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Last updated Fri Aug 25 2023

10 Best Exit-Intent Popup Apps for Shopify [2023 Ratings]

“Please, stick around and browse more!”

That’s one way to give Shopify store visitors a reason to stay. 

Not a good one, obviously.

A better one: use a Shopify exit popup with a good offer. That’s what can reignite potential customers’ interest and convert them.

To make such campaigns, you need a Shopify exit intent popup app. Below, find top such apps rated highly by your fellow Shopify store owners.

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Shopify exit popups: how effective are they?

Exit intent popups can convert over 19% of visitors.

Think about it this way: if you have a small Shopify store visited by 500 people a month, 19% equals almost 100 emails.

Not bad, right? A hundred new potential customers!

No wonder many successful Shopify stores use exit-intent popups. On average, Wisepops data shows, businesses convert 2.8% of visitors, but the best campaigns pull off conversion rates as high as 19.6%.

exit intent popup conversion rate, average and top

What makes those campaigns the best, you ask?

That’s a great question. Adding a bunch of popups to your website and hoping for great conversions is not a good idea. There’s more to that.

Shopify exit intent popups will work if they:

  • Have a good enough text to engage

  • Are presented to the right visitors

  • Offer something valuable (discounts, free shipping, etc.)

And if the offer strikes a chord, getting 5,000 leads a month could be possible.

Want to see how to make an exit-intent popup? Here’s our Lisa Fockens creating an exit popup with Wisepops, our Shopify popup builder, in under five minutes—take a look 👇

If you’d like to try, too?

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But let’s get back to the apps. Find more exit intent popup apps for Shopify, right below.

Exit intent popup apps for Shopify

  • Wisepops — Best for ecommerce stores

  • Personizely — Great for upselling

  • Optimonk — Popups & quizzes

  • Adoric — Great for small businesses

  • Poptin — Geared for agencies

  • Popupsmart — Popups with AI targeting

  • Sales Pop up — Simple app for beginners

  • Popup Maker by Sygnoos — Unique display options

  • Seguno — Design popups inside your panel 

  • Sendvio — Popups & basic newsletter

1. Wisepops — Best for ecommerce stores

wisepops best shopify popup app

Shopify store rating: 5.0

Wisepops has all you need to make exit popups, without being overly complicated.

You can make a popup in minutes, edit to your needs, and add it to your website (no experience needed). If you’d like to recover abandoned carts with discounts, Wisepops can make your life easier because it allows you to create and add unique discount codes automatically.

Of course, you can personalize your popups to different visitors and show them on specific pages. You can keep your efficiency goals, too—integrate Wisepops with your email app to keep things organized.

Here’s how Art of Play, a Shopify store, uses Wisepops 👇

exit popup created with popup builder wisepops

Wisepops also regularly expands the range of features, so you might be pleasantly surprised by how the app develops once you’re onboard.


  • Reliable exit intent detection

  • Auto-generated Shopify discount codes

  • Exit-intent popups for cart recovery, email building, and feedback collection

  • Targeting to personalize offers for new/returning visitors, paid visitors, visitors from a certain location, etc.

  • Regular additions of new features

  • Top-rated customer support

Who’s it for:

You can’t go wrong with Wisepops for creating Shopify exit popups. It’s got all the features for large ecommerce stores to generate leads and sales, and also is great for small businesses looking to get started with exit popups.


Free unlimited 14-day trial. Plans begin at $49/mo. You can also pay annually—in this case, you’ll get two months off.

👉 How to add a popup to Shopify: steps

"We use Wisepops as a real marketing tool, to collect opt-in the easiest way in compliance with our strong brand identity. They offer multiple ways to customize and display pop-ups at every step of our customer journey, due to their really good segmentation of visitors. It is very easy to connect with Shopify and Klaviyo as well."

Wisepops review from Shopify ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. Personizely — Great for upselling

personizely page exit popup app

Shopify store rating: 5.0

Personizely is a suite of conversion features that includes exit-intent popups. The app has a great rating from users thanks to reliable exit-intent detection technology, good-looking popup templates, and timely customer support.


  • Add coupon codes to popups

  • Easy integrations with email apps

  • Create exit popups for abandoned cart recovery

  • Target visitors based on location, device, and behavior

  • Good customer support

Who’s it for:

This exit intent popup is suitable for B2B businesses and small ecommerce stores.


Plans start at $29/mo. You can try this Shopify exit popup app for free for 14 days.

3. OptiMonk — Popups & Quizzes

optimonk page

Shopify store rating: 4.9

Optimonk is a known ecommerce marketing app that includes exit intent popups. You can use it to build your email list, get more sales, and recover abandoned shopping carts. The tool also includes advanced popups like shopping quizzes.


  • Ready-to-use campaigns

  • Over 300 popup templates

  • Powerful visitor targeting options

  • Gamification (spin-to-win popups)

  • Build your SMS marketing list

Who’s it for:

Small and mid-sized Shopify stores.


You can use Optimonk for free for 15,000 pageviews (enough for a small Shopify store). Once you reach that amount, you’d have to choose one of the paid plans that begin at $39/mo. 

4. Adoric — Great for small businesses

adoric page exit popup app

Shopify store rating: 5.0

If you’d like to get started with basic Shopify exit popups for free, consider Adoric. You can launch your first campaign and set up basic targeting for free for 1,000 pageviews, which should be enough if you’re just starting out.


  • Popups for exit intent and cart recovery

  • No coding knowledge required

  • Popup editor lets you apply for website colors automatically

  • A/B testing for exit popup campaigns

  • Slide-ins and floating popups

Who’s it for:

Small businesses that need a budget-friendly exit-intent Shopify popup app with all the essential features.


Free for 1,000 pageviews. The paid plans begin at $6/mo.

Case study 💡

“A popup that doesn’t feel like a popup:” How one Shopify campaign got 4,000 leads in 30 days.

👉 Asphalte lead generation study

5. Poptin — Geared for agencies

poptin app page shopify

Shopify store rating: 4.8

Unlike Adoric, Poptin is a more established Shopify exit intent popup app marketed as “a conversion rate optimization platform.” This means that it’s a suite of tools you can use to engage visitors. If you’re an agency, Poptin has a special subscription with sub accounts and unlimited domains. 


  • Beginner-friendly interface

  • Popups for lead generation and cart recovery

  • Good visitor targeting options

Who’s it for:

Although this Shopify exit popup app has options for every kind of business, their Agency plan makes it a good option to check out—it comes with useful features like sub accounts and users.


You can start using Poptin for free (1,000 pageviews per month) and then move to one of the paid plans. The cheapest plan costs $25/mo. The agency plan goes for $119/mo.

6. Popupsmart — Popups with AI targeting

popupsmart page

Shopify store rating: N/A

Popupsmart is not listed in the Shopify Store but it’s a good option to create exit intent popups. Creating campaigns is pretty straightforward and there’s no need to do too much customization of templates, according to the app’s users. One of the key features: AI that chooses targeting automatically.


  • Good-looking templates

  • Clone campaigns using premade templates

  • Smart mode that sets up targeting using AI

  • Simple campaign analytics

Who’s it for:

This Shopify exit popup app is a good option for marketers. Two of the three Popusmart’s paid plans are even called “Professional” and “Expert” to reflect the target user.


You can start using Popupsmart for free thanks to a free trial. The paid plans start at $29/mo for 100,000 pageviews. If you’d like your campaigns to be created by conversion optimization experts, go for the Expert plan for $129/mo.


Exit popup software (that works on all website platforms)

7. Sales Pop up — Simple app for beginners

sales popup app

Shopify store rating: 4.5

Another option to consider if you’re just starting out. Sales Pop up comes with only five types of popups (exit intent ones included, of course) and contains the essential features. So if you need a Shopify exit popup app that gets the job done without being overwhelmed by marketing expert-level features, this could be the one.


  • Very simple popup editor

  • Automatic discount codes

  • Completely customizable templates

Who’s it for:

Shopify store owners who need a simple app to run a few exit-intent campaigns.


No free plan. You can try this exit intent app for free for 14 days and then move to their paid subscription, which costs $7.95/mo.

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8. Popup Maker by Sygnoos — Unique display options

Popup Maker by Sygnoos shopify exit popup app

Shopify store rating: 4.8

One thing that makes this is the first Shopify exit popup stand out: multiple popup modes. Popup Maker allows you to choose how to display your campaign: softly, aggressively, or take up the whole screen.


  • Basic targeting

  • Over 80 popup templates

  • Multiple modes for popup display

  • Extra features like web push notifications and wheel popups

Who’s it for:

If you’re looking to run just one or two Shopify exit popups (and have maybe an extra push notification campaign), Popup Maker could be a good option. But its suite of features is not as comprehensive as in Wisepops, OptiMonk, and others, so if you’re looking for an all-in-one package for huge email list growth, consider others.


The cheapest plan costs $83.40 and is billed once per year (so no monthly payments). The pricing for multiple websites starts at $179.40 (annually). 

9. Seguno — Design popups inside your panel

seguno shopify exit popup app

Shopify store rating: 5.0

One interesting thing about Seguno is that you can work on your popup campaigns without leaving your Shopify panel. No worries about this Shopify exit popup app slowing your store—user reviews suggest it runs flawlessly.


  • Deep integration with Shopify

  • Easy-to-use popup editor

  • Import images from Canva directly into the image library

  • Add discounts to your popups

Who’s it for:

If the idea of an exit popup app that’s integrated into Shopify appeals to you, Seguno could be a good choice. Also, if you prefer to create designs in Canva, deep integration with that tool will also be handy.


Free for 1,000 views of your popup. Paid plans begin at $10 (you can get extra 10,000 views for an additional $10/mo).

10. Sendvio — Popups & basic email newsletter

sendvio app shopify page

Shopify store rating: 4.9

Sendvio is a basic Shopify popup app with email marketing functionality that’s specifically targeted at small businesses. It’s quite affordable and you get exit popups, essential targeting, and even newsletter features to engage those who converted.


  • Pre-built exit intent campaigns

  • Target visitors by device, country, location

  • Built-in email newsletter service

Who’s it for:

Sendvio might not have all the features of more advanced competitors, but it could be a good option for small businesses just getting started with email marketing. But if you’re looking for an exit intent Shopify popup, you can use the popup features—at that price, it’s a good bargain.


Free until you collect 500 emails with your popups. After that, you can choose one of the paid plans that start at $11/mo. 


How did we pick these apps? The Shopify exit popup apps on this list have been chosen according to their ratings on the Shopify App Store. To give you the best recommendations possible, apps rated only 4.6 stars and higher were included (rating is valid as of January 10, 2023.)

Oleksii Kovalenko, head of content at Wisepops

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses.