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Last updated Thu Jun 13 2024

How to Add Popups to a Wix Website [2024]

Want to add a popup on Wix?

That’s a great decision. Website popups are great for lead generation, sales, and marketing. They can really help your business grow by providing a steady source of leads.

Here, you’ll learn how to add a popup on Wix easily and for free.

Let’s begin!

Shop now sales popup
Wix popup templates

Get a head start on designing Wix popups. Browse our library of designer-made popup templates. Start converting your traffic.

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What popups can you find on Wix websites?

The most popular popup boxes on Wix are:

Newsletter popup
Get inspired to make the best Wix popup:

50+ website pop-up examples (including Dolce & Gabbana, Ben & Jerry's, and Brooklinen)

How to add a popup to a Wix website

  1. Get a popup app

  2. Add a code to your website

  3. Create the popup campaign

  4. Choose a goal for your Wix popup

  5. Select a popup template

  6. Customize the template

  7. Choose when to display the popup

  8. Activate the campaign

Step 1: Get a popup app

First, we need a popup creator.

I’ll use our app, Wisepops—it's got a 4.9-star Capterra rating (here are examples of how others use it):

No cc required, 14-day free trial with premium features

signup wisepops page

For this tutorial, I chose the email (not the Gmail) way.

After the login, add your details in the next window. To create your free account, agree to the terms of service and click Start My Free Trial.

💡 Note

At this point, you already can go straight to the editor and make Wix popups > go to Step 3.

To add a popup to your Wix site (aka do the technical stuff), see the next step.

Step 2: Add popups to your Wix website with a setup code

Now, we’re in the Wisepops dashboard.

To actually add popup functionality to your Wix website, you need to embed some code in your Wix admin panel. This is easy, and I’ll walk you through it now.

Click Get my setup code at the top of the Wisepops dashboard.

Once clicked, this button will show you the code (see the image below).

Copy the code and follow the installation instructions. You’ll need to log in to your Wix panel and paste the code at the end of the pages where you want popups.

Wisepops Wix setup code

Click Back to websites and return to the dashboard by clicking the Wisepops logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Time to switch to Wix.

First, head over to your Wix Editor.

There, go to Settings > Custom code in the Advanced section.

Wix editor popup setup code

Next, you’ll find your website’s code in a small window.

Click +Add Custom Code in the top right corner to edit the code. Keep in mind the code must go before the <body> tag.

Wix custom code for popup

And then...

Wisepops custom code

Detailed Wix instructions: How to embed custom code to your site [Wix Help Center]

Step 3: Create your first popup campaign

Now, let’s get back to the Wisepops dashboard—it’s time to create a popup!

If prefer a video, please check out this clip. The text instructions follow if you’d like to use them instead.

So, let’s begin creating a Wix popup!

To start, click Create Campaign in Wisepops dash (make sure you're in the Popups tab)

dashboard wisepops

Wisepops will offer you two ways to achieve that: with a campaign assistant or a custom campaign.

Consider choosing Campaign Assistant if you’re creating a popup campaign for the first time. It’s an easier option for beginners, so we’ll choose it for this tutorial.

Step 4: Choose a campaign goal

Now, we decide what we’re creating the campaign for.

The goal depends on the goals of your business. For example, you might want to build an email list, generate sales with discounts, survey customers, or share customer service-related notifications.

For this campaign, let’s choose Grow your audience > Newsletter. This means we’re going to create a subscribe popup for your Wix site to get emails from visitors:

create welcome popup step two

Step 5: Select a Wix popup template

Once you’ve clicked Newsletter, you’ll be redirected to the newsletter template gallery. There, you can choose how your future popup will look like.

For this campaign, let’s choose the traditional popup template.

wix popup template

Also, you can preview any template on your website—just click the preview button.

Step 6: Customize the campaign

Now, we have arrived in the campaign editor.

Let’s start customizing the Wix popup window to reflect your brand. It’s simple: just hover over an element to see the button that allows editing.

For example, hover over the headline to see the Edit button.

popup builder for wix

To customize the campaign, change these elements:

  • Image

  • Color scheme

  • CTA button text

  • Main text (heading and description)

A rule of thumb about the design (including your Wix pop up text, image, and colors) is to make it reflect your website’s colors and fonts. This strategy helps to make a popup that feels like its natural part.

How about some inspiration to design your first Wix popup? Check out these: Gorgeous Popup Designs

Step 7: Choose when to display your Wix popup

Popup timing can have a major effect on conversions.

You can show your popup campaign:

  • On landing (when a visitor opens the page)

  • Timed (shown after a certain time on page)

  • Exit-intent (displayed when a visitor tries to leave)

  • On scroll (when a visitor reaches a certain percentage of the page)

To configure popup timing—

Go to the Trigger section in the Display main menu option.

Let’s choose the On Exit option for our campaign. Our clients report that exit-intent campaigns outperform traditional popups by 5%.

Step 8: Activate your Wix popup

Just one step left before your popup campaign goes live.

And it’s a simple one.

Save your campaign (the Save button is always in the top left corner in the campaign editor) and click Campaigns to go to the dashboard.

There, set the toggle switch to on (the right position, as shown) to activate your campaign.

That’s it, you made and activated your first Wix popup campaign.

Well done!

Wix popups: what’s next?

Monitoring campaign performance...

Connecting your email provider for easier lead management...

Creating and testing more popup campaigns to try different marketing tactics...

These could be your next steps to get more value from Wix popups. If you feel like doing that, check out these resources to learn more tricks:

Our Help Center should be helpful, too.

Good luck with popup on your Wix website!

Caro Cooper

Caro has nearly twenty years of experience as a professional writer and editor. She specializes in the fields of tech and ecommerce content.

Caro has degrees in Business and Arts, as well as post-graduate qualifications in Editing and Publishing.

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