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Last updated Mon May 27 2024

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps [2024]

Looking for a Shopify abandoned cart app?

Choosing the right one can have a big impact on your sales as well as the average order value.

These Shopify abandoned cart apps can recover sales with website popup ads, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, push notifications, and other ways.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Add a cart recovery popup to your store. Built-in Shopify properties, unique discount codes, and Klaviyo segment targeting

Shopify Popup intro

Original study of 500 Shopify stores

The State of Visitor Engagement on Shopify [find out how top businesses engage customers and recover abandoned carts]

How to choose an abandoned cart app for Shopify?

To pick the best Shopify abandoned cart app for your store, go over these key moments:

  • Dedicated app for not? Cart recovery is often a part of functionality, so you get both marketing and cart recovery in one. But if you need only cart recovery, pick a dedicated app.

  • Cart recovery methods. Decide if you need an app with one or multiple cart recovery channels (emails, SMS, Whatsapp, push notifications, popups, etc.). The answer depends on the channels your customers use.

  • Budget considerations. You can get free Shopify abandoned cart apps (but some of them charge fees for sales). For growing businesses, paid apps can be more effective—they have advanced tools like live cart activity, cart value targeting, and better personalization.

With that in mind—

Let’s look at the best abandoned cart apps for Shopify. Each section has helpful info and tips to help you choose.

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Best Shopify abandoned cart apps

Here are the top Shopify abandoned cart apps, in no particular order, with ratings as of May 2024:

  1. Wisepops — Best for cart recovery with popups

  2. Cartly — Free cart recovery with emails and pushes

  3. Marsello — Low-cost app with persistent cart feature

  4. WhatsApp Abandoned Cart & Chat — Best for recovering carts via WhatsApp

  5. Omnisend — Best for cart abandonment emails

  6. Abandonment Protector+SMS — Emails, SMS, & popups in one

  7. Amplified: Email & Abandon Cart — App with live cart activity monitoring

  8. AVADA Email Marketing — Top cart abandonment app for email & SMS app

  9. Messenger, Whatsapp Chat+Carts — Cart recovery & customer support for social media

1. Wisepops

Rating: 4.9

wisepops shopify page

With Wisepops , you can recover abandoned carts on your Shopify store with multiple channels: cart abandonment popups, bars, embeds, and onsite notifications.

With built-in Shopify cart targeting features, you can make personalized ecommerce popup for every visitors (based on their cart content, previous purchases, and even names):

shopify properties

Here's an example of a cart recovery popup made with Wisepops:

free sample popup made with popupsAnd one more—

cart abandonment popup

If you're interested, check out more examples of cart abandonment popups.


You can also use another onsite channel, onsite notifications, a social media-like personal feed for websites, to create targeted exit campaigns:

targeting onsite notifications

Why choose this Shopify abandoned cart app?

Who should use Wisepops?

Mid-sized and large stores that need a reliable Shopify cart recovery app that allows to do a lot of experimenting for better growth.

Since Wisepops is a plug-in app, it’s also a powerful tool for building your email list quickly and efficiently.


Unlimited free 14-day trial; Paid plans start from $49/mo.

A special unlimited plan Wisepops One is available for large Shopify stores.

👉 See campaigns made with Wisepops


"Wisepops has been a fantastic unlock for our team as we continue to focus on acquisition and engagement. We have seen great success with our entry and exit intent campaigns..."

Wisepops review from Capterra

Case study

Find out how OddBalls, a Shopify store, generated £50K in sales with Wisepops onsite notifications: OddBalls success story

best shopify abandoned cart recovery app

Affordability is what makes this Shopify app for abandoned checkout popular. For just 12 bucks, you can recover carts with automated email and push notifications—and even switch to a free plan later. 

Although the functionality is pretty basic, Care Cart is good for new Shopify stores. Besides the cart abandonment features, it also includes spin-to-win popups to help generate more leads for email marketing.

Why choose this Shopify abandoned cart app?

  • Budget-friendly option

  • Email popups to collect leads

  • Browser push notifications and emails as cart reminders

  • Basic analytics: total carts, recovered carts, and failed checkouts

Who should use Care Cart?

Businesses looking for a free or low-cost Shopify abandoned cart app for emails and push notifications.


Free plan for emails and pushes but includes a fee on every recovered order. To remove fees and get unlimited subscribers, you’ll need the Pro plan for $14.99.

faguo logo
Spin-to-win campaigns is a good idea for Shopify stores because they can convert up to 30% of store visitors

3. RecoverMyCart

Rating: 4.7

shopify abandoned cart recovery app 3

With this abandoned checkout Shopify app, you get three ways to recover sales: emails, exit-intent popups, and notifications in Facebook Messenger. RecoverMyCart allows only basic customization but still is a good option for engaging customers at scale.

Why choose this Shopify app for abandoned carts?

  • Emails, popups, and Messenger reminders

  • Templates for every channel

  • Basic drag-and-drop campaign editor

  • Campaign scheduling for cart recovery emails

  • Persistent cart that appears across different devices

Who should use RecoverMyCart?

Small Shopify stores that need a simple and affordable app that includes multiple ways to recover carts, including social media.


Paid plans start at $19/mo. Free 14-day trial is available.

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If you want to recover orders using WhatsApp, consider this app. It’s one of the best Shopify abandoned cart apps (2,600+ 5-start reviews) thanks to easy installation and customization features. Besides WhatsApp, you can also recover sales through emails and SMS.

Why choose this Shopify abandoned cart app?

  • WhatsApp, email, and SMS cart recovery

  • Manual cart recovery messaging

  • Customer support features

Who should use Whatsapp Chat+Abandoned Cart?

Businesses that need to connect with customers via WhatsApp. Since this app combines cart recovery and customer support functionality, it’s a good option for both marketing and service.


Free to install and no monthly charges. Users pay only WhatApp fees.

Speaking of the best-rated apps…
Here are the best Shopify popup apps if you’re looking for those.

5. Omnisend

Rating: 4.8

omnisend shopify store page

Omnisend was created for email marketing, so it’s not strictly an abandoned checkout app for Shopify. We recommend this app for cart recovery emails because it’s a great combination of price, cart recovery email marketing features, and user-friendliness.

Why choose this abandoned checkout app?

  • Pre-made cart recovery emails and campaigns

  • Free for 500 emails every month

  • Professional cart recovery email templates

Who should use Omnisend?

Small and mid-sized Shopify stores looking for a cart recovery app with quality email marketing features.


You can send 500 monthly emails for free. Paid subscriptions begin at $16/mo.

shopify abandoned cart recovery app sendvio

Another dedicated Shopify app for abandoned checkout that combines multiple channels. Although not particularly advanced feature-wise, the app includes the basics you need to start recovering carts. And it works, as proven by hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Why choose this app?

  • Emails, SMS, and popups in one app

  • Pre-built cart recovery campaign templates

  • Unique coupon codes to encourage finishing purchases

Who should use this Shopify app for abandoned cart?

Based on the stores that reviewed the app, most users are small and mid-sized stores focusing on building a customer base.


Plans start at $8/mo. Prices grow with message limits.

7. Amplified: Email & Abandon Cart

Rating: 4.8

cart recovery apps

Amplified is technically a marketing platform, it has robust shopping cart recovery features, including SMS and emails. The app also allows you to monitor cart activity live, watching what products are added, the location of visitors, cart value, and results. This feature makes Amplified one of the best Shopify apps for abandoned cart monitoring.

Why choose Amplified?

  • Cart recovery with emails and text messages

  • Simple dashboard for monitoring cart activity live

  • Pre-built cart recovery campaigns

Who should use this Shopify cart recovery app?

Small and growing stores with small marketing teams.


Free for live monitoring and email cart recovery. Paid plans start at $29/mo. Free 7-day trial is available on every subscription.

8. AVADA Email Marketing

Rating: 4.9

shopify abandoned cart recovery app

AVADA competes with Omnisend for being the best Shopify abandoned cart app for emails. It targets clients with an existing store that’s getting some traction by offering a suite of growth-oriented features, including cart recovery. So, check it out if email cart recovery is your primary goal.

Why choose this Shopify cart recovery app?

  • Exit-intent popups, emails, and SMS

  • Real-time shopping cart activity dashboard

  • Emails for abandoned cart and checkout

Who should use AVADA?

Growing Shopify stores that need an app that has cart recovery and marketing functionality for emails and SMS.


You can use one automated cart email workflow for free. Paid plans that include more workflows and SMS start at $16/mo for 1,000 contacts.

9. Messenger, Whatsapp Chat+Carts

Rating: 4.9

shopify abandoned cart recovery app 1

You’ll get easy automation for cart recovery in Messenger and WhatsApp chats in this app. It’s also well-suited for beginners and small shops and offers a basic suite of features for free. Besides, setting up cart recovery campaigns is very convenient—often, all you have to do is click once.

Why choose this Shopify app for cart recovery?

  • Campaign templates for Messenger and WhatsApp

  • Exit-intent popups as cart abandonment protectors

  • Product recovery campaigns for visitors who viewed specific products but left

Who should use this app?

Businesses that need a dedicated Shopify app for recovering carts via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Free for 100 conversations on WhatsApp and Messenger. The Business plan costs $249.99/mo and includes advanced features like segmentation.

Shopify abandoned cart apps: summary

Taking care of your recovering abandoned carts is a time-consuming project—but it’s totally worth your effort. Having a great Shopify abandoned cart app can automate this process and bring you sales on autopilot.

I hope our tips were helpful to find a great cart abandonment app in this post. If you have any Shopify cart recovery experiences or suggestions to share, let me know in the comments!

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