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Last updated Wed Apr 17 2024

20+ Best Lead Generation Tools [2024]

Let me get right to it—

Below, find the best lead generation tools for the most common (and effective) types of campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to generate leads for a B2B or a B2C business, you’ll find a good selection of helpful software to try. 

The list includes apps to capture leads with landing pages, signup forms, website popups, social media, email finders, and more.

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Generate 3x more leads with onsite notifications, popups, website bars, and embeds
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Lead generation case studies

See campaigns and results of lead generation campaigns from 10 online businesses:

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Types of lead generation tools

We’ll take a look at these types of lead generation platforms:

  • Onsite lead generation tools. They capture leads directly on your website (hence "onsite"): signup forms, popups, etc.

  • CRM tools. Connect your leads, build profiles, and track their journeys through the sales funnel

  • Email finder apps. Help discover emails and other contact data of potential leads in one app

  • Landing page tools. Capture leads via custom landing pages

  • Email marketing and prospecting tools. Collect emails with popup forms and help with lead management

  • Sales lead generation tools. Connect with your existing customers and capture leads in the process

  • Customer service tools. Grab leads on your website using customer support software

  • Social media lead generation tools. Collect leads from social media with contests, giveaways, and loyalty programs

Onsite lead generation tools

1. Wisepops


Rating: 4.9 (Capterra); 4.8 (Shopify)

Wisepops is a great lead generation platform for converting website traffic for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. It includes popups, AI wishlist, onsite notifications, bars, spin-to-win wheels, and embeds . You can customize your campaigns based on visitor behavior and shopping history.

Wisepops is very simple to get your head around. Thanks to the drag-and-drop builder, it’s easy to create, personalize, and publish lead generation campaigns. That’s why both ecommerce and B2B businesses use this lead generation tool.


Blume, an online store, converts 5% of first-time visitors with this discount popup:

lead gen popup
founder of blume brand

“We chose Wisepops because of: simplicity of A/B tests, easy integration with Shopify, Zapier, and Klaviyo, Email, and phone number collection in one campaign.”

Bunny Ghatrora, co-founder, Blume

While Blume is an ecommerce store, SaaS businesses also use Wisepops to grow their customer base.


Yespark, a popular parking space rental app, added 4,700 new emails with Wisepops popups and bars, including this campaign:

welcome offer on a website


What really differentiates Wisepops from other lead generation platforms is onsite notifications.

Using this feature, you can collect emails from visitors on your website in a unique way—they appear in the form of a social media feed, which is unique and engaging:


“Onsite notifications were a significant driver in revenue for the launch of our new product range and we will be making use of the notifications for future campaigns and product launches.”

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

Onsite notifications also have a built-in AI product discovery and recommendation features: AI Wishlist.

Using AI Wishlist, you can display relevant product recommendations, "recently viewed items," and new product launches:

ai wishlist

If you’re a growing business looking to convert your traffic into leads and sales, Wisepops could be your go-to option.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Collect emails on your website with popups, embedded signup forms, bars, and onsite notifications

  • Use built-in Shopify properties to create personalized lead generation campaigns for every visitor group

  • Share discount codes (incl. unique codes for Shopify)

  • Add signup forms to any web pages you want (with embeds)

  • Adjust targeting rules (by audience, device, location, visit count, etc.) including Klaviyo segments

  • Use A/B testing for popups and other channels to optimize campaigns for generating more leads

  • Powerful analytics (clicks, CTR, reach, top campaigns, performance by pages and channel)

  • Goal and revenue tracking for lead generation campaigns


  • Easy to use

  • Pre-designed templates

  • Advanced targeting

  • Unique onsite notifications feature

  • Goal and revenue tracking

  • AI product recommendations

  • Integrations with popular marketing tools


  • No free plan (but a 14-day free trial available)


You can try Wisepops for free for 14 days with all features included. Paid plans start at $49/mo.

See full pricing.

A custom offer for enterprise clients is available: Wisepops One

👉 Examples of campaigns made with Wisepops

Unlimited free trial, no cc needed


"A brilliant dashboard that helps you create any popup you want within an hour or even less, it took me 15 min once I knew the offer that I wanted to show."

Wisepops review from Capterra

2. OptinMonster


G2 rating: 4.3

Just like Wisepops, OptinMonster is created to help you generate leads on your website. It gives users a wide range of lead generation options for websites—from wheel popups to slide-in boxes.

Enlyft data shows that most OptinMonster could be a good lead generation platform for small businesses—as the majority of its users (71%) are companies with fewer than 50 employees.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Popups, bars, and spin wheels

  • Gamification with spin-to-win wheels

  • Exit intent popups to convert leaving visitors

  • Onsite retargeting for campaign personalization


  • Many signup form formats to choose from

  • Integrations with 500+ marketing apps

  • Helpful analytics to define best-performing campaigns and pages


  • No free plan

  • Not readily available customer support


This lead generation tool offers neither a free plan nor a free trial (instead, every user gets a money-back guarantee). Paid plans begin at $16/mo.

3. Sumo

sumo free email capture alternative to optinmonster

G2 rating: 4.1

Sumo is worth checking out because of two reasons: a generous free plan and powerful analytics.

What’s also interesting is that this lead generation tool will ask you to upgrade only if you reach $500 in Sumo-generated revenue. 

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Email capture forms

  • Target different groups of visitors

  • Built-in email marketing app


  • Powerful free plan

  • Great for converting visitors with lead magnets

  • See how often your forms were viewed and used


  • Somewhat customizable, but not as much as other similar tools

  • Users report Sumo’s campaigns getting in the way of visitor experience

  • Stats for signup forms are available for 30 days only


Free to use until $500 generated revenue with Sumo. To keep using this lead generation solution, you’ll need to buy a Pro plan for $39/mo.

Email marketing tools

4. Klaviyo

G2 rating: 4.6

Klaviyo is a very popular email marketing app with built-in lead generation features.

You can use among 50+ templates of popups and embedded signup forms, publish them, and send your leads straight to Klaviyo.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Popups and embeds

  • Visitor behavior tracking

  • Personalize campaigns with segmentation


  • Easily customizable popup forms

  • Static and unique discount codes

  • Nurture leads with email automations


  • Could be a bit too complex for beginners


You can get started with Klaviyo and collect 250 emails for free. Paid plans begin at $30 (501-1000 contacts).

See how businesses generate emails with popups:

👉 Email popup examples

5. Omnisend


G2 rating: 4.5

Omnisend is another great email marketing app with powerful lead generation features.

What sets this lead generation tool apart from, say, Klaviyo, is the possibility to create landing pages with signup forms and a customer support that has a higher satisfaction rate.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Email capture forms (popups, embeds)

  • Landing pages with signup forms

  • Targeting options for email capture forms


  • Multiple ways to capture leads

  • Top-rated customer support

  • Lead nurturing with automated email campaigns



You can reach up to 250 email subscribers for free. Paid plans begin at $16/mo.

6. Mailchimp

G2 rating: 4.4

Mailchimp is another example that an email marketing app can serve as a powerful lead generation solution for mid-sized businesses.

This tool comes with popups and other signup forms that you can customize to match your website’s design. For a complete optimization of your website for visitor conversion, Mailchimp recommends connecting the forms to its built-in CRM.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Embedded signup forms and popups

  • Custom landing pages with email capture forms


  • Combines email marketing and lead generation with signup forms in one app


  • Could get a bit expensive


Free plan for 500 contacts and 1,000 sends. Paid plans begin at $26/mo for 1,000 contacts.

Learn about email marketing:

👉 7 Re-engagement Email Examples

Email finder apps

7. ContactOut


G2 rating: 4.6

ContactOut can help you with finding the contact info of potential leads. This lead generation platform is especially useful for B2B businesses building their email lists.

You can search for people or businesses across 20+ attributes, including company name, industry, location, skills, and years of experience.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Do prospecting and lead generation in a database containing 150 million personal and 200 million work emails

  • Useful Google Chrome extension for easy Linkedin prospecting and saving leads to your ContactOut dashboard

  • Enrich your lead data with a built-in tool (includes search by Linkedin profile links)


  • Lead generation, prospecting, and contact data verification in one tool

  • Built-in reusable email templates for faster cold outreach

  • Save prospects’ details directly to Salesforce CRM or LinkedIn Sales Navigator


  • The Chrome extension saves prospects’ data only to LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Free to use for 40 monthly emails. Paid plans begin at $99/mo.

8. Hunter

G2 rating: 4.4

Hunter is one of the best B2B lead generation tools. To find a potential lead, type their company name or a website domain and hit “Find.”

The tool will generate a list of names and email addresses in the matter of seconds. Just like that, you can make lists of potential leads in any company.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Easy-to-use email finder

  • Domain and company name search to find emails

  • Built-in email verifier tool

  • Includes free cold email software


  • Quickly find emails of companies that interest you

  • Can be used for free 25 company searches per month

  • Useful free features such as 50 email verifications and cold email outreach app


  • Sometimes the tool generates emails that are wrong or incorrect


Free for 25 monthly searches. Paid plans begin at $49/mo (500 monthly searches).

9. Voila Norbert

G2 rating: 4.6

Voila Norbert is another great email finder tool for discovering qualified leads. Just like Hunter, it can get you emails and other information about potential leads in a search engine style.

If you have thousands or even millions of emails to enrich, Viola Norbert can also help. Just upload your email list to this lead generation tool’s enrichment feature and get started.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Find names, emails, social media profiles, and more

  • Built-in email enrichment tool

  • Integration with MailShake for cold email outreach


  • Fast and effective email finder

  • You can try this lead generation tool before buying (it finds the first 50 emails for free)


  • Some users say that emails verified by Voila Norbert aren’t accurate and bounce


Plans range between $49/mo (for 1,000 leads) and $499/mo (50,000 leads). You can try any plan for free.

CRM tools

10. HubSpot


G2 rating: 4.4

HubSpot is great for small and growing businesses that are looking to scale in the future but are not ready to try enterprise-level CRM software.

The CRM is a part of HubSpot’s Sales platform with many other lead generation features, including landing pages, signup forms, live chat, and others.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Multiple ways to generate leads

  • Generate and manage leads in one place

  • Detailed insights about campaign performance


  • All-in-one app for inbound marketing

  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing model


  • Limited customer support on the free plan

  • Learning all the features can be daunting for beginners


There are some free tools you can use (CRM, live chat, etc.).

The prices for the paid plans begin at $19/mo but vary depending on the features included.

11. Keap


G2 rating: 4.2

Keap is another top-rated option for automating lead management and interactions with prospects.

Lead management is where this app really shines: the interface is super easy to use and includes everything you need to build effective lead profiles and automate the entire sales pipeline.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Manage your leads in one place

  • Create rich profiles for leads and prospects

  • Speed up sales with sales pipeline and lead scoring


  • Easy lead management

  • Dynamic and personalized communication with prospects

  • Great sales pipeline to identify conversion opportunities

  • Built-in email and SMS marketing tools


  • Complex to use for beginners


You can try this lead generation platform for 14 days for free. Paid plans begin at $189/mo (includes the entire suite of tools).

Speaking of SMS marketing, here’s how to get phone numbers from your visitors:

👉 How to create SMS popups

12. Salesforce

G2 rating: 4.3

Salesforce is a lead management platform for mid-sized and large companies. For marketers, Salesforce is kind of a Swiss army knife because its features range from sales opportunity management to headless ecommerce.

A great advantage of using Salesforce is that any business can use it as a one-stop shop for lead generation, management, marketing, and sales automation.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Manage your leads in one place

  • Create lead generation forms and landing pages

  • Use detailed conversion analytics and heat maps


  • Easily do contact and lead management and track sales opportunities

  • Strong reporting and automation features make it easier for sales professionals to do their job


  • Some users’ reviews suggest that this lead generation tool can be costly and time-consuming to learn


Plans start at $25/mo per user. You can try every plan for free.

Landing page tools

13. Unbounce


G2 rating: 4.4

If you’re planning to generate leads with landing pages, Unbounce is a fantastic tool. You can customize templates or create your own—this process is easy thanks to the drag-and-drop editor.

But it’s not only about landing pages. You can add popups and sticky bars to your lead generation solutions thanks to Unbounce, too.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Create beautiful landing pages like a pro

  • Use popups, embedded signup forms, and sticky bars

  • You can generate marketing copy for your lead generation projects faster thanks to AI

  • Connect your favorite email marketing app to import your new leads automatically


  • Large selection of top-quality landing page templates

  • Creating landing pages is easy and fast thanks to insights and tips given in the editor


  • Customer support is only available during North American business hours


You can take this lead generation platform for a test drive for free for 14 days. The price for paid plans begins at $99/mo.

14. Webflow


G2 rating: 4.4

Webflow is a rising start in the landing page builder category of lead generation apps. Unlike Unbounce (which is highly focused on landing pages), this tool also includes CMS and more web design features.

What we like about this lead generation platform is that it gives marketing teams total control over the website conversion optimization. This leads to less reliance on developers and more marketing content published.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Make conversion-optimized landing pages

  • Add lead generation forms such as embeds and popups


  • You can create impressive projects without coding

  • More freedom for marketing teams in terms of lead generation experiments

  • More affordable compared to other landing page builders


  • Fairly basic CMS compared to other similar solutions


You can learn Webflow for free. Pricing starts at $19/mo per user.

15. Leadpages


G2 rating: 4.3 

Leadpages is a complete website conversion suite. Designed to help small businesses grow faster, this lead generation tool includes landing pages, popups, bars, and other email signup forms.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Design landing pages and email capture forms

  • Create texts for your campaigns faster thanks to built-in AI Engine

  • Conversion-optimized landing page templates


  • More affordable than other similar tools (including Unbounce)

  • Plenty of opportunities to save money (thanks to AI and no-code editor)


  • You need to get the Pro plan ($99/mo) to get a phone and chat customer support


The standard plan costs $49/mo. A 14-day free trial is available.

Sales lead generation tools

16. Leadfeeder


G2 rating: 4.3

Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that identifies website visitors. In other words, you get a list of people who visited your website, so you can add them to your sales database.

In our opinion, Leadfeeder is a top lead generation tool for small and medium businesses looking to build a solid base of leads and prospects.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Find quality leads and get information about their companies

  • Track the activity of potential leads on your website

  • Understand your leads’ better by analyzing their behavior and visited pages


  • Build your lead database fast, without leaving your website

  • Very intuitive and easy to use for beginners 


  • Pricing for the paid plan is unaffordable for many small businesses


You can use this lead gen tool for free (the data is limited to 7 days only). The only paid plan costs $198/mo.

17. Salesblink


G2 rating: 4.5

Salesblink is a solution for sales outreach automation.

Using Salesblink means taking advantage of a pack of lead generation software, including email outreach, email finder and verification tools, and extraction of contact data from Linkedin.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Do prospecting, outreaching, and closing in one app

  • Automate your cold outreach campaigns

  • Find and verify emails of potential leads


  • Very easy to navigate—even for beginners

  • Has a built-in CRM to manage prospects

  • Multiple free tools included (subject line generator, no-code email editor, and others)


  • Email finder and verification tool is not as effective compared to other lead generation tools


The basic plan costs $49/mo per user. Free 7-day trial is available.

18. Pipedrive


G2 rating: 4.2

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management tool built for sales. According to many marketers and sales professionals, it’s an excellent tool for sales pipeline and contact management.

The suite of lead generation tools is also impressive. You can use chatbots, live chat, and survey forms and other email signup forms.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Get leads with a built-in lead generation software, LeadBooster

  • Manage your leads and understand their journeys in one place

  • Make sales team collaboration effortless thanks to a centralized hub with information


  • You can customize your sales pipeline in many ways, making it easier to understand where every lead stands

  • Automate some lead generation tasks live rerouting potential leads to sales representatives

  • Global database of leads that includes over 400 million profiles

  • Built-in email marketing software to nurture leads


  • Some users suggest that customer support is not always responsive so they have to look for how-to videos online


Plans start at $19.90/mo per user. You can try every plan for free for 14 days.

Customer service tools

19. Sendbird


Sendbird has one of the best chatbots solutions for lead generation on the market. You can create a custom GPT AI chatbot to automate engagement, marketing, sales, and support functions.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Boost customer service by delivering personalized, accurate, and 24/7 support

  • Give quick and helpful responses to queries from potential customers

  • Share discounts with unregistered visitors to convert them into leads

  • Provide relevant product recommendations to increase the likelihood of conversions

  • Chat with visitors to find out more about their preferences and goals


  • Set up custom no-code AI chatbot in minutes

  • Versatile tool: works great for high-growth industries like ecommerce, healthcare, travel & hospitality, and retail

  • AI-enabled features help agents save time and provide helpful insights into customers' behavior and goals

  • Improve both customer support and lead generation with one chatbot

  • Free plan for those who would like to learn how to use the chatbot effectively


  • The price for the starter plan might be a bit too expensive for small businesses


You can easily sign up for 30-day free trial (1K message credits included). Paid plans begin at $99/month.

20. Tidio


G2 rating: 4.7

Want to make your customer support a strategy for lead generation and growth? Look no further than Tidio.

Tidio started as a live chat app but became a powerful platform for converting traffic with customer support. It includes live chat, chatbots, and ticketing—everything you need to provide outstanding support and take advantage of every lead generation and sales opportunity.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Create custom greetings and offers for every visitor to convert

  • Share discount codes with visitors on autopilot

  • Get more leads with built-in email capture forms in live chat

  • Track visitor paths on your website and understand their needs better


  • Generate leads while providing customer support

  • Automate discount sharing with new and repeat visitors

  • Outstanding customer support for users

  • Good free plan for small businesses


  • You need to get the paid plan to access visitor  paths on your website 


Free for 50 monthly live chat conversations with visitors. Paid plans begin at $19/mo per operator.

21. Intercom


G2 rating: 4.4

Intercom is a popular customer service platform for mid-sized and large businesses.

As a top lead generation tool, Intercom offers lead qualification profiles where customer support agents and build comprehensive pages for the sales team. And, of course, you can generate leads from your website thanks to email capture and pre-qualification forms.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Pre-qualify leads by requesting data like names and emails in live chat

  • Create rich lead profiles for leads to share with your sales team

  • Improve collaboration between sales and customer support teams

  • Detailed analytics on how many leads you generated from Intercom


  • Very easy to set up, both on desktop and mobile

  • Make customer support a legit lead generation channel

  • Integrations with all popular CRMs for effortless lead management

  • Localize your Intercom products into different languages


  • Pricing is defined by Intercom and the final numbers in invoices could differ from the initial calculations


Intercom offers a $74/mo plan for small businesses and a few plans for larger ones (the cost for those is defined by the usage of the tool).

22. Front


G2 rating: 4.7

Front is customer support and marketing hub. Unlike Tidio and Intercom, it also includes a built-in email marketing app to streamline sales and marketing.

Front comes with helpful lead gen features. But what we really like about it is the shared view of every customer that combines communications from 80+ apps in one place. So your teams can use live chat, CRM, social media, emails, WhatApp, or other popular communication channels—everything will be stored in one place to give you a comprehensive view.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Shared inbox for sales and marketing teams

  • Get more leads by responding to more requests, easier

  • Build your lead base faster by routing leads to the right people


  • Generate more leads by making it easier for your team to respond to them

  • Fast lead routing thanks to custom automated workflows


  • Can get very expensive as you expand your team


Front offers a Starter plan ($19/mo per user) for small businesses. For larger ones, there are three plans (the cheapest one goes for $49/mo per user).

Social media lead generation tools

23. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator

G2 rating: 4.3

The name pretty much says it all: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool for finding, reaching out, and engaging with prospects and leads.

It’s a great lead generation tool for B2B businesses, as it adds much more powerful features to the familiar (and helpful) LinkedIn search.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Makes lead generation on Linkedin easier and faster

  • Create and personalize profiles for your leads

  • Easily send leads and prospects to a CRM of your choice


  • Message LinkedIn users who are not connected to you

  • Get an advanced search of qualified leads

  • See who visited your profile


  • Pricing is a bit high, especially for smaller companies


Paid plans begin at $99/mo per user. Free trial is available on all plans.

24. AdEspresso


G2 rating: 3.6

With AdEspresso, you can generate more leads with paid ads campaigns.

The biggest benefit of this lead generation tool is the ability to create ads for multiple channels quickly and easily. You can promote your products, website, app, or a brick and mortar store—all in one place.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Create campaigns for lead generation with signup forms

  • Manage your lead generation strategy for multiple channels easily

  • Get more leads from social media and Google organic search


  • Easily make paid ads for Google and social media

  • Send your new leads to a CRM of your choice right from the campaign dashboard


  • Customer support is often hard to get an answer from


AdEspresso’s pricing ranges from $49 to $259. You can try every plan for free for 14 days.

25. Vyper


G2 rating: 4.6

If you’d like to generate leads on social media with contests and giveaways, Vyper is the app to use.

You can easily create any product giveaway, loyalty program, rewards program, and other social media projects. Users say getting started with this lead generation software is easy, even for beginners.

How this tool helps with lead generation:

  • Create and run giveaways and contests on social media

  • Make loyalty, rewards, and referral programs from scratch

  • Take advantage of gamification and incentivization to get more leads


  • Boost your lead generation quickly

  • Get traffic from social media to your website and capture leads there


  • A bit expensive, especially for smaller businesses


Paid plans start at $149/mo. You can, however, use Vyper as long as you need—you pay only when you launch your campaign. You can also get six months off by buying an annual subscription.

faguo logo
Learn how Faguo generates over 2,000 new leads even month by giving away a pair of expensive sneakers from their collection:

Next Steps

Here you go, the best lead generation tools in the game right now.

If you’d like to check out more apps and tips, please see these guides from our blog:

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