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Last updated Thu Apr 11 2024

5 Shopify Upsell Popup Examples [+How to Create]

An upsell popup is a way to increase the average order value.

Below, you'll see how successful online stores use different upsell popups to boost sales. Also, you'll see how to create a simple Shopify upsell popup for your store.

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What is an upsell popup?

An upsell popup is a popup campaign designed to increase sales by suggesting a more expensive product version, extra features, related items, or subscription options to customers. Upsell popups typically appear while customers browse product pages or when they add a product to the cart.

Shopify upsell popup examples

Here are some of the most popular ways online businesses use upsell popups to boost sales.

1. Black Ember

upsell popup

This Shopify upsell popup appears when the customer adds a specific product to the cart.

The goal is to suggest upgrading the order from one item to the kit (a backpack + straps and handles) for a better price. The customer can easily choose to upgrade in one click.

Learn how Black Ember drove 4,019 visitors to pages with new products with onsite notifications:

2. CODAGE Paris

b3go offer on shopify store

CODAGE Paris, a skincare store on Shopify, lets shoppers know about a special limited-time offer with this upsell popup. Consider this type of popup for special deals (for example, the free product can be a replenishable product or one that complements a more expensive one).

To raise awareness of this offer, CODAGE showed this upsell popup on the homepage, the most visited page on their onsite store.

Try limited-time offers to increase your sales:

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3. Simply Chocolate

upsell popup

This is another upsell popup shown when the visitor adds an item to the shopping cart. It presents three other best-selling products along with the options to add them to the order in one click.

Also, note a quick free shipping promo, which is another good idea to motivate shoppers to add those recommended items to the cart.

See how other businesses promote products:

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4. Allbirds

allbirds upsell popup

Allbirds, one of the most successful Shopify stores, aims to increase the average order value by suggesting to buy related items (in this case, some socks to go with sneakers added to the cart).

Note that this upsell popup does not include a one-click cart addition of related items. But it's probably deliberate since customers might need to learn more about the other products.

Also, once again, there's a free shipping message on the top, motivating the customer to finish the purchase.

Want to learn more about how to make high-converting popups?

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5. Magic Spoon

smart popup window

This product upsell popup offers a subscription instead of one-time purchase, which will save 20% of the cost for the customer. It appears when the customer adds a product to the cart—and makes the switch as easy as one click.

Note that the popup describes the benefits of being a subscriber—a really good idea to convince shoppers to get the deal.

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How to create a Shopify upsell popup

In this tutorial, we will create an upsell popup with a "complete the look" offer. It will appear on a specific page (say, product A) and promote a related product B to motivate the shoppers to buy them together.

Follow these steps to create an upsell popup for your Shopify site:

  1. Create a new campaign

  2. Choose a template

  3. Customize the design

  4. Choose display settings

  5. Publish

For the popup app, we'll use Wisepops (rated 4.8 stars on Shopify). It's got built-in Shopify properties, unique discount codes, and Klaviyo segment targeting.

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"I have been using it almost daily for the past 8 months now, it helped us a lot with our lead generation and customer upsell."

Davide, Capterra

Step 1: Create a new campaign

In Wisepops, go to Create campaign > Campaign assistant > Drive Sales > Announcement:

step one upsell

Step 2: Choose a template

Pick this one (it's the first one on the template page) - it's got a bold heading to grab attention, lots of space for describing our offer, and a button with a link to lead visitors to the promoted product:

upsell popup template

Step 3: Customize the design

Changing the design of our upsell popup is easy: you just need to click on the element to access the customization options.

To customize:

  • Change the popup's display position

  • Add the image of the related product

  • Include some details about that product

  • Add a link to the other product


Let's change the position to make our upsell popup more user-friendly.

Go to Design > Position and choose the bottom right corner:

targeting position popup


Customize the design of the campaign. It's simple: click the element you'd like to change and the customization options will appear.

I used this photo (source) and a simple text to create this design:

popup editor


To add the link to the promoted related product, click the button to reveal these settings below. There, add the url to the page:

button options

Step 4: Choose display settings

Since our upsell popup needs to appear on a specific page, we need to add it to the display settings.

Go to Display rules > Pages > Select URLs > and choose Specify where to display:

page targeting popup

Add the link to the product in the new window that appears:

adding url


Go to the Trigger tab in Display Rules.

There, add seven seconds of time delay—this means we'll give our shoppers a bit of time to check out the product they're viewing before we show the upsell popup.

time delay popups upsell

Step 5: Publish

Your upsell popup is ready!

You can check it out and see how it will look on your website (click Preview in the top right corner of your screen).

To display the campaign on your online store, add the Wisepops code snippet (takes just a few clicks): how to install Wisepops.

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Tailoring popups to display related products or special offers not only enhances the shopping experience but also boosts average order value. Creating a Shopify upsell popup therefore can improve your sales by encouraging customers to add more items to their cart.

There are other ways to implement upsell popups, but I hope this tutorial gave you a good start.

If you'd like to learn more about popups:

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