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Last updated Thu Mar 21 2024

100 Power Words to Skyrocket Conversions [List]

Power words are a way to increase conversions, opens, and clicks. 

Even a few of them can turn boring, generic marketing copy into something enticing, inspiring, and engaging. That’s why they can be a great tool to differentiate your marketing copywriting from competitors’ content.

To help you boost your copywriting, we’ve created a list of 100 powerful words, divided into five types. Keep this list handy and use the words to increase conversions.

In this post:

  • Definition of power words

  • Types of power words

  • Power words examples

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What are power words?

Power words are words that trigger an emotional response in readers. They can engage people more deeply than generic, worn-out words, so copywriters and marketers use them to attract potential customers.

Power words can help your marketing writing stand out from the torrent of generic content spewed out by businesses every day. They’ll also make your copy, and your brand, more memorable.

Here’s an example:

Instead of a generic statement, Asphalte uses a few power words to reassure visitors that they can easily return products. The words provide extra motivation to buy, too.

power words example in product descriptions

Just like that, Asphalte reduces barriers to trying their products.


You can do it even better.

Besides the enticing “nothing” and “simple,” there are tons of other effective power words to skyrocket your conversions.

This clothing store gets 4,000 leads with popups:

Types of power words

We’ll review five types of power words related to different feelings: trust, greed, curiosity, anticipation, and motivation.

1. Trust power words

Customers need to trust your brand.

In fact, 49% of customers started purchasing or purchased more from a company because of trust in 2021.

Power words can help here. Although customer trust starts with quality service, power words could show that your business is trustworthy before a customer even gets to that stage.

For example, a product page that describes an easy returns process is more likely to convert visitors than one without it.

Use these power words examples to build customer trust.

AffordableZero waste
AuthoritativeTry before you buy
IntuitiveNo obligation
Case studyApproved
Refundable Bestselling
SustainableCancel anytime
Try for freeScientifically proven
ExpertNo questions asked

Now, let’s see an example of trust power words in marketing.

Soylent, a meal replacement brand, works hard to win customer trust—a tremendous challenge for all food businesses.

To gain trust, Soylent presents a strong message on the homepage.

power words in product description

Want some proof? Many visitors certainly would.

For that, you can visit the Science section on the Soylent’s website.

There, the company explains what is meant by “complete,” “science-based,” and “sustainable” with concrete facts and stats.

Next example—

Buffer uses three trust power words for ecommerce marketing on their homepage as well.

“Intuitive” and “affordable” are perhaps the most influential here, as potential clients of Buffer are looking for an easy-to-use and budget-friendly solution.

We recommend checking out this guide for learning product description writing: How to Write Enticing Product Descriptions.

2. Greed power words

Greed is an intense desire to have something, even if we don’t really need it. Power words can help you appeal to that desire.

Let’s say we want to get more orders with discounts. 

To make the offer more attractive, we can use words like “discount” and combine them with “special” and “limited-time.” This way, you can engage up to 38% of customers—that’s how many see discounts as a good reason to buy.

Here are more greed power words to consider for sales and marketing:

HurryDon't miss out
InexpensiveLast chance
GiveawaySale ends soon
LimitedRunning out

Now, let’s see a couple of examples. 

Chubbies encourages its website visitors to sign up for a newsletter with this signup form example. A few powerful words reinforce the message. Who wouldn’t like to get an instant discount?

power words example for email signup


Jungalow, a lifestyle brand, entices visitors with power words in the main menu and email popup. “Gifts”, “Perks”, “Last Chance!” “Rewards”, and “Exclusive Giveaways”—plenty of ways to benefit.

power words for promotion

Did you notice Jungalow’s dome-shaped email popup?

Email popups on homepages are a tested way to build an email list. Check out these Email popup examples to see this strategy in action.

3. Curiosity power words

Want customers to interact more with your company?

Make them curious.

Curiosity can elicit purchase motivation, so businesses try to evoke it with mystery deals, irresistible email subject lines, and engaging sales promotions.

Use these power words to pique customer curiosity:

UnveiledSneak peek
Be the firstUnheard of
Member First AccessShocking

You can use them in your Shopify marketing strategy in many ways.

They can spice up your email subject lines, just like NET-A-PORTER has done here:

power words example for email subject lines


Entice readers with powerful content headlines like Entrepreneur magazine does.

examples of power words in headlines

Or highlight the benefits of being in a customer loyalty program.

See how Nike has nailed it?

power words copywriting

So, use curiosity power words whenever you want to pique your customers’ interest. They can really help you increase email open rates, content clicks, and other marketing goals.

Speaking of loyalty programs… 

If you need ideas on how to create or improve yours, check out these Examples of customer loyalty programs.

4. Anticipation power words

We feel anticipation when we think about what might happen in the future. 

As a business, you can create anticipatory feelings to get customers hyped about a product launch, upcoming sale, or event.

Try these power words for your marketing:


Now, let’s see some examples of these power words.

Lights4fun encourages visitors to sign up for a newsletter by using two anticipation-related power words in its email popup.

power words example in marketing
Find out how this Shopify store got 17% of monthly sales in just four hours thanks to popups:

5. Motivational power words

Motivation is a powerful marketing strategy. 

Brands often leverage this emotion and the potential of their products to help customers improve their lives or overcome challenges.

Popular power words in this category include:


There’s plenty of examples of businesses using motivational power words in sales, marketing and headlines.

In this headline from Esquire, two power words convey that the guide contains everything readers might want to know about grilling meat.

power words in headlines

The addition of “from a guy who knows” and a picture with the grilling expert definitely gives the content some credibility.

It’s also a common practice to add motivational power words to email subject lines to encourage opens.

Best Buy does that often—here’s one example.

power words for email subject lines

In this example, the retailer is promoting their latest sale with some punchy power words. 


Want to differentiate your writing from the generic content produced by so many other businesses out there?

Power words can help. Use them right and you can increase your engagement and conversion rates. It’s important to find the right words for your brand and tone of voice. Try searching for synonyms of the words on our list to get the perfect words for your next email, article or promotion.

Whichever words you use, one thing is certain: power words are a simple, smart way to supercharge your copy.

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