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Last updated Mon Jun 17 2024

Lead Capture Popups: How to Create [+10 Examples]

Lead capture popups are a proven method for converting visitors into potential customers. In fact, 62% of Shopify stores use website popups to generate leads and sales.

In this post, you'll find all the info you need to start capturing more leads and grow your email list with lead capture popups.

In this post:

Easily capture leads with popups on autopilot
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What is a lead capture popup?

A lead capture popup is a popup created to generate leads on a website. It contains signup fields and offers incentives such as discounts in exchange for contact details and data like product preferences. Also called lead generation popups, lead capture popups are a proven tool for consistently building a customer base for online businesses.

lead capture popup

Are lead capture popups effective?

Lead capture popups convert around 4% of website visitors on average. The top-performing campaigns can convert even up to 25% of visitors.

If you're wondering if lead capture popups can work for your business, you'll be glad to find that online businesses in many industries are successfully using lead capture popups to grow their customer base and collect useful data.

Here are a few examples:

Quandoo, a restaurant reservation platform, accelerated email list building by 20% with a lead capture popup with bonus loyalty points: Read case study


YesPark, a parking space rental service, added 3,492 new emails to their customer list thanks to one lead capture popup campaign (see its performance below): Read case study



OverstockArt, an online art store, captures 1,000 leads/mo with lead generation popups with discounts: Read case study

Amitai Sasson

“Use popups. They work! By not doing any popups on your website, you are leaving money on the table. Because those 98% of visitors that didn’t buy today left without leaving their email or phone.”

Amitai Sasson, VP of eCommerce, Overstockart
Newsletter popup
See more examples of ecommerce, SaaS, and nonprofits using lead capture popups:

Lead capture popups: best practices for conversions

To make your lead capture popup exceed your expectations, consider these best practices:

  • Offer a first-purchase discount between 10% and 20%. The most popular discount sizes used by Shopify stores are 10%, 15%, and 20%

  • Run a limited-time sales promotion. Consider B2GO, ("Buy two get one free"), a flash sale (a sale lasting up to 48 hours), or discounts for selected items (see discount code ideas)

  • Add a countdown timer to the popup. Countdowns create a sense of urgency, so they're perfect for quick events like flash sales and even first-purchase discounts (see how to add countdowns in one click)

  • Make popups relevant to leads with targeting. You can personalize your offers based on the shopping cart content and value, browsing behavior, the number of visits, geolocation, and more (see how to use targeting)

  • Use mobile-optimized popups. If many of your customers visit from smartphones, mobile popups will help you capture leads while staying in line with Google's rules (here's how to create a mobile popup)

  • Test multiple versions of your campaign. With A/B testing, you can try different discount sizes, images, colors, and CTA button texts to discover designs and offers that capture more leads (see how to A/B test popups)

Resources to implement these best practices:

Lead capture popup examples

  • Blume — a lead capture popup with a discount

  • Incu — capturing leads and product preferences

  • Hub Coffee Roasters — a simple lead capture popup

  • Faguo — a spin-to-win popup with a giveaway

  • TOMS — a lead capture popup with a countdown timer

  • Lulu & Georgia — a free shipping lead capture popup

  • King Arthur Bakery — a popup to capture leads and increase average order value

  • Southern Elegance Candles — a popup that captures phone numbers

  • Leonce Chenal — a lead generation popup from a journal

1. Blume — a lead capture popup with a first-order discount

lead capture popup example 3

This is a welcome popup, meaning it's displayed to unregistered visitors, trying to convert them into subscribers or customers.

This lead capture popup is very effective: Blume converts 5% of its traffic. That's higher than the average popup conversion rate of 3.8%.

Design-wise, this campaign is great: it's got a clean layout, a compelling headline, a nice incentive, and a good image featuring Blume's products. Together, these elements result in a lead generation popup that effectively captures attention and encourages immediate action.

Want to capture leads like Blume?

See how to create a welcome popup [step-by-step guide]

2. Incu — capturing leads and product preferences

lead generation popup

This one is a bit more than just a lead capture popup.

Besides emails, Incu also captures customers' names and shopping preferences. That data will go a long way toward creating personalized email campaigns.

The list of benefits is also pretty good, offering compelling motivation for customers to sign up.

See examples of the best designs:

Popup design examples

3. Hub Coffee Roasters — a simple lead capture popup

lead capture popup example 2

Have a minimalistic ecommerce website design and want your popups to be the same?

Then having a similar lead capture popup to this one might be a good idea. It doesn't have an image—rather a simple text promising a discount for subscribing to the brand's newsletter.

Note that the discount is valid for online purchases only, suggesting that Hub Coffee Roasters are aiming to increase online sales.

Not getting sales at your Shopify store? Take a look at these proven ways to get more Shopify sales

4. Faguo — a spin to win popup with a giveaway

Like most other businesses, Faguo experienced slow lead generation at some point. Then Martin, the head of ecommerce, decided to try an experiment by running a gamified lead capture campaign. After a few iterations and some A/B tests, he arrived at the design you see above.

The idea is simple: share your data for a chance to win a pair of expensive Faguo sneakers. The campaign worked amazingly well, capturing 48,160 emails and names of customers:

faguo logo
Learn more about Faguo's campaign:

5. TOMS — a lead capture popup with a countdown timer

lead capture popup example with countdown

Creating a sense of urgency is a time-tested—and effective—marketing tactic, and we see TOMS using it in this lead capture popup example.

To further inspire visitors to buy, the brand offers a 15% discount on the first order along with the latest promos and special offers.

6. Lulu & Georgia — a free shipping lead capture popup

free shipping Time limited deal example

Discounts are great at collecting leads, but sometimes free shipping will do the trick well, too. This lead capture popup uses this incentive to get more emails, and of course, sales.

Note also that the offer is limited to three days. Limited-time offers are another great idea for speeding up lead capture for online businesses.

Generate more leads with limited-time offers:

Guide to limited-time offers [+examples]

7. King Arthur Baking — a popup to capture leads and increase average order value

discount popup for mailchimp example

What's interesting about this lead generation popup is the condition to receive the discount. To get 15% off, customers have to place an order above $60.

With this lightbox popup, King Arthur Baking Company achieves two goals: capturing emails and increasing the average order value.

Like the design of this beautiful popup?

See these 50+ website popup examples for more inspiration

8. Southern Elegance Candles — a popup that captures phone numbers

lead gen popup example

This lead capture example collects phone numbers, which is another popular lead generation tactic among online businesses.

The text "We send exclusive deals via SMS!" also helps to create a feeling of being in a closed group that gets the best offers—a great example of a strong popup message.

How to collect phone numbers with popups:

SMS popups: examples & how to create

9. Leonce Chenal — a lead gen popup from a journal

lead capture popup example

Leonce Chenal is an online French fashion and lifestyle journal, which uses this campaign to capture leads for the newsletter.

Their popup asks for an email in exchange for insider knowledge and exclusive updates, capitalizing on the readers' interest. The beautiful design also complements the journal's website, ensuring the message is not intrusive but rather feels like its natural extension.

Want to check out more ways to grow your newsletter?

Check these 10+ ways to get more email subscribers or these lead generation tools

How to create a lead capture popup

If you want to display a lead capture popup campaign on your website for free, let's use Wisepops (rated 4.9 on Capterra and Shopify) to create one.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new campaign

  2. Pick a template

  3. Customize the design

  4. Add the discount code

  5. Choose when to display the popup

  6. Publish your campaign

In this tutorial, we will create a lead capture popup that collects emails and gives a discount for signing up.

Grab an account to get started:

Unlimited free trial, no cc needed. Learn more about Wisepops popup builder or see ideas to use Wisepops for online stores

"Good Lead Capture Pop-ups for Email/SMS Campaigns"

"We use Wisepops for email / SMS lead capture. It integrates perfectly with our SMS & email systems."

Alexander M., Capterra

1. Create a new campaign

In Wisepops, go to Create campaign > Campaign assistant > Coupon:

creating lead capture popup in wisepops

2. Pick a template

Let's pick a template now.

This one below is great—it has a big heading to catch attention, plenty of room for supporting text, and collects data with two fields (names and emails). Scroll down just a bit on the template page to find it:

lead capture popup template
Shop now sales popup
Lead gen popup templates

Get a head start on designing popups. Browse our library of designer-made popup templates. Start converting your traffic.

➡️ See more templates

3. Customize the design

The popup editor is very easy to use—to change or customize the element, you just need to click it. The text formatting menu is at the top while the rest of the settings are on the left, appearing as you click corresponding elements.

popup editor


When you finish customizing, choose Apply this design to all steps and Wisepops will finish customizing the second popup window ("Step 2") in seconds.

option formatting


Your popup comes with a tab, a tiny window that stays in the left bottom corner of the website after the visitor closes the popup without getting the discount. Using tabs is popular among ecommerce stores to make discounts more available to visitors who change their minds about the discount.

Also, use this 5-min video to get help creating and customizing your lead capture popup:

Want some inspiration first?

Here are examples of campaigns created with Wisepops

4. Add the discount code

Go to Step 2 (right above the campaign preview in the editor)—this is the window that will open when the lead provides their data and clicks Get my coupon:



Click the CODE element to customize it.

Next, change the code in the menu that opens on the left:

adding the discount to a lead capture popup

Note that the visitor can click the button below the discount to both copy the code and close the popup—that's very convenient.

Running a store on Shopify? Connect it to be able to create and share unique discounts from your Shopify account.

See how to create unique discounts in Wisepops

5. Choose when to display the popup

We want to capture as many leads as possible, so our popup needs to be displayed to all unregistered visitors. At the same time, we don't want to be very spammy.

So let's do a popup that shows:

  • 5 seconds after landing on a page

  • on all website pages

  • to all unregistered visitors

  • once in two days if closed

Even though those might sound like a lot to do, setting everything up actually takes a few clicks. In fact, most of these are the default settings in Wisepops.

The only thing you need to change is the first display setting: the number of seconds after landing when the popup appears.

To do that—

Go to Display Rules > Trigger and change the default three settings to five:

choosing targeting settings

Why five seconds?

Showing a lead popup immediately after someone can even understand what products you sell is not ideal, to say the least.

If you show the campaign after five seconds of viewing your website (plus keep the discount readily available thanks to the tab), you'll give your potential customers more time to browse around and decide what they might buy from you.

6. Publish your campaign

Your popup is ready to capture leads!

You can preview it and visualize how it will appear on your website (hit Preview in the top right corner of your screen).

To show the campaign on your website, simply add the Wisepops code snippet in a few clicks: add Wisepops to your website.

Also, to have the collected emails sent directly to your email app, connect it to Wisepops: Integrations


You can use all the premium features of Wisepops for free for 14 days and keep all the leads after the trial ends.

So, you can capture plenty of leads—especially if you try some of those best practices we mentioned earlier.


Lead capture popups are a valuable tool to hook potential leads and grow your business. Implementing the best practices and examples discussed here can lead to significant improvements in your lead generation efforts.

And one last thing: you'll see that the best lead capture popup is one that is refined through continuous A/B testing, so don't hesitate to experiment and optimize your campaigns to get the best results.

Oleksii Kovalenko

Oleksii Kovalenko is a digital marketing expert and a writer with a degree in international marketing. He has seven years of experience helping ecommerce store owners promote their businesses by writing detailed, in-depth guides.


Master's in International Marketing, Academy of Municipal Administration

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