to quickly collect data from potential clients. Also, feel free to visit Wisepops and try this one for yourself!

Final Thoughts

So, here you go, that’s how our clients use Wisepops.

As you can see, different online businesses, from ecommerce shops to SaaS companies, are converting visitors with onsite campaigns. I’d love to show you more, but doing so will take quite a bit of time off your schedule 🙂 

If you’d like to get more leads and sales from your website, try Wisepops for free. You’ll get a 14-day trial with all the features and zero commitment. 

It’s worth it, I promise.

Pawel Lawrowski

Pawel is the Head of Growth at Wisepops and an expert in lead generation, popups, ecommerce, and onsite marketing.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce, he has both build marketing teams from scratch and led strategic business growth projects.

Pawel has worked with countless online businesses on marketing strategies and is now sharing his knowledge. Previously, he was an head of growth at Tidio, where his responsibilities ranged from creating marketing materials to building acquisition channels.


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