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Last updated Fri Jul 12 2024

5 Exit Popup Software [Best Free & Paid]

Exit popup software can be your main source of email signups and leads from both organic and paid traffic.

In fact, you can convert between 2.8% and 19.6% of your visitors with exit popups.

Let's get you started—

Find the list of exit intent software below (and check out the case study on how to make high-converting exit popups, too).

In this post:

Get a top-rated exit popup software
exit survey popup example

Popups you can make with exit intent software

The truth is, you can make almost any popup appear "on exit"—you just need to choose an appropriate display option, basically.

Here are some of the exit popup types that folks use to convert visitors:

Hallow App Logo
Exit popup software case study

Hallow drives 32,533 leads into the app signup funnel with an exit popup:

➡️ Read case study

Exit popup software

  • Wisepops — Best for online stores

  • Picreel — Best for visitor surveys 

  • Rivo — Simple exit popups for new businesses

  • Sumo — Free exit popup tool

  • Optinmonster — Made for WordPress

1. Wisepops

wisepops popup tool

Wisepops is one of the best exit intent popup software for ecommerce and SaaS, made to help entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses. You can generate leads and sales with full insights on campaigns (including revenue tracking)

Shopify users rate it 4.9 stars and Capterra 4.9 (out of 5).

You can easily create any type of exit popup: traditional, signup forms, side-ins, cart recovery, NPS, survey, spin-to-win, or sidebar. The popup editor (above) is very intuitive—you can have an exit popup on your website in about 10 minutes:

editor in exit popup software

Online stores use Wisepops’ customization features to make gorgeous popup designs. Plus there's a design auto-apply feature to speed up the campaign creation process.

option formatting

For examples of exit campaigns made by Wisepops users, the popup on the left is a “join-us-and-get-a-discount” (made by Füm). The right one has a link to products to motivate visitors to browse (Le Creuset):

exit popups made with Wisepops

And, of course, you can create other website popups, not just exit intent ones.


Who uses this exit popup tool?

Ecommerce businesses of all sizes, including Brooklinen, OddBalls, The Knitting Network, Füm, Black Ember, and Blume (see case studies).

Also, Wisepops is used by SaaS, including Yespark, Mailmodo, and Springly

See more Wisepops customers.

How much does this exit intent software cost?

You can try Wisepops for free for 14 days with all the features.

Paid plans begin at $49/mo. All plans include all features: popups, bars, embeds, and onsite notifications.

There's also a custom plan for enterprise users: Wisepops One

Get started with exit popups:

No cc required, unlimited free trial

See popups made with Wisepops


"We've increased our signups by 10x, very easy to integrate with our website and email platform, too"

Wisepops review from Capterra

2. Picreel — Best for visitor surveys


Picreel is a versatile exit-popup software designed to collect website feedback and boost visitor engagement and conversions. Website visitor surveys are especially powerful in this app—you can even choose pre-made templates with historic performances to improve your chances of getting enough feedback.

  • Customizable exit popups

  • Mobile-responsive popups

  • Advanced targeting options

  • A/B testing for optimal performance

  • Real-time analytics to track and analyze results

How much does this exit popup tool cost?

Picreel does not have a free plan but you can try it for free. There’s only one plan (the pricing is based on domains) and it costs $49.97/mo.

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3. Rivo — Simple popup forms for new businesses


Rivo Popups is a basic exit popup software for Shopify developed by Rivo, a loyalty program platform made for Shopify. If you’re a new business looking to get started with email list building, then RIvo could be a good option.


  • Fully customizable exit intent popups

  • Add discounts to popups manually or automatically

  • Easy-to-use popup design editor

  • Display rules settings

  • Shopify-first app

Cost of this exit popup tool

Rivo popups is free to use (with RIvo branding). Extra features are paid.

Running your store on Shopify?

Browse dedicated Shopify exit intent popup apps

4. Sumo — free exit popup tool


Sumo is an exit intent popup software you can use for free. The free plan, often referred to as "Sumo Starter," has basic features such as list building, social sharing buttons, and limited customization options. This can be a good starting point for smaller websites or those looking to explore the platform's capabilities.


  • Basic exit popups

  • Social media sharing buttons

  • Essential visitor targeting options

  • Cart abandonment popups

  • Analytics and performance

How much does Sumo cost?

You can use the basic features for free. The premium plan costs $49/mo.

Yespark, a parking lot rental service, uses popups and bars to generate 4.5K new leads

5. Optinmonster — Made for WordPress


OptinMonster is a powerful exit-popup tool designed to enhance website engagement and conversion rates. Although it works on all websites, OptinMonster is popular as a WordPress exit intent popup plugin and is one of the most widely used among users of that website platform.


  • Adjustable exit-intent 

  • Exit intent for shopping cart recovery and content marketing

  • Desktop and mobile exit popups

  • Integrations with leading email marketing apps and CRM

  • Targeting (source, page, visit history)

  • A/B testing

How much does this exit intent popup software cost?

OptinMonster has neither a free plan nor a free trial (but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee). Monthly subscriptions range from $19/mo (Basic) to $99/mo (Growth).


Optinmonster alternatives (lead capture apps that beat Optinmonster in terms of pricing or features)

Exit popup case study

Let’s see what an exit popup creator can do using a case study of Overstockart.com, a Kansas-based retailer selling top-quality art reproductions.

Challenge:Slow lead generation
SolutionCapture visitors’ emails with exit popups to engage and educate potential buyers
Results1,000+ new emails added to the list every month on average; 2X sales YoY thanks to the engaged email list
Amitai Sasson

"We needed a tool to entice customers to leave their emails so we can at least achieve a 'mini' conversion and speak conversation until they make an ultimate decision to buy."

Amitai Sasson, VP of Ecommerce, Overstockart.com

To capture emails from desktop and mobile visitors, Amitai created two versions of the same campaign to target both groups (the desktop one is on the left):

desktop and mobile exit popups

In just six months—

Amitai’s exit intent offer collected 10,731 emails, achieving an impressive 10.4% CTR:

exit popup effective performance

I won’t go into many details with this case study—

But I encourage you to check it out. You’ll learn all the steps Amitai took to build his email list with exit intent popup software (and how you can do the same):

Read exit popup case study

Amitai Sasson

"Our growing email list enabled us to be much more successful, as we continue to see great numbers in sales generated from our email marketing."

Amitai Sasson, VP of Ecommerce, Overstockart.com

Exit popup software: summary

Some of the top-rated exit popup software are:

  • Wisepops

  • Picreel 

  • Rivo 

  • Sumo 

  • Optinmonster

Whether you’re running an online store, a blog, an agency’s website, or a university website, these exit popup tools will help you achieve your goals.

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses by writing detailed, in-depth guides.


Master's in International Marketing, Academy of Municipal Administration

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