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Last updated Fri Apr 12 2024

8 AI Tools for Ecommerce [2024]

Let’s talk AI tools for ecommerce.

This post is here to help you find real AI ecommerce software to assist you with content creation and management, sales, customer service automation, marketing strategy audits, competitive intelligence, and more.

Here's the breakdown, in no particular order:

AI toolWhat it does
AI WishlistAI-made wishlists, product recommendations, "recently viewed items"
JasperPersonalized marketing copy creation automation, based on your style, target customer, and goals
Lyro by TidioAI-powered chatbot for customer engagement and 24/7 support
GrammarlyGOAI-powered writing assistant for error-free content
Surfer AIAI-driven content optimization and competitor analysis
SynthesiaAI-generated captivating videos for marketing
MidjourneyCreate images for marketing by describing them
MarketMuseComprehensive content audits and competitor analysis
Grow your business with AI-powered product recommendations and conversion boosters

More apps for your online business:

Best AI Tools for Ecommerce

1. AI Wishlist — recommend products, make wishlists automatically, increase sales

ai wishlist app shopify

AI technology used: machine learning

AI Wishlist is a tool that leverages data from browsing behavior, visitor profiles, and sales trends to predict purchasing intentions. It displays the products a visitor has viewed in an neat-looking notification feed, ordered by the likelihood of purchase, starting with the item they are most likely to buy.

Here's how the AI wishlist looks (source: Dusk)...

feed wisepops

..and how visitors use it to buy products:

ai wishlist feed

Key Features:

  • AI-enabled wishlist creation tool for Shopify stores

  • Advanced algorithm offering personalized recommendations through analysis of purchasing intentions

  • Additional onsite marketing tools, featuring onsite notifications, popup messages, embedded forms, website bars, and push notifications


"AI Wishlist at OddBalls has been instrumental in helping us to gather data, assist conversion rates, promoting new launches and ultimately generating revenue since we launched it. It's a fantastic feature that has been in use for over a year... We highly recommend the use of the feed for all stores."

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls


  • Available only for Shopify websites


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2. Jasper — Write any marketing copy you need


AI technology used: OpenAI's GPT-3 AI Model

Jasper is an AI-powered ecommerce platform that optimizes content of all types, from product recommendations to landing pages, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How to use this AI tool for ecommerce growth:

  • Writing AI copy for blogs, ads, presentations, emails

  • Personalized product recommendations for customers, boosting upsells.

  • Built-in Jasper Chat for teaching AI about your company, goals, tone of voice, target customers, etc.


"This AI sidekick is trained to be the perfect virtual assistant for creating high-converting marketing copy. Scale up 10x quickly with Jasper and make sure no valuable time or energy is wasted.”

Jasper review from G2


  • Pricing may be high for some small businesses


Jasper's plans start at $49 per month for small to medium-sized stores. Enterprise-level solutions are available on request.

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3. Lyro by Tidio — Automated customer support for small businesses


AI technology used: Claude (Anthropic AI)

Lyro is a versatile AI-powered chatbot that enhances customer support and engagement, ensuring instant and accurate responses 24/7.

How to use this AI tool for ecommerce:

  • Answering FAQs

  • Round-the-clock customer support, reducing cart abandonment

  • Assisting in order processing and troubleshooting, lightening the load on support teams.


“They have a Reply AI Assistant button that will rephrase your sentence in a more professional way…”

Tidio’s review from G2


  • Limited customization on the free plan; You have to sign up for an expensive custom plan to get more than 50 Lyro conversations 


You can use Lyro for free for 50 free conversations. Premium plans start at $25 per month.

Onsite marketing case study

This online store combined two tools (website popups and bars) to make more sales during a flash sale. Results: 17% of monthly sales made in four hours.

Details: Charlotte Bio Flash Sale

4. GrammarlyGO — Communicate effectively in emails, social media, and on your website


AI technology used: ChatGPT's artificial intelligence model

Grammarly's AI-powered writing assistant ensures error-free content and compelling product descriptions for your e-commerce store. You can get this tool as a part of the Grammarly Business plan.

How to use this AI ecommerce tool:

  • Creating persuasive emails, product descriptions, blog posts, business letters, and other texts easily

  • Ensuring professional communication with customers, enhancing your brand image.


“With Grammarly's Ai tool, I am able to set goals for whatever I'm writing. I can insert one sentence and ask it to turn it into an email, rephrase that email with even more specific goals in mind, and set the tone of voice. This completely speeds up my work process. As an email marketer, this tool provides me with excellent second drafts that I am able to tweak slightly to fit my audience's needs more.”

GrammarlyGo review from G2


  • Advanced features require a premium subscription


GrammarlyGO offers a free plan with basic writing suggestions. Premium plans start at $15 per user a month, providing advanced grammar and style checks.

5. Surfer AI — For SEO and landing pages

surfer ai

AI technology used: NLP + several generative AI models (GPT 4 in 32k version as of July 2023)

Surfer SEO uses AI to analyze your e-commerce website blog articles, providing data-driven suggestions to optimize your content for better search engine rankings. 

How to use this AI tool for ecommerce stores:

  • Optimizing blog content and landing pages with ideal keyword usage and content length for improved search visibility

  • Analyzing competitor strategies to stay ahead in the market


“Surfer helps me to write content without having to think about SEO. Between Surfer and some Ai writing tools I am able to pump out SEO friendly first drafts at lightning speed.”

Surfer SEO review from G2


  • Might be overwhelming for beginner writers


Surfer SEO plans start at $69 per month for content optimization and competitor analysis.

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6. Synthesia — Make marketing videos with AI

synthesia ai tool

AI technology used: Natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning

Synthesia empowers your e-commerce store with AI-generated videos, creating engaging product demos, marketing videos, and tutorials. Just give it your goal, some details about your company, and you’ll have a video ready in seconds.

How to use this AI marketing tool:

  • Captivating customers with interactive and personalized video content.

  • Demonstrating product usage and benefits to increase sales

  • Creating videos for customer support purposes

  • Turning text into voiceovers


“I absolutely adore the simplicity of creating scripts, choosing avatars, and generating polished videos with Synthasia. I rely on this incredible tool for crafting training videos and sharing them on YouTube. It's truly a remarkable resource that never fails to impress me.”

Synthesia review from G2


  • Pricing can be on the higher side for extensive usage


Synthesia's pricing varies based on usage, with plans available for businesses of all sizes. The cheapest plan costs $30/mo for 10 video credits.

7. Midjourney — Create images from text


AI technology used: Machine learning (ML), and computer vision

Seventh Sense leverages AI to optimize email marketing for your e-commerce store, determining the best time to send personalized emails for higher open and click-through rates.

How to use this AI tool for ecommerce growth:

  • Making visual assets for your marketing, website, emails, presentations, or blogs in minutes based on textual input


“What I like most about Midjourney is that I can create any quality image just by writing a short text, in seconds without waiting too long, without complicated processes, just placing a few words and that's it. I consider that it is the best option to create images with the AI”

Midjourney review from G2


  • Customized pricing might be costly for some businesses


Seventh Sense offers customized pricing based on your ecommerce store's specific needs. The cheapest plan costs $10/mo.

8. MarketMuse — Get more traffic thanks to AI content planning and optimization


MarketMuse uses AI to conduct comprehensive content audits and competitor analysis, generating data-driven content strategies for better search visibility and authority.

How to use this AI software for ecommerce businesses:

  • Crafting high-quality and SEO-optimized content for improved search rankings.

  • Identifying gaps in your content strategy and addressing them to stay ahead of competitors.


“I use MarketMuse for my website content optimization. It gives you the best content through its powerful AI techniques, which search through the web and gives you relevant content to your topic.

It also helps me to get the best and high volume of relevant keywords for my content topic going to be written.”

MarketMuse review from G2


  • Can be costly for smaller businesses


MarketMuse's pricing varies based on your content optimization needs and scale of operations.

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