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Last updated Wed Jun 12 2024

10+ Best OptinMonster Alternatives 2024 [Free & Paid]

If you think OptinMonster isn’t the perfect fit for you, you’re not alone. Many people choose OptinMonster alternatives—apps that are easier to use, more affordable, or free.

A good thing we have many alternatives to choose from. To save you some time, I picked the most popular and reliable OptinMonster alternatives below. Check out the list below to get started.

Table of contents:

Get a great OptinMonster alternative: with a free trial, transparent pricing, and better features for conversions
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Why try Optinmonster alternatives?

So, what makes potential and existing OptinMonster users look for an alternative?

Let’s start with potential customers.

They cite these common reasons: no free trial, a high cost, and paid integrations.

Yes, OptinMonster doesn’t offer a free trial. If you decide to pay, plans range between $25 and $125 monthly. Many businesses can’t afford that, so OptinMonster has been running this special offer with discounts for over a year:

optinmonster pricing updated 2024

Besides pricing—

The integration with other apps is also a bit of an issue.

You must have the Plus plan or higher to connect apps such as email service providers (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc.). This means if you buy the cheapest plan, you won’t be able to send emails there.

Now, let’s move on to the reasons existing OptinMonster users look for alternatives.

The most common ones are the high cost and security vulnerabilities.

Let’s start with the cost.

Many users upgrade to higher OptinMonster plans thinking that it’s going to be the answer to their problems. But what they eventually discover is that they’re paying to use just a few extra features.

For example, using exit popups and UTM tracking requires the Pro plan ($75/mo). To get spin-to-win popups (a standard feature in many lead generation tools), you’ll need to get the Growth plan ($125/mo).

optinmonster features

The next reason is security vulnerabilities.

Not so long ago, WordPress security researchers found a security flaw in OptinMonster. The flaw was serious and allowed hackers to potentially get sensitive information from 1,000,000 websites. Needless to say, the issue compromised the security of all websites the plugin was installed on.

The flaw has been fixed since, but some existing users decided to check out apps of OptinMonster competitors.

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Best Optinmonster alternatives

  • Wisepops — Best for lead generation and selling in ecommerce

  • Privy — Lead gen & marketing tool for small businesses

  • Sumo — Free OptinMonster alternative with basic features

  • Optimonk — Great conversion-oriented features

  • Sleeknote — Premium lead generation platform

  • Hustle — Best for agencies and freelancers

  • Icegram — Top-rated lead generation WordPress plugin

  • Popup Builder — Versatile plugin for bloggers, agencies, and stores

  • Ninja Forms — Best plugin for non-tech users

  • Unbounce — Best for SaaS and web design agencies

  • Brave Builder — Premium WordPress plugin

  • Thrive Leads — Best for small WordPress sites

1. Wisepops


Wisepops is our own popup builder that works on any website. As an OptinMonster alternative, Wisepops has the same high quality of features but—

it stands out with modern popup designs, powerful campaign targeting (including built-in Shopify properties and Klaviyo segments), better analytics, onsite notifications, and AI Wishlist.

Wisepops is ideal for online stores and SaaS that need to accelerate email list building and improve conversions:

  • Oddballs (ecommerce) made £50,000 with one campaign: case study

  • Yespark (SaaS) captured over 4,700 leads and increased engagement with a new feature: case study

  • Springly (nonprofit) accelerated email list building by 50%: case study

Here are more examples of campaigns made with Wisepops.

Best features:

  • Drag and drop editor

  • 150+ beautiful templates

  • 30+ visitor targeting options

  • Deep audience segmentation

  • Behavioral and geo-targeting

  • Abandoned cart recovery

  • Built-in Shopify properties

  • Popups, bars, embedded forms, and onsite notifications

  • Built-in targeting of Klaviyo segments

  • Integration with Zapier and popular apps

  • Deep A/B campaign testing

  • 24/7 customer support

Why is Wisepops the best OptinMonster alternative?

Besides the fact that Wisepops has more transparent pricing and includes all features in all plans, there are three major reasons:

Onsite notifications—a unique feature to engage website visitors...

onsite notification feed


More modern and beginner-friendly interface...

creating exit popup


Conversion-oriented features like built-in Shopify properties and Klaviyo segments...

advanced shopify

On top of that, you can test Wisepops for free and use all the features. Most users start generating leads well before their trial ends.

Also, you get all the features and unlimited campaigns even in the cheapest plan (because the pricing is based on pageviews, not features).

We also made a deep comparison of Wisepops vs OptinMonster with more detailed analysis if you're interested.


Unlike in OptinMonster, you can use Wisepops for free for 14 days (zero commitment). Paid plans begin at $49/mo.

A special offer, Wisepops One, is available for enterprise and Shopify Plus stores.

See full Wisepops pricing

No cc required, unlimited free trial.


"We've increased our signups by 10x, very easy to integrate with our website and email platform, too"

Wisepops review from Capterra

Wisepops case study

Learn how Blume, a self-care brand, converts up 5% of their store visitors with popups: Blume success story

optinmonister alternative privy

Privy is an alternative to OptinMonster that combines lead generation and marketing features. This means you can capture leads, send them to a built-in email app, and nurture them with promotional campaigns.

Although Privy has fewer lead generation features, this OptinMonster competitor is a good one if you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing app.

Best features:

  • Must-have popups

  • Website banners and bars

  • Targeted coupons and offers

  • Capture emails and phone numbers

  • Email and SMS marketing features

Why consider Privy as an OptinMonster alternative?

For the price of the OptinMonster Pro plan, you get both lead generation and marketing features. So this OptinMonster competitor could be good for businesses on a budget.


This OptinMonster alternative is free until you collect 100 emails. Later, pricing is based on the number of email contacts. For example, reaching 3,000 emails means you’ll pay $75/mo.

Want to see cool popup designs?

Email popup examples

3. Sumo

sumo free email capture alternative to optinmonster

Like Privy, Sumo is a part of a marketing platform. If you’d like to learn how to create basic popups with the potential of using other built-in features like email marketing, consider this OptinMonster alternative.

Sumo is available as both a WordPress plugin and a version for any website platform.

Best features:

  • Popups for email list building

  • Popup customization to fit your web design

  • Gallery of premade popup templates

  • Simple integration with email apps

  • A/B campaign testing

Why try Sumo as an OptinMonster alternative?

You can build signup forms and publish them on your website for free. Although this app is very limited in the free version, you can upgrade later to get access to advanced lead generation features.

But if you’re looking for a free OptinMonster alternative to try, this one could be it.


Sumo has two plans: free and paid.

The paid one costs $49/mo for 100K monthly visitors. The free one has only basic signup forms, so it’s rather a “get-started-with-our-product” kind of plan. For the full alternative experience, you’ll need to get the paid version.

optimonk homepage

This OptinMonster alternative has many of the same features and adds extras like Javascript event triggering. Using OptiMonk is also very easy and intuitive, which makes the app a good option for non-tech savvy folks.

If the cost is your main concern, know that OptiMonk is not a cheap lead generation app. If you’re someone aiming for huge growth, you’ll need to pay around $79/mo.

Best features:

  • Popups and bars

  • 300+ popup templates

  • A/B campaign testing

  • Dynamic product recommendations

  • Premade popup campaigns

Why consider this OptinMonster competitor?

With OptiMonk, you get some useful perks like 30+ ready-to-use campaigns designed by marketers (OptinMonster has only one). Overall, though, the functionality of this alternative is similar.


You can get started with Optimonk for free for 15,000 pageviews. Depending on your traffic, those free pageviews should give you about a week of usage. Paid plans range between $29 to $199/mo.

5. Sleeknote


If affordability is not your reason for searching for OptinMonster alternatives, then consider Sleeknote. This is an advanced popup platform for tech-savvy ecommerce users that lets them create visually appealing, high-converting ecommerce popups and bars.

Best features:

  • Form builder

  • Large template gallery

  • Popups for generating sales

  • Simple integration with email apps & CRMs

  • Advanced targeting and triggers

Why is Sleeknote the best OptinMonster alternative?

When you buy Sleeknote, you get a dedicated customer success manager, help in creating a custom campaign for your own website, unlimited domains, and unlimited live chat support. If your goal is to start massive lead generation, that could be really handy.


Sleeknote costs from $62/mo to up to $462/mo.

6. Hustle

hustle optinmonster alternative

Hustle is an OptinMonster alternative in the form of a dedicated WordPress plugin with decent functionality. You get the must-have signup forms like website popups along with performance analytics—all needed for email list building. Overall, Hustle is very user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Best features:

  • Popups, slide-ins, embeds

  • 15 premade popup templates

  • Popup design customization

  • Audience targeting options

  • Integration with email apps

  • Campaign analytics

Why consider Hustle?

Hustle is the best OptinMonster alternative for agencies, bloggers, and freelancers. This lead generation app is affordable, easy to use, and includes all premium features in the cheapest subscription.


You can try Hustle for free for seven days. Paid plans begin at $7.50 while the most expensive plan for agencies costs $82.50/mo.

7. Icegram

icegram optinmonster alternative

This OptinMonster alternative is a lead generation WordPress plugin that lets you create all the signup forms imaginable. OptinMonster’s WooCommerce plugin is available only in the most expensive plan, so if you’d like a plugin to convert visitors, Icegram could be a great option.

Best features:

  • Popups and bars

  • Visitor targeting rules

  • Gallery of quality templates

  • Campaign statistics (clicks, views, etc.)

  • A/B campaign testing

Why is Icegram the best OptinMonster alternative?

Icegram is a well-built and affordable popup plugin for WordPress with decent lead generation functionality. Although it’s not quite as feature-rich as OptinMonster, it wins in terms of pure value for money.


You can use the basic features of Icegram for free. This OptinMonster alternative offers only an annual subscription, with pricing starting at $97/yr.

8. Popup Builder

popup builder optinmonster alternative

If you’d like to create your campaigns in WordPress environment, Popup Builder should be a great option. This OptinMonster alternative’s integration with WordPress is full, so you’ll feel quite comfortable creating campaigns, even the complicated ones.

Popup Builder is quite popular in the WordPress community, thanks to user-friendliness and good quality of customer support.

Best features:

  • Various types of WordPress popups

  • Popup conditions and display events

  • Integration with other WordPress plugins

  • Social media sharing buttons for social engagement

  • Autoresponder for easier lead nurturing

Why consider Popup Builder?

It’s an easy-to-use and simple WordPress plugin with a broad range of features. If you’re a blogger or an agency with multiple websites, getting this alternative to OptinMonster is a good idea since you add popups to two websites even in the cheapest plan.


Popup Builder costs $49.95 (two websites are included). The Business and Agency plans go for $89.95 and $145.95, respectively.

9. Ninja Forms

ninja forms optinmonster alternative

Ninja Forms is a dedicated WordPress signup form builder created by developers for non-tech folks. It’s a tool that you can use to create lead generation forms for your website and monitor the performance with good analytics.

Although Ninja Forms is made for beginners, you can extend its functionality with add-ons for email marketing and other tasks. So, you can have a full marketing suite with native WordPress integration.

Best features:

  • 27 popup types

  • Campaign analytics

  • Available in 16+ languages

  • Developer-friendly

  • Integration with CRMs and email apps

Why is Ninja Forms among the best OptinMonster alternatives?

Ninja Forms is great for bloggers and small businesses that want to create signup forms without the help of developers. Consider this alternative to Optinmonster if you want to use your lead generation forms in languages other than English.


You can get Ninja Popups for $24 from Envato app market. The developers of this OptinMonster alternative also offer their product in a bundle with four add-ons (for email marketing, payments, productivity, and file management) for $49/mo.

10. Unbounce

unbounce optinmonster alternative

Unbounce is a landing page builder but it’s a great option for B2B businesses to generate more leads with popups and sticky bars.

This OptinMonster alternative is a suite of web page design and lead gen forms that you can use to create landing pages and onsite campaigns. This makes Unbounce a good conversion platform for large websites.

Best features:

  • Simple web page editor

  • Customizable page templates

  • Popups and sticky bars for landing pages

  • Campaign trigger and targeting

  • Integrates with CRMs and other apps

Who should use Unbounce as an OptinMonster alternative?

Web agencies, SaaS and B2B businesses that need to improve website conversion rates. This OptinMonster alternative is the best to design entire web pages with different signup forms to generate leads.


Unbounce is a suite of features, so it costs from $99 to $649 per month.

11. Brave Builder

brave optinmonster alternative

Brave is a premium WordPress conversion optimization plugin. It comes with a wide range of lead generation features, including all types of popups and bars.

You can easily create popups in a very simple drag & drop editor. Or you can choose among premade popups, tweak them, and add to your WordPress website. WooCommerce users will also enjoy upsell, cross-sell, and related products popups.

Best features:

  • Visual editor

  • Any kind of popups and bars

  • Integrations with email apps

  • Visitor targeting features

  • Simple analytics (views and clicks)

Why choose Brave Builder?

If you need a top-rated lead generation WordPress plugin, consider Brave. Compared to OptinMonster, it also includes more premade campaign templates (160+ vs 70+), has no limits for visitors, and allows saving new leads in a built-in database right away.


This alternative to OptinMonster costs $59/yr for one website. Plans for more websites go for $99/yr (10 websites) and $199/yr for 100 websites.

12. Thrive Leads

thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a dedicated OptinMonster alternative for WordPress. It could be used both as a standalone plugin or as a part of a Thrive Suite, a lead generation platform.

Thanks to Thrive Leads, you can build your email list with various types of opt-ins. All the emails you collect are sent to the email marketing app of your choice.

This OptinMonster alternative is perfect for small businesses that want a simple-to-use, affordable, and rich in features plugin.

Best features:

  • Drag & drop editor

  • Dozens of templates

  • Triggers and targeting options

  • Integration with email apps

  • Basic campaign analytics

Why is Thrive Leads the best OptinMonster alternative?

Thrive Leads gives you a comparable set of features at a lower price. If we divide the annual cost of Thrive Leads, it comes to around $8 for a month. Besides, if you have a WordPress website, you’ll be happy with flawless integration and WooCommerce features.


The Thrive Leads plugin costs $97/yr. To get the full lead generation platform Thrive Suite, you’ll pay $299/yr. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best OptinMonster alternatives: our recommendations

So, which is the best alternative to OptinMonster for you?

The answer, of course, depends on the needs of your business.

But here are our tips if you’re interested:

Choose Wisepops if you’re running an ecommerce business and want to build your email list and sell more.

Consider Brave Builder, Thrive Leads, or Icegram if you’d like a dedicated WordPress plugin for optimizing conversion rates.

If you’re a freelancer trying to get conversions on your WordPress site, try Hustle or Popup Builder.

But if you’re a SaaS business looking for an OptinMonster alternative, consider OptiMonk or Unbounce.

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