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Last updated Tue May 14 2024

B2B Popups: 10+ Examples & Proven Use Cases

Want to increase visitor engagement on your B2B website?

Website popups might just be the thing you need.

In this guide, you'll see 10 great examples of B2B popups as well as some ideas on how to use them for your business.

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Use B2B popups to achieve your marketing goals
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★ Consider these Ecommerce case studies or these discount popups if you'd like to see examples of successful popup campaigns.

What are B2B popups?

B2B popups are website popup campaigns used by companies that sell products or services to other businesses (SaaS, automotive, logistics, consulting, etc.). Just like in B2C, B2B popups serve as an additional onsite channel for visitor engagement.

b2b popup example
Source: Digital Authority Partners

How B2B businesses use popups

The list of popup use cases for B2B businesses is quite long, but here are some of the most common ones:

B2B IndustryCompany examplesPopup use cases
SaaSProject management software providerLead generation popup with a demo signup in exchange for email and other lead qualification data
Upgrade offers: popups with discounts or other incentives to upgrade to a premium subscription
New feature announcements to registered visitors inside the software to encourage adoption
Access to webinars and ebooks: Share messages about upcoming webinars or offer access to expert-level ebooks
Welcome new users: Show a welcome popup inside your tool to those who just signed up for a trial or subscription
Restaurant supply & equipment providerCoffee and food supplierSeasonal offers: promote special discounts on seasonal food items, restaurant supplies or coffee subscriptions
New product launch announcements: introduce new product lines or inventory additions
Bulk order offers: raise awareness of limited-time discounts for bulk orders of your products or services
ConsultingBusiness strategy consulting Webinar announcement and registrations: let visitors sign up for webinars or workshops
Free consultation popups: offer a free consultation with a business advisor for new clients
Lead magnets: share downloadable industry reports, compliance checklists, expert guides, or market insights in exchange for emails
AutomotiveCommercial vehicle dealershipNew offer promos: highlight special offers or financing deals on new or used vehicles for business clients
Service appointment requests: use popups to let business clients schedule routine maintenance or repair appointments directly from your website
Sales of parts & accessories: share discounts or promotions on parts and accessories, encouraging purchases or inquiries from business clients

"Popups can play a role in B2B marketing by allowing you to capture quality leads, share expert content, and raise awareness of special offers. If you use targeting and integrate your popup tool with your CRM and ESP, they can be extremely helpful to speed up lead generation, streamline lead management, and increase interest in your product and service."

Pawel Lawrowski, onsite marketing expert

★ Did you know there are 30+ popup types you can use?

Learn more: Types of popups [+examples]

Examples of B2B popups

Here are some of the most common and effective examples of B2B popups businesses use, in no particular order.

1. A service promotion popup (Tebra)

b2b popup example

Tedra is a SaaS business that offers healthcare marketing tools. This popup drives their leads (healthcare practitioners) to a page where they can use a free tool to compare their online presence (in Google results, review platforms, etc.) with local competitors.

2. A software demo signup popup (Wisepops)

on click b2b popup

Wisepops is our onsite marketing platform that includes popups, so it's no surprise we use them on our website. This campaign allows visitors on our website to sign up for a personalized demo and provide some details about their needs.

Also, note that it's an on-click popup, meaning it appears only when a visitor clicks the "Book a demo" button:

on click popup

On-click popups are perfect for creating signup forms on websites because you can place them on any page and connect with your lead management solution.

Learn how on-click popups work or—

Try Wisepops to make your popup for free (used by B2Bs like Yespark, MailModo, and Hallow):

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"Thanks to Wisepops we could boost our conversion rate - catching all the people who would otherwise leave our page early, communicating the key USPs of our program again. Also the setup is extremely straight forward."

Luisa Gerstner, a Trustpilot review

This two-minute tutorial will help make an on-click popup quickly:

Also could be helpful:

Signup form examples (from B2B and B2C businesses)

3. A video demo signup popup (Zendesk)

free demo b2b popup

This demo signup popup is different: unlike Wisepops, Zendesk leads visitors to the dedicated demo page where they provide details needed to choose a relevant video demonstration. So, basically, it's a campaign that drives traffic to the demo page.

4. An in-app popup with trial expiration message (Luigi's Box)

b2b in app popup

Luigi's Box is a product recommendation software. I got this message on the day the 30-day free trial expired.

Note the section with the social proof—this is a good way to motivate a potential user to switch to a paid subscription. Just as the section with the advantages of the paid plan.

5. A webinar registration popup (Cin7)

b2b popup desktop

Cin7, an inventory management software, uses this campaign to increase registrations for an upcoming webinar. It's an important one, too—Cin7's founder will be explaining how their newly acquired AI inventory tool will be incorporated into the existing functionality.

Using webinars for lead generation?

Here are more ideas: 9 email building strategies [+examples]

6. An announcement popup on mobile (Cin7)

b2b mobile popup

The previous Cin7 popup promoted a webinar on the acquisition of a new AI tool, and this one continues that strategy. But it promotes a news announcement about the acquisition, to give readers more info on why they need to attend the webinar.

It's a good example of a non-intrusive mobile B2B mobile popup—and how creating different campaigns for desktop and mobile visitors can help achieve more goals.

See how can create mobile campaigns for mobile visitors:

How to create a mobile popup [step-by-step guide]

7. An expert guide promotion popup (Leadfeeder)

b2b popup with lead magnet

In this B2B popup example, Leadfeeder promotes a lead magnet—a guide on lead generation. To download the resource, the visitors need to provide their email and name, which Leadfeeder will use later for lead nurturing.

Great ideas for lead magnets:

20 lead magnet examples [+Tutorial]

8. A limited-time free trial offer popup (Hootsuite)

b2b popup

Hootsuite, a social media marketing software, offered an extended free trial to visitors with this creative popup. It's definitely attention-grabbing thanks to a creative popup copy, and includes a countdown timer to increase a sense of urgency.


See how you can be more creative with our ecommerce copywriting guide or check out 10 popup message examples for inspiration.

Or, if you'd like to try countdowns, consider this step-by-step guide: how to create countdown timer popups.

9. A special offer on a product category (Shutterstock)

product category discount popup

In this flash sale campaign, Shutterstock offers a 30% discount to business customers purchasing videos. Note that there's also a discount code embedded in the campaign, which visitors have to copy to redeem.

If you'd like to try a similar strategy, consider this guide to flash sales or these discount popup examples.

10. A live demo promotion campaign (PickyStory)

b2b popup for driving traffic to landing pages

PickyStory shows what its ecommerce conversion software can do in a live demo promoted by this campaign. Just one click and potential users can see how they can increase their ecommerce sales on a demo store.

Are your popups not performing as well as you hoped?

Check them out for these common website popup mistakes

11. A live demo signup popup (MoEngage)

b2b popup with product demo invitation

MoEngage, another AI-powered software for ecommerce and SaaS, invites its website visitors to register for an in-depth, expert-led live product demo. The business also offers personalized demos, too, but this one is important as it can attract a large audience.

notification feed with recommended products

More AI apps:

AI tools for ecommerce [for marketing, store management, and sales]

12. A free tool promotion campaign (JustInmind)

b2b popup with free tool

If you need to promote a free tool, you might find this B2B popup example interesting.

JustinMind, a design and prototyping software, promotes one of its free tools to increase adoption among target users. This popup was shown on all pages to maximize the awareness of the offer.

You can also prevent certain pages from displaying your popups, or stop showing them once a visitor has viewed a particular page, just in a few clicks.

Learn more: Page targeting

page targeting popups


Popups, when executed thoughtfully and strategically, can significantly enhance your B2B marketing. They're not just intrusive ads, but tools of engagement that, when aligned with your audience's needs and preferences, can facilitate smoother customer journeys.

Here are more resources to create high-performing campaigns:

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