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Last updated Fri Jul 12 2024

20 Ideas to Use Wisepops as an Online Store

Wondering how Wisepops can help grow your business?

Or want to compare it to competitors to make a good choice?

Or maybe someone recommended Wisepops and you want to see how others use it?

If you said "yes" to at least one of these questions, this post will help you find the answer quickly.

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What is Wisepops?

Wisepops is an onsite marketing platform created to help ecommerce and B2B businesses convert more traffic into leads and sales with campaigns that cover the entire customer journey.

You get six onsite channels inside Wisepops:

Capture emails

With Wisepops, you can create just about any lead generation campaign on your website. What's more, you can make it relevant and personalized thanks to advanced targeting.

Idea #1: Welcome popups to convert new visitors

Show a welcome message to new visitors offering a discount or special deal in exchange for their email addresses or phone numbers.

Like Blume, which converts 5% of visitors with this welcome campaign:

popups for shopify marketing
founder of blume brand

“We chose Wisepops because of: a) Simplicity of A/B tests, b) Easy integration with Shopify, Zapier, and Klaviyo, and c) Email and phone number collection in one campaign.”

Bunny Ghatrora, co-founder, Blume

Or, like Flaus with this gorgeous design:

discount to get ecommerce sales

Or like Nkuku, with this another beautifully made campaign:

example campaign wisepops


you can make a small campaign to sit in the right bottom of the screen like The Frankie Shop:

frankie shop popup

Or, you can go for another creative placement like Uranus Wiper did:

wisepops campaign example

How to get started with these use cases:

Idea #2: Capture emails and phone numbers in one campaign

Collect both emails and phone numbers in one window to get more lead data for nurturing.


Intelligentsia runs this beautiful campaign to build a customer base (note the two signup fields):

intelligensia popup

Idea #3: Grab emails and sales with exit intent campaigns

Capture visitors about to leave your store by offering a discount or another incentive if they sign up.


OddBalls, one of the most popular underwear brands in the UK (their store is on Shopify), converts visitors with a discount like this:

exit intent popup

The Knitting Network, another UK-based store, also uses a coupon to stop visitors from leaving without subscribing:

wisepops example

Recommend products

With Wisepops, you can recommend new products based on viewed products, cart content, shopping history, browsing history, and other factors.

Idea #4: Use AI Wishlist to recommend products your shoppers are likely to buy

Dusk, a furniture retailer, shows product recommendations in the order generated based on purchase intention analysis done by AI:

recommended product

OddBalls does the same:

ai wishlist feed

Idea #5: Recommend a seasonal product to all visitors

Blume promoted their latest product, Sunburst Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen, during summer months:

wisepops campaign example 3

Idea #6: Increase sales of a best-selling item by promoting it with a dedicated onsite notification

Black Ember drives visitors to one of the best-selling backpacks with this campaign:

product recommendation example with a trending product

Dock & Bay, on the other hand, didn't focus on one item and drove shoppers to all their best-sellers with notifications:

wisepops example 8

Le Creuset chose a different approach: they showed this product line promotion only after a visitor viewed a few pages on their store:

product exploration popup

Promote special offers

Product bundle deals, time-limited offers, sales, you name it—you can improve your results with these promotions by increasing their visibility on your store.

Idea #7: Announce flash sales and share discount codes

Get more orders during flash sales by announcing flash sale with popups, sticky bars, and embeds.


Charlotte Bio used Wisepops to create a desktop and a mobile popup with a built-in discount code applicator:

charlotte bio mobile sale popup
marilou bertrand

“The campaign generated six times more customers in six hours than we get on a full regular day, which we really did not expect.”

Marilou Bertrand, Director of Digital Marketing, Charlotte Bio

Idea #8: Give a special discount on seasonal items

Dock & Bay, raised awareness of the special discount for customers who buy two items or more like this:


Idea #9: Promote a BOGO offer

Blume celebrated its fifth birthday with this cool promotion and a great-looking campaign:

type of popup

Announce new products

One way to keep your audience engaged and interested in your brand is by creating anticipation for a new products.

With Wisepops, you can to announce the launch of a new product or collection in many creative ways, and offer exclusive early access or discounts.

Idea #10: Build anticipation for an upcoming product collection

Ferro & Company Watches generates buzz around a few new products with this onsite notification:

notification onsite

Asphalte takes a similar approach to promote an item available for pre-orders:

wisepops campaign example 2
Picture of Benjamin Mateo

"About 60,000 visitors see our popups each month and 4,000 of them convert. Thanks to that, this channel is now our #1 organic lead generation channel."

Benjamin Mateo, Chief Revenue Officer, Asphalte

Codage Paris, on the other hand, included their newly launched product in a special deal, to try to increase the average order value:

wisepops campaign example 7

Rouje used the onsite notification feed to include multiple best-selling items to give customers more choices to explore:

wisepops notifications

Get more sales during holidays

During the holiday season, consumers are actively looking for gifts and deals, making it the perfect time to capture their attention with promotions.

With Wisepops, you to create eye-catching onsite campaigns that highlight special offers, limited-time discounts, and holiday-themed products.

Idea #11: Build a list ahead of Black Friday

Art of Play collected emails ahead of Black Friday with this campaign:

black friday popup example

Idea #12: Have an Easter egg hunt on your website

Soi Paris designed a special onsite campaign to engage visitors during Easter weekend. In fact, they combined four different popups campaigns into one to increase sales.

The first one was the one explaining the rules of the hunt (find a discount somewhere on Soi Paris' website):

onsite campaign on website

And these three egg-shaped popups were added to specific product pages:

Elodie new

“We are really satisfied with the results of this campaign, it exceeded our expectations. In three days, it helped generate 42% of our revenue (month to date) with a nice average order value. We also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. They really enjoyed our egg hunt!”

Elodie Trebuchet, Director of Digital Marketing, Soi Paris

Idea #13: Generate a sense of urgency on Cyber Monday

DB Journey created this campaign to engage those who didn't buy on Black Friday:

black friday marketing cyber monday

“We aimed to connect with our customers who crave value and quality, while also painting a picture of missed opportunities if they didn't act fast…

We also kept tabs on conversion rates and purchases during the campaign, +25% more sales that day compared to last year's Cyber Monday!”

Alejandro Suarez Poveda, CRM specialist, Db

Idea #14: Motivate more visitors to make bookings on your platform by giving them extra loyalty points

Quandoo, a restaurant booking platform, showed this campaign to those who made a reservation in December (the busiest season) to encourage them to make one more reservation in January:

popup contest campaign

“In December, Quandoo typically experiences an increase in visitors on both the portal and the app. Users tend to make more reservations to meet with friends and colleagues before Christmas. We wanted to treat them and also motivate them to make reservations one more time in January.”

Maria Bocharova, Content and Retention Team Lead, Quandoo

Idea #15: Give an exclusive discount to your subscribers and get more sales after Cyber Monday

Ideal of Sweden gave this one-hour-only offer only to their subscribers as a part of their Black Friday strategy:

special popup

"The post-BFCM phase was our final flourish. We extended a 'last-chance' offer to our newsletter subscribers and VIP members - 50% off everything, plus an extra 10% for one hour only. This was our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, and it paid off with a CTR of 15.82%:"

Christoffer Kjellberg, Head of Ecommerce, Ideal of Sweden

Generate leads with giveaways

With Wisepops, you can create engaging, gamified campaigns that invite visitors to enter their email addresses for a chance to win a prize.

Idea #16: Give away a best-seller and build your email list

Cabaia made this good-looking campaign for their product giveaway:

wisepops campaign example 5

Idea #17: Gamify the product giveaway with a spin-to-win wheel

Faguo created this beautiful campaign to add some gamification to their onsite lead generation strategy:

Picture of Martin Charousset

"I can do everything by myself if I need to. Wisepops is super easy and the automation is amazing, so we could do a lot of lead generation experiments with the popups."

Martin Charousset, head of ecommerce, Faguo

Idea #18: Promote your giveaway with a simple but good-looking lightbox

Syos created this lightbox popup with a creative image to accelerate the email list building:

example campaign wisepops 2

Get more loyalty program signups

Wisepops can help you effectively promote your loyalty program through targeted popups and notifications.

Idea #19: Collect lead data with an on-click popup

To sign up for Db Journey's customer loyalty program, the visitors click the special DB Black button to launch this window:

wisepops campaign example 4

Idea #20: Focus on the perks like exclusive offers

Black Ember uses this simple yet elegant campaign to get more loyalty program signups:

wisepops example7

Next steps

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