22 Gorgeous Popup Design Examples [Inspiration]

Popups can help build email lists, promote sales, and drive visitors to important pages.

Provided that they’re relevant and good-looking, of course.

In this post, we’ll talk about the second part of the equation: popup design. Here, you’ll see what makes an engaging popup design that people love to see and engage with.

Let’s get you started with 22 beautiful popup design examples.

Desktop popup designs

Let’s start with desktop email capture popups.

We’ve included all kinds of opt-in popup design examples in this selection. You’ll see both complex popups and simple examples that prove that you don’t have to be a designer to make good-looking popup designs.

1. Meow Meow Tweet: creative popup

This popup design example is one of the most creative we’ve ever seen. The popup is shaped like a cat, which goes perfectly in line with the company’s brand.

creative popup design

2. Remarkable: sleek and beautiful

Although Remarkable’s popup design is a gorgeous example of matching the rest of the website, let’s focus on the formats they’re using. When I visited this website a week ago, I saw this popup design that felt like an extension of their store.

popup design example

But when I paid a visit a few days ago—

I saw this beautiful popup design, a less intrusive one. Just look how it blends with the rest of the website!

popup design from remarkable

3. Flight Club: Straight-to-the-point popup

This popup example from Flight Club is black and white, without a background visual. The design fits the overall color palette of the website, which makes it look natural. The offer is very clear and so is the call-to-action. That’s what we call a straight-to-the-point website popup design.

fight club opt-in popup

4. Weebly: Non-intrusive and compelling popup design

What’s interesting about Weebly’s popup design example is the bar format. This format makes the popup visible at all times.

Our experience shows that subscription rates from bars are lower than popups. Still, they can engage plenty of visitors if you give it a contrasting color and a compelling text.

Weebly subscription bar

5. Peter Shankman: A subtle slide-in popup

Influencer Peter Shankman designed a subtle slide-in popup that appears as users scroll down. This popup design is non-intrusive and does its job engaging visitors very well.

Peter Shankman's lead capture popup

6. Nike: Simple but effective

Want to collect more info from visitors besides emails? More fields can be a deterrent for visitors. However, you can avoid this by keeping user experience front of mind while designing the popup. Nike’s popup example shows how you can do it in a simple and effective way.

Nike pop-up design example

7. MeUndies: A popup that really pops

Now, let’s see a colorful popup design. This popup from MeUndies is a great example: it’s attention-grabbing, creative, and engaging. Everything is right in this popup design, from the visual to the color choice, and the CTA that just pops.

ecommerce pop-up example

8. Volusion: Reflecting the community

When using photos of your products is an issue (most SaaS are in this situation), why not select pictures from your community? That’s what Volusion did in this email capture popup design.

Volusion pop-up

9. Livechat: Playful illustration

Using illustrations in popup designs is another good option. It can definitely make your campaign standout and add playfulness. Here’s a great illustrated popup example on LiveChat’s blog.

blog pop-up design

10. KlientBoost: Pushing the illustration further

Looks like KlientBoost got a little help from their in-house designers for this campaign. Their creative illustration adds fun to the popup design. That’s a cool way to ask people to subscribe to a newsletter!

Klient boost's lead capture form design
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11. Kelly Harrop: Out-of-the-box design

Here’s another example of a super creative popup design. The copy is compelling, and the eye is drawn to the call-to-action thanks to the contrasting color and cut-out shape.

dissonant design

12. Carbon 38: Invade the screen

This popup example goes even further. The round popup (a rare shape in popup design) is highlighted by the model on the right. It’s a full-screen popup, so it captures the attention of visitors effectively.

Carbon 38's larger than life pop-up design

13. Frank Body: Use your brand personality

“Pants off, 10% off your first purchase”—this creative, attention-grabbing headline is in line with Frank Body’s tone of voice. The rest of the text follows the same strategy, supporting the brand’s quirky and playful personality.

Frank Body popup design

14. Taylor Stitch: Use a huge hero image

You’re browsing Taylor Stitch’s website and bam!

You’re standing outside, looking out upon a beautiful mountain range. Okay, that didn’t happen (the folks in the lab are still working on teleportation), but this popup design creates that effect beautifully. The full-screen format and amazing background image is a striking combination.

Taylor Stitch whole screen popup design

Mobile email popup designs

In a world where more than half of the traffic is mobile, you need a popup marketing strategy adapted to mobile devices. And with Google’s guidelines regarding mobile interstitials, you can’t just work on making your creations responsive.

16. Patagonia: Keep it simple

Let’s start with the simplest popup example possible: black copy on a light background. Patagonia respects Google guidelines with a welcome popup that doesn’t prevent visitors from accessing the landing page content and using the same color palette.

Patagonia's mobile opt in popup design

17. Timberland: Use color selectively

Timberland followed the same popup design as Patagonia. The only difference being that the brand added a little more color, while still keeping it in the style of the website.

Timberland's pop-up design newsletter

If you’d like to see more examples of email signup forms: Signup form examples

18. Opening Ceremony: Increase content relevance

This popup design reminds us of desktop popups. In addition to the email field, it also allows visitors to select their fashion preferences (mens, womens, or both). It’s a good way to ensure you send relevant content to subscribers.

Opening ceremony - mobile popup form

19. Vans: Using a CTA to create more space

There’s a way you can display larger mobile popups and keep Google happy: add a call-to-action before displaying your popup. That’s what Vans has done in this popup design example. Check out the tab in the bottom right corner of the landing page. Smart.

Vans CTA Popup

20. OverstockArt: Highlight the core benefit

This popup design (a darker background and lighter text) makes the main benefit clear. The contrasting CTA button with “Get 20% off now” encourages visitors to take ownership of the action.

overstockArt popup design example
This popup example helped OverstockArt triple their email list and generate up to 3,700 leads every month. Find out how they did it: OverstockArt Case Study

21. Master Dynamic: Use bright colors to stand out

Master Dynamic faced a challenge when making this website popup design. The brand’s website already uses strong colors, and the popup needed to stand out to generate subscriptions. The excellent solution to this problem was the use of contrasting bright yellow.

Master Dynamic popup

22. Not Pot: Mirror the site design

If you’re looking for a popup design that matches the website visuals and design, this is the one. The site and the popup are both striking. The design consistency makes the popup look like part of the website. Even the popup’s headline, “Not Spam,” is in line with the brand’s name.

Not Pot popup creative design example

Popup design: wrap up

We hope these popup design examples were interesting and inspiring for you.

But… Popup design is just one piece of the puzzle. To be as effective as possible, your campaigns need strong copy and a good offer. Together, these elements can make high-performing campaigns that generate leads and conversions.

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Pawel Lawrowski Pawel is a Head of Growth at Wisepops and a Lead Generation&Pop-up Expert.

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