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Last updated Wed May 29 2024

16 Signup Form Examples You Can Learn From

Looking for signup form examples?

If yes, then I have an awesome list for you.

For the past week, I’ve been hunting the web for the best examples of signup forms. It took a lot of searching to appreciate the variety of signup forms and pick beautiful and engaging ones.


I’d like you to have the same inspirational experience. With these best signup form examples and your knowledge, you’ll be closer to generating a great deal of leads.

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multistep survey popup example

What’s a signup form?

A signup form is a popup, web page, or modal that allows website visitors to join an email list by submitting their email or phone number. Signup forms are an essential way to generate leads and build a base of engaged subscribers.

Signup forms can be either integrated into a website or shown as a popup. In both scenarios, they contain one or multiple input fields to capture information such as emails, names, and even product preferences.

Here’s a typical signup form that contains a headline, a supporting text, and one input field for email capture.

Example of signup form
Credit: Allbirds

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And now, let’s see the best signup form examples.

Signup form examples

  1. Highway Robery — an embedded signup form

  2. Primal Pet Foods — a signup form with a survey

  3. Death Wish Coffee — a signup form with a discount

  4. Queen Garnet — a “telegram” signup form

  5. Beardbrand — a content-driven signup form

  6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters — an ecommerce signup form

  7. Pedego Bikes — a form in an onsite feed

  8. WP Standard — a form that visitors launch themselves

  9. Bombas — a signup form with a teaser

  10. Holo Taco — a fixed signup form

  11. Blume — a signup form with a discount

  12. Williams Sonoma — a visually appealing signup form

  13. Nike — a popup signup form with a survey

  14. Fly by Jing — a super creative and colorful form

  15. Mailchimp — a SaaS signup form

  16. Gymshark — a signup form with a dedicated web page

1. Highway Robery

“Sign up for the news and notes from around the robe!”

There’s no mistake in this sentence. It’s just the playful personality of Highway Robery shining through in this signup form example. The brand sells robes, so they found a creative way to attract visitors’ attention with copywriting.

Another singup exampleThe design of this signup form example is simple—

It’s got an engaging text, one input field, and a contrasting CTA button. The form contains no images, so the engaging copy is the main attention-grabber here.

Want to know techniques professional copywriters use? Check out our Guide to Ecommerce Copywriting to get tips and examples.

2. Primal Pet Foods

Most signup form examples are pretty generic…

But not this one from Primal Pet Foods. They chose a more creative design approach—the signup form has two furry “spectators” to observe the registration process!

Also, note how much information this signup form example requests. Besides the email, Primal Pet Foods asks for the subscriber’s name, zip code, and pet-related info. 

Although the signup form seems like a lot to fill out, the design is smart in using different UI components. For example, you can answer two questions by choosing an option instead of writing text—that’s quick.

Thanks to this bold move, the brand collects valuable information about product preferences from visitors. Like a website survey!

Want to get information and feedback from your visitors with a popup?

Here’s how to create website surveys.

3. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee nails both creativity and value for customers.

The question “Want 15% off?” quickly captures our attention. If our answer is “yes,” then we just read the sentence below the question to know how to get the discount.

So, this signup form example has us listening and considering the purchase with a simple three-word headline. And there’s only one field to fill out—so getting that discount is pretty easy.

signup popup example

Note that this is an SMS popup—which means it asks for a phone number, not an email.

This suggests that Death Wish Coffee does text message marketing, a popular method to engage customers. 

To collect emails, the brand uses another, simpler signup form embedded into the website. Let’s take a look at it, too, it’s another example of a fun-loving and playful brand personality conveyed through copywriting.

“Reap the rewards,” “Exclusive code”…
In ecommerce, you can use so-called power words (persuasive words that compel readers to action) to engage more customers.

Learn more: 100 Power Words for Conversions

4. Queen Garnet

This is one of those signup form examples that keep things quick.

A notable feature here is the headline “Telegram from the Queen.” The brand sells juice made from the Queen Garnet plum, known globally as the darkest plum in the world. 

So why not have a little fun and make this newsletter signup sound like a big deal?

newsletter signup popup example

Note that the signup form has only one field, so it’s quick to subscribe.

The brand made an unusual decision to mention the discount in small letters below the input field. But the main focus is the headline, which is a bold move.

And guess what—

Things get even more creative when you actually sign up and hit OK. The brand (or should we say the Majesty?) thanks us for subscribing.

newsletter signup popup thank you page

Queen Garnet’s signup form example is a good one to show how important the copy can be to capture leads. Also, we see how one more business keeps their website texts perfectly aligned with the brand personality.

💡 Example of creative signup campaign

Egg hunt on a website: How Soi Paris converts visitors

5. Beardbrand

Among all signup form examples here, this one has empathy written all over.

The brand describes the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter in just enough detail. That’s a great idea—many potential customers will appreciate knowing that they’ll be able to participate in giveaways, learn grooming techniques, etc.

signup form example

There’s also a word play here.

One of the brand’s missions is to help customers grow awesome beards. The newsletter signup form supports this mission by providing materials to grow their skills, or “mind.”

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Design is very important to give website signup forms the best chance to get subscribers. This next sample of a signup form illustrates this point.

The brand added a gif instead of a static image to this ecommerce popup—a cool idea! 

Now, the cup contains not only black coffee, but an entire rotating galaxy. That’ll surely get visitors’ attention!

discount offer for newsletter signup

Structure wise, it’s a straightforward example of a signup form.

The entire form has only one step (email subscription), which makes it easy and fast for visitors to get through. Combined with the animated image and the discount, the structure makes this example of the best signup forms on this list.

7. Pedego Bikes

This next signup form example can seem a bit generic but—

There’s nothing generic about its placement. Unlike most signup form examples here, this one is an onsite notification.

Onsite notifications are a social media-like feed that you can add to any website—a completely new way to engage visitors. The feed can contain marketing messages of any kind, including newsletter signup forms.

Here’s the feed at Pedego—

The visitor clicks “the bell,” goes through the feed, and finds the email signup form:

Besides making the website experience more interactive, the onsite notifications also do something important—

They focus visitors’ attention on marketing messages.

This way, Pedego gives important marketing messages quicker (and in one place!). For example, the brand can share any discount or coupon code ideas, drive traffic to other pages, and of course, generate leads.

Speaking of lead generation, here’s how the form looks:

signup notification feed

This innovative website visitor engagement tool becomes a part of the website thanks to integration. But since it’s an app, you manage it like a separate channel for communicating and engaging your visitors.

👉 Learn more about onsite notifications

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Case study

How to convert more visitors using onsite notifications:

OddBalls case study

8. WP Standard

This signup form example has an awesome placement.

Instead of showing the popup form right away, the brand displays a small teaser in the bottom right corner of the website. The teaser asks an intriguing question: “Win a tote?” 

Once clicked, it shows the signup form—look.

This way, WP Standard is ensuring that its popup signup form is non-intrusive. Visitors can launch the form whenever they want, which is great for the shopping experience.

But let’s take a closer look at the signup form.

I can highlight several things: a stunning product image, an attention-grabbing headline, and the single, easy-to-do input field.

popup signup form example

And that’s not all—

When you sign up, you’ll see a second-step popup.

And it’s a surprise!

Besides confirming your participation in the tote giveaway, the brand also gives us $10 off the first order. That’s a nice way to give us a gentle nudge to buy.

signup form example

So this example signup form has another takeaway for us:

Try to overdeliver.

What WP Standard did here is allow visitors to participate in a giveaway and then added a discount on top of the offer. That’s a nice way to convert first-time visitors—after all, discounts are the second top reason why online shoppers decide to buy.

Convert more visitors with giveaways:

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9. Bombas

Here’s another example of a signup form with a teaser.

This time, it comes from Bombas, one of the best Shopify stores. Instead of the product giveaway, the brand offers a 20% discount.

The teaser is placed at the bottom center of their website, so visitors can get the discount whenever they feel like using it.

discount popup example

The main signup form is very simple.

There’s just one question that many customers are likely to say “yes” to. Also, as you can see, this signup form example doesn’t have the input field just yet.

discount offer popup at Bombas

Once we click “Yes, Please,” the email input field appears.

There’s just one field, so the process will be quick. Note the button text “Get My 20% Off,” too, written in the first-person language.

newsletter signup popup with a discount at bombas

Writing CTA button texts from the customers’ point of view is an old marketing copywriting trick.

One famous study found that first-person language generated 90% more clicks than second-person language: “Get my free 30-day trial” vs “Get your free 30-day trial.” So, you can consider testing this trick in your website signup forms, too.

10. Holo Taco

This signup form example is located in a fixed position, breaking two content sections.

It’s very straight-to-the-point and contains only one field. Similar to other examples of email signup forms here, this one is also consistent with the brand’s fun-loving personality. Note the use of emojis, too.

newsletter signup popup by holo taco

Together, these elements make a signup form example that both delivers a good experience and resonates with Holo Taco’s identity: playful and exciting. Besides, the overall design makes this email signup form very sleek and elegant looking. 

Holo Taco Success Story

Cristine Rosenberg rejected investments from big companies because of brand vision differences. Thanks to her relentless focus on brand identity, she built one of the most unique nail polish companies herself.

See these Shopify Success Stories for more stories Chubbies, Allbirds, and others.

11. Blume

One of the reasons customers visit Blume’s site is to get self care tips.

The folks from the brand’s marketing team are aware of this. That’s why this newsletter signup form promises helpful content like acne treatment and other self-care-related content.

blume signup form example

This elegant signup form example is a good one for inspiration for online stores with a blog. Besides a great design, the form lists a good deal of reasons to subscribe: a discount, helpful content, and “fun community surprises.”

So, if you have an ecommerce store, consider following this example of a signup form from Blume.

Signup form case study

Blume converts 5% of visitors using Wisepops popups. Learn more: Blume case study

12. Williams Sonoma

This next signup form sample is a homepage popup. It nails three things: simplicity, design, and value.

In terms of simplicity, it’s very easy to understand the message at first glance. We immediately realize that the form offers savings, recipes, and other perks. The design is memorable and appealing—thanks to the visual. And of course, the value for readers is also quite clear.

williams signup form example

Such eye-catching popup designs will often have a positive impact on conversions as they create longer impressions. So if you’re trying to make a newsletter signup form as a popup like this, definitely get inspiration from this example.

Want tips on how successful brands design popups as signup forms? Check out these Popup Best Practices from brands like Timberland.

13. Nike 

Nike shows this exit intent popup to unsubscribed visitors.

Besides the email input field, Nike also asks for the date of birth and the shopping preference (Mens/Womens). This way, the brand tries to get high-quality leads and personalize their email communication with them.

nike signup form

The three steps in the form are easy and quick to complete. 

The only field the visitors need to add info to is the email—the rest is selected in dropdown menus. That’s a good way to get more info without making users type anything.

14. Fly by Jing

This is one of the most unique email signup forms.

Fly by Jing, an online store known for a colorful ecommerce website design, uses this form at the bottom of the homepage. Spices are the brand’s popular product category, and… the design of this one is surely on fire!

jing signup popup form

Like many other signup forms, this one also asks for phone numbers.

Once you subscribe to the newsletter, the form changes the text. This time, more benefits are listed to encourage us to sign up for SMS updates, too. But to be fair, those benefits do sound great—who wouldn’t want to be a VIP customer?

jing sms signup form

Note how this signup form sample also uses the first-person language with “Text me!” That’s great UX writing.

If you’d like to learn how to write engaging texts, check out our guide: How to Write Popup Copy for Conversions.

15. MailChimp

Unlike the other best signup forms on the list, this one is a web page.

It comes from MailChimp, a popular email marketing app. When you create an account on their website, you’re presented with this signup form below. It’s clean, easy to fill in, and very simplistic.

mailchimp signup form example

Note that the form offers to opt-out from marketing and promotional emails from Mailchimp. That’s one way to give users more control over their experience with the app.

Overall, this is a good example of a signup form for a SaaS business. It requires only the most essential info (user name, password, and email) and lets users get started with the app quickly.

16. Gymshark

Most signup form examples are either popups or fixed position forms. This one is an exception with a usual placement. And an interesting sample to see.

To sign up for the newsletter, you need to click on the “Sign Up” button in this fixed-position section on the brand’s homepage.

embed signup form at gymshark

Once you click—

You’ll be redirected to a new page with the signup form.

Here’s how it looks. The form is divided into two sections: the actual signup form (left) and a part with the benefits (right).

gymshark signup formTo many people, this signup form might look overwhelming a bit. That’s why Gymshark created a dedicated web page for it, to try and minimize distractions.

Plus, the list of the benefits also works to encourage visitors to sign up. That’s a must-do considering the form is a bit longer than most.


So, did you like the signup form examples you’ve just seen?

I hope you got a lot of inspiration from the list.

As you can see, online businesses create very different signup forms, so there’s no single strategy to follow. Your best bet, though, would be to keep things simple, convincing, and centered around the value for subscribers.

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