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Last updated Wed Mar 27 2024

7 Cart Abandonment Popup Examples [+How to Create]

A cart abandonment popup is a legit way to increase your sales.

This simple yet effective onsite tool can help you capture potential customers who are trying to leave your store without finishing a purchase.

This guide will give you everything you need to know to get started right.

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What is a cart abandonment popup?

A cart abandonment popup is an exit popup campaign displayed to the visitors who added items to the shopping cart but attempt to leave. Cart abandonment popups appear on checkout or other pages, serving as reminders for incomplete orders and often offering incentives to encourage finishing the purchase.

cart abandonment popup

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Why you might want to use Wisepops:

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If you need some assistance, check out how to create a cart recovery popup in five mins:

Learn how top Shopify businesses tackle cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment Popup Examples

Let's see how successful businesses use cart recovery popups to get sales.

1. OddBalls

cart abandonment popup

You can add discounts to cart abandonment popups, which is a popular way to recover sales.

This is the strategy that OddBalls used here. The brand shows this campaign to those who added an item to the cart but left to another page and then attempted to leave from there.

There's a discount code, a button to apply it to the cart in one click, and a message saying that the offer is valid for only 24 hours.

OddBalls used Wisepops to make this Shopify cart abandonment popup. See more examples of campaigns made with Wisepops.

OddBalls makes £50,000 with one discount campaign:

2. Sundays for Dogs

cart abandonment popup on exit

Sundays for Dogs, a dog food subscription service, uses this cart abandonment popup to encourage visitors to try a free sample. All the customer has to do is click and go straight to the page where they can order the free sample.

Similar to the previous example, this campaign triggers when the visitor is about to exit, ensuring it doesn't disrupt the shopping journey.

See more ways to engage customers with popups:

All types of popups [with examples]

3. Prada

cart abandonment popup example

Prada shows this cart abandonment popup on the checkout page. It has no incentives but rather serves as one more way to prevent customers from leaving the website.

Note that this checkout popup shows the item in the cart, offering customers one more glimpse of the attractive product they will miss out on if they decide to leave.

Useful guide for increasing sales of specific products:

How to promote a product [+examples]


Adding countdown timers to cart recovery popups is a great idea to prevent customers from leaving. That's what TOMS has done in this campaign, which creates a sense of urgency to buy by giving a discount for only 15 mins.

Learn how to add countdown timers to popups.

Using a countdown to a popup can increase the average popup conversion rate from 3.79% to 5.36%.

Source: Popup statistics 2024


cart abandonment popup on the side

The cart abandonment popup has a distinctive design, resembling a window that overlays the right side of the screen. It shows the product in the cart and asks the visitor if they're still interested in getting it.

Again, this cart abandonment example appears on the exit (so, technically it's an exit popup example as well). So, customers see it only when they try to leave the website.

Design good-looking popup campaigns:

Popup design guide with examples

6. Dolce & Gabbana

cart recovery popup

This is an awesome example of a cart abandonment popup because it:

  • appears only on checkout (doesn't interrupt shopping)

  • emphasizes the exclusivity of items in the cart with "complete your purchase before they're gone"

  • gives a way to contact customer support to get help with the order

See more examples from luxury and famous companies:

50+ website popup examples (including Dolce & Gabbana, Elder Statesman, and Ben & Jerry's)

7. Olive My Heart

cart abandonment popup with special offer

You can also entice hesitant buyers with an exclusive offer.

For instance, this store provides a special price for purchasing multiple items, a clever strategy. Creating a sense of urgency is achieved through the countdown timer—an excellent idea.

Limited-time offers sound like a good strategy to try?

Get the info you need to start: Guide to limited-time offers with examples

BONUS: Onsite notifications for cart recovery

Popups aren't the only way to prevent cart abandonment.

Try onsite notifications

It's a non-intrusive social media-style feed for websites you can use to detect cart content and show personalized offers in messages like these (that visitors open themselves):

cart recovery onsite notification

“We've seen significant success with our notification feed, as evidenced by increased customer engagement and higher average order values. In the last 30 days, site users who opened their feed, visited 236% more pages than the rest of our traffic. Furthermore, we have an average campaign open rate of 26%.

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network


Cart abandonment popups are an important tool for ecommerce brands to recover potentially lost sales. As you've just seen, even companies like Prada, TOMS, and Dolce & Gabbana use cart abandonment popups.

By incorporating strategies such as unique discounts, free samples, and countdown timers, you should be able to recover your fair share of sales. So, start using cart abandonment popups today and see the difference they can make in your sales.

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