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Last updated Tue Apr 16 2024

Popup Message: 10+ Examples & Tips for Max Engagement

A popup message can be nothing more than an ignored disruption.


It can also be a great conversion opportunity when done right.

Here, we're going to show you how to make that happen.

In this guide, we'll give you examples of great popup messages from successful businesses as well as practical tips on how you can achieve your conversion goals.

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What is a popup message?

A popup message is a text within a popup window that communicates a marketing or informational message to visitors. Popup messages can vary but typically consist of a heading, a supporting text with more details, and a text within a CTA button.

popup message

Popup messages to copy

Feel free to copy and improve these messages for your own campaigns:

Campaign goalTypical popup messages
Get newsletter subscribersJoin our list! Get the latest trends, updates, and exclusive deals straight to your inbox. Subscribe now and enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase!
Get more new customers with a discountWelcome to [brand name]! As a first-time shopper, you get 15% off your first order when you sign up!
Recover abandoned cartsDon’t Leave Just Yet! There's only one step left. Complete your purchase now and secure a special 5% off.
Get more orders during sales events Flash Sale Alert! Time is ticking... Grab your favorite items at a 20% discount! This exclusive offer ends in X hours!
Get more loyalty program signupsPremium Perks Await! Join our customer loyalty club and enjoy early access to new releases, members-only discounts, and more!
Increase average order value with free shippingSay Goodbye to Shipping Fees! Place an order over [X] amount and we'll take care of the shipping cost.
Promote a limited edition productExclusive Just for You! Get your hands on our limited edition [Product name] before it's gone forever. Own a piece of exclusivity!
Get visitor feedback with a surveyWe Value Your Thoughts! Share your shopping experience with us in a one-minute survey. Your feedback helps us improve!
Shop now sales popup
Templates for your campaigns

Get a head start on designing popups. Browse our library of designer-made templates. Start converting your traffic 3x faster.

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Popup message examples

Let's now take a look at these popup messages from online businesses.

1. Resurrection: a welcome popup message

popup message example 10

This simple and to-the-point popup message example comes from Resurrection, an online fashion store. It appears as a small, non-intrusive window in the right bottom corner of the website.

Best practices from this popup message example:

  • A clear and concise headline

  • A supporting text that succinctly promises value

  • An action-oriented CTA button text

Become an expert on converting new visitors with popups:

How to create a welcome popup [step-by-step guide]

2. Art of Play: An exit intent popup message

popup message example

This popup message appears at the moment when a visitor is trying to leave the website. Its main purpose is to convince them to keep browsing and buy something, by giving a generous discount. Ecommerce businesses often use such popup messages instead of the welcome ones with discounts.

Best practices from this popup message example:

  • A perfect nudge for reconsideration: a good discount

  • This concise text is intentionally brief to respect the time of visitors who may be ready to leave

  • A nice image that complements the text in the popup

See how other businesses capture emails and phone numbers with exit campaigns:

Examples of exit intent popups

3. Silverlake Wine: a newsletter subscription popup message

popup message example 6

This popup message aims to persuade the visitors to sign up for the mailing list. It's made by Silverlake Wine, a California-based winery.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Conveys a clear benefit for subscribing in one sentence

  • A large headline lets the visitors know the intended action right away

  • The succinct popup message perfectly complements this ecommerce website's elegant design and style

4. Blume: a discount popup message

popup message example 5

An enticing popup message combined with a cool design makes this campaign hard to resist. In fact, Blume converts 5% of its visitors with this popup, which is higher than the average popup conversion rate of 3.8%.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Grabs the attention of the visitor with an enticing headline "Mystery discount"

  • Adds even more benefits to the deal in the supporting text (free returns)

  • Includes an image that enhances the appeal of the offer, as it showcases the products available to the visitor when they take advantage of the deal.

Want to convert more of your visitors with discounts?

Grab these 18 discount code ideas and see how to create a discount popup

5. CODAGE Paris: a special offer popup message

popup message example 12

The main goal of this popup message is to help increase the average order value by offering a free product for orders over 100 euros. So, it's an example of a popup message promoting a type of BOGO product promotion offer—"buy to get a free product."

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Concise and clear text

  • The image with the product supports the popup message

  • There are two buttons: one to learn more about the promoted products and another to add them directly to the shopping cart

CODAGE Paris made this popup with Wisepops, an onsite marketing platform ecommerce stores use to generate leads and sales. See how businesses use Wisepops.

Get ideas and inspiration for your promos:

Examples of sales promotions (including BOGO)

6. Faguo: a giveaway popup message

"A pair to win every week" — this popup message gets straight to the point. As visitors of Faguo know, the brand sells high-quality sneakers (among other items), so getting a pair for free would be a nice deal. Besides, there's a chance to get a discount for future orders here, too.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • The text highlights the benefit of participating in the giveaway

  • Mentioning the previous winner adds credibility and serves as an encouragement to participate

  • Only the first name of the previous winner is mentioned, preserving their privacy

In fact, this popup message (along with the enticing promise of winning a cool product) proved to be remarkably effective in terms of lead generation.

Take a look at the Clicks column—this campaign generated over 48,000 emails:

Martin, the creator of the campaign, used popup A/B testing and different popup messages to get this excellent result.

Picture of Martin Charousset

"I can do everything by myself if I need to. Wisepops is super easy and the automation is amazing, so we could do a lot of lead generation experiments with popups."

Martin Charousset, head of ecommerce, Faguo

Learn more about this campaign:

Read the Faguo case study

mother's day spin to win popup template

See how spin to win popups like Faguo's can help your business speed up lead generation and sales: Spin and win popup examples and tips

7. Stumptown Coffee Roasters: a social proof popup message

popup message example 11

This popup message example uses a customer review to showcase satisfied customer experiences. By presenting the collective approval of their community, the brand subtly encourages new visitors to keep shopping and join a group of coffee enthusiasts.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Uses the persuasive power of social proof

  • Engages visitors by reflecting a community's endorsement

  • Encourages conversions by appealing to a specific service: a door-to-door coffee delivery

Write better and get more conversions: Use our popup copy and ecommerce copywriting guides

8. Simply Chocolate: an upsell popup message

popup message example 1

This popup message appeared on Simply Chocolate when I added a product to the shopping cart, asking if I wanted to try a few other related items. I like the "Have you tasted our bestsellers?" question, which could be quite intriguing for chocolate fans.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Confirms that the product has been added to the cart

  • Clearly conveys what needs to be done to get the free shipping

  • Asks a question, which is an old copywriting technique that invites viewers to stop and think about the answer

Use upsell popups to sell more: How to create upsell popups [+examples]

Learn more about how to display popups at the right moment for conversions: popup targeting rules

9. Solo Stove: an informational popup message

popup message example 3

Solo Stove's popup message has two goals: to share the news about the brand's expansion to the new market and drive Europe-based visitors to the local website. I got this message while trying to visit a Texas-based Solo Stove's website from Europe.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Drives visitors to recently launched local website

  • Offers an extra motivation to shop (free shipping)

  • The heading is in a large font to convey the message quickly and effectively

Targeting shoppers based on their location is as easy as a few clicks (how this option looks in Wisepops):

popup message geolocation

Learn more: How to make a geolocation-targeted popups.

10. Audiotree: a product promotion popup message

popup message example 9

The purpose of this popup message is to drive shoppers to a new, limited-edition product (so it's also an example of a limited-time offer) while creating a sense of urgency to buy.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • A clear and straightforward message

  • The text creates a sense of urgency to buy ("only 75 available")

  • Action-focused CTA button text ("Get yours")

How to maximize customer engagement with product promotions:

How to promote products [+examples]

11. Death Wish Coffee: an SMS popup message

popup message example 7

Death Wish Coffee uses this message as a part of a multistep popup to collect phone numbers from their visitors. The best part here is the playful tone of voice, which is one of the brand's most unique qualities.

Best practices from this popup message:

  • Playful and witty headline that grabs attention

  • Friendly and conversational tone of writing

  • Clear benefit ("Get 15% off") from subscribing

Want to see more examples of how businesses collect phone numbers with campaigns like Death Wish Coffee's?

SMS popups: examples + how to create

How to create a popup

If you'd like to have a popup message on your website, let's create a popup in Wisepops.

Follow these steps to create and add a popup to your site for free:

  1. Create a popup

  2. Choose a template

  3. Add the popup message

  4. Choose to show on exit

  5. Publish your campaign

In this tutorial, we'll create a popup with a newsletter signup that shows five seconds after a visitor arrives to a website (but you can customize the campaign in any way, of course).

Let's begin—

Grab a free account in Wisepops:

Free trial for 14 days with all premium features included. No cc needed. See who uses Wisepops.


"A brilliant dashboard that helps you create any popup you want within an hour or even less, it took me 15 min once I knew the offer that I wanted to show."

Wisepops review from Capterra

Step 1: Create a popup

In Wisepops dash, go to Create campaign > Campaign Assistant > Newsletter:

creating popup message

Step 2: Choose a template

Now, we're choosing a template to share your popup message with.

Pick this template to get started (it's got a big heading to catch attention and plenty of room for a supporting text):


Step 3: Add the popup message

We're in the popup editor, so we can customize our template.

It's time to add your popup message!

Click the text and start writing or paste your popup message. To customize the font, size, and color, use the formatting menu above the popup preview:

customizing popup message


Use the Apply this design to all steps to have Wisepops finish customization of the second window (in which you thank the visitor for subscribing):

option formatting

Step 4: Choose when to show

This popup message will show on your website five seconds after the visitor lands there. To set this up, go to Display Rules in the main menu. There, in the Trigger tab, choose On Landing.

To add the five-second delay, add "5" in the Show only after section:

on landing


If the visitor goes to another page before the five-second delay is over, we'll start the delay again. For instance, if the visitor spends three seconds on page A and then opens page B, they'll see the popup after five seconds on page B.

Step 5: Publish your campaign

Your popup message is ready to be displayed to your visitors.

You can save it and see how it would look on your website with the preview feature.

To have it shown on your website, add the Wisepops code snippet (very easy to do): Check the guide here

And if you'd like to have the collected emails go straight to your email app, visit Integrations.


By incorporating these popup message examples and tips into your marketing strategy, you can seriously improve how you engage your visitors.

As you can see from these campaigns, popups aren't just about capturing emails with discounts; they're chances to sell, increase the average order value, and personalize shopping experiences.

Here are more helpful resources from our blog:

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