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Last updated Mon Jun 17 2024

10+ B2B Lead Generation Strategies [2024]

There are hundreds of B2B lead generation strategies and ideas, but some work better than others.

In this post, you'll learn about some of the best ones.

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What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is a marketing process of engaging and creating interest in a product or service, to build a sales pipeline and ultimately get new clients for B2B businesses. This process helps businesses grow by finding new leads, building relationships with them, and improving marketing ROI.

B2B lead generation strategies help businesses spread marketing messages across channels such as social media, search engine marketing, display ads, and offline events. By using multiple strategies, you can cover a lot of ground and focus on different business goals.

Types of B2B leads

B2B lead typeQualification stageDescription
Outbound leadsColdOutbound leads are generated through tactics such as cold calling, email outreach, and targeted ads
Referral leadsWarmLeads generated through referrals from current online customers, partners, or other contacts
Inbound leadsWarm, hotLeads generated through online inbound marketing (blog content, case studies and social media marketing)

Here's an example of one path a visitor on a B2B website can take to become an inbound lead:

b2b lead gen

"Prioritize generating inbound leads.

For your B2B business, they could be your best chance of becoming clients because a) they are aware of your products and services, and b) they have shown some interest by engaging with your website or content."

Pawel Lawrowski, digital marketing expert
website conversion funnel four stages

A website conversion funnel shows the paths your visitors take before becoming leads. Creating the funnel is a step forward to understanding how to tailor marketing messages to different lead groups and speed up lead generation.

Learn more: Guide to website conversion funnel


To get the 5% high-intent demand, consider content marketing (webinars, quizzes, case studies, landing pages) with website popups and signup forms.

To get more warm leads, try referral marketing and social media marketing.

For the best 10% of quality leads, try search engine optimization (SEO).

For a more creative way, consider B2B influencers.

1. Capture emails and data with popup forms

Popup forms, if done well, can become an important source of inbound leads. For example, they can collect emails and lead qualification data (industry, company size, use cases, etc.), and drive traffic to landing pages.

Using popups for B2B lead generation requires taking care of a few things:

  • Choose who sees them (and who doesn't): how to choose audience

  • Creating a design that matches the website: popup design guide & examples

  • Have an offer that's relevant to the page it appears on (you can set your popup to appear on specific pages only): 18 discount and coupon ideas

  • Have a clear goal (collect emails and data, drive traffic to a tool or form, promote a specific product or service, book a demo, etc.)

  • Describe the value for taking the action (e.g. learning how a product helps tackle a specific goal, seeing best marketing practices in action, getting an extended free trial)

Let's now see a few examples of businesses using popups to generate B2B leads.

Intrepy, a healthcare marketing agency, offers a free practice video assessment call to new visitors with this popup form:

b2b popup promoting a free assessment call


Schulman Insurance invites to complete a short form with this popup to get personalized employee benefit recommendations:

b2b popup to generate inbound leads


InsightGlobal, an international stuffing agency, promotes an upcoming webinar for their target audience:

b2b lead generation popup

And one more—

YesPark, a parking marketplace for businesses, invites its website visitors to download the official app to start using the service:

promoting b2b app via popup

There are, of course, many other use cases.

For more examples, check out these 50 website popup examples or—

See how to create a popup form [step-by-step guide]

Amitai Sasson

“Use popups. They work! By not doing any popups on your website, you are leaving money on the table. Because those 98% of visitors that didn’t buy today left without leaving their email or phone.”

How Amitai uses popups: OverstockArt.com case study

Amitai Sasson, VP of eCommerce, Overstockart

2. Drive traffic to signup forms with onsite notifications and bars

The goal of this B2B lead generation idea is to direct your website visitors toward lead magnets, signup forms, landing pages, case studies, portfolios, and other resources. Since most of your traffic arrives at your homepage, this would be a way to make them explore more.

Website bars and onsite notifications are two non-intrusive channels to do so.

Biteable, an online video software, nudges homepage visitors to action with this dark bar (note that the bar has a CTA button with a different copy from the homepage CTAs, too):

b2b website bar for generating leads

Website bars can be placed at the top and the bottom of the website. If you make them "sticky," they will remain visible as the visitor scrolls up or down but never interfere with the browsing experience.

Here's how to make website sticky bars if you're interested.

Next channel—

Onsite notifications.

Another non-intrusive way, onsite notifications are social media-inspired message feed for websites. It's added to the website header and is shown as a "bell," which, if clicked, opens a feed with messages.

YesPark, a shared parking service, promoted a new feature with the notifications:

onsite notifications for b2b marketing strategy

Onsite notifications proved very effective.

In 14 days, 3,901 visitors saw the announcement. Of those, 464 clicked to read more, resulting in a 12% conversion rate. Over 250 visitors went to check out the new feature:


“It’s also a way to transmit different types of messages and communicate about our brand… ... We also share strategic news or highlight new offers that we've just launched such as the short-term booking.”

Mathilde Granier, CRM Manager, Yespark

If you'd like to learn more, this case study has all the details:

YesPark case study

3. Create blog content with practical value

Content marketing is one of the things that builds your unique B2B brand and reputation, so creating content is becoming more and more important.

Consider creating:

  • Blog articles

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

  • Email newsletters

  • Assessments

  • Research reports

  • Original studies and surveys

  • Free online tools, eg ROI calculators

If you're just starting, consider focusing on several content types. Blog articles and videos are some of the easiest to create while podcasts, assessments and email newsletters are some of the most effective in terms of generating B2B leads.

Every piece to serve your readers must have value to position yourself as a thought leader and grow your Google positions. For examples of great B2B blog content, visit Clutch.co and NerdWallet—their collection and expertise level are exceptional.

content marketing b2b

See how a non-profit software provider uses popups to promote content and get 50% more newsletter subscribers:

Springly case study

4. Prioritize creating case studies

Case studies are one of the best ways for your potential clients to learn if your product or service works. That's why they often seek case studies when interested in a company.

That means prioritizing the creation of case studies is a must to increase inbound lead generation. Create a "Case studies" section on your website to differentiate them from the rest of the content you publish.

Effective case study ideas for B2B include:

  • Cost savings case study. Eg., "See how company A reduces hiring costs by 30% thanks to product B"

  • "Better performance" case study. Eg., "Company A increased organic website traffic by 94% and reduced the cost of lead acquisition by 30%"

  • An interview-style testimonial. This means having a client make a video describing their experience with your product or service

For examples of "cost saving" and "better performance" case studies, check out the websites of your competitors.

But if you need a good example, consider Tebra (it's a B2B specializing in healthcare marketing). Their case studies are detailed, include stats, and mention solutions used by clients:

case studies b2b marketing strategy

For an example of an interview-style case study—

Watch this four-min video we made together with NUOO:


Consider adding a signup form or a popup to pages with case studies to generate B2B leads with a personalized call-to-action message.


"Get a personalized demo to learn how you can achieve similar success for your business"

In popup software, for example, creating a campaign to display only on the case studies page means adding the URL of the case studies section to page targeting options:

targeting settings

Best popup tools for B2B:

Best popup software

5. Host live webinars (also with partners)

Consider hosting a webinar to show how your product addresses the problems of your target audience. Webinars are a big-time B2B lead generation strategy because they allow showcasing your expertise, connecting with potential clients, and generating quality inbound leads.

Consider these types of webinars for generating B2B leads:

  • Use case webinar. Show how your product solves a specific problem with insights from a real client who used it successfully

  • "News"-style webinar. The goal is to inform the audience about the latest developments, trends, and best practices in the industry

  • Product demo webinar. These are live demonstrations of your product that give info on how your audience will benefit from becoming a user

Teaming up with a partner is a great idea to increase the value your audience will get from watching. Here at Wisepops, we hosted multiple webinars with our partners, including this Black Friday marketing project with Klaviyo (both in English and French):

See how B2B businesses promote webinars with popups:

B2B popup examples

6. Help leads choose the right product with a quiz

Product quizzes are common in B2C (19% of Shopify stores have them) and are becoming more popular among B2B businesses. The interactive nature of quizzes has a higher potential to engage B2B leads, so many businesses have embedded them into their websites.

For example, Hartford Insurance, an insurance provider for businesses, invites visitors to find the right plan with this three-step quiz:

generating b2b leads with a quiz

If you'd like more B2B quiz examples, find inspiration with these:

7. Consider different ways to implement product demonstrations

Product or service demonstrations can have different names (growth sessions, live demos, discovery meetings, etc.) but they give perhaps the best chance to convert more B2B leads.

Consider different ways to make product demos to make them more accessible:

  • Pre-record demos based on industry or target users. Having a selection of pre-recorded demos (some of which might be gated, too) will increase your chances of more visitors understanding the real value of your product or service

  • Let visitors book meetings on-demand. This is the most common way to do demos, with visitors completing signup forms to request personalized demos

  • Regular group demonstrations. Arrange weekly or bi-weekly meet-ups where you showcase your product or service, compare it with similar, analyze recent case studies, or announce new features in a meeting that anybody can join by signing up

Some examples for you—

Jasper, an AI solution for ecommerce, allows visitors to sign up to get demos on-demand:

signup form b2b demo


Here's Deloitte with an industry-specific demonstration:

b2b demo videos

Note on marketing automation:

At Wisepops, we use website signup forms connected to Intercom and Slack through Zapier to let our sales team about new leads automatically.

Learn more: How Wisepops uses Zapier for lead management

8. Try B2B influencer marketing

B2B influencer marketing is a marketing tactic where B2B businesses partner with known industry figures to promote their products or services. The main goal of B2B influencers is to raise business awareness by showing a product in action.

B2B businesses of all sizes have been using this lead capture strategy successfully. Take a look at this LinkedIn post—Grammarly wrapped up theirs a year ago! (Btw, their influencer campaign involved 10 lifestyle influencers and reached 23.5 million people):

influencer campaign b2b grammarly example

B2B influencer marketing is now seen as one of the most creative ways to promote a business.

More ideas:

9. Implement an AI chatbot

AI chatbots are a B2B lead generation idea that can point your visitors to the right resources, answer their questions, and, of course, explain the value of your product or service. If you train your chatbot based on the content from your blog, for example, it can become a micro search engine.

Nerdwallet AI chatbot is a good example.

If you land on NerdWallet's homepage or blog, you'll see the form with the chatbot, inviting you to get started:

ai chatbot b2b marketing

I asked the chatbot about the best credit cards.

That's what I received—

The chatbot points to the blog articles and landing pages (that's a good way for leads to get immediate value from the service):

ai chatbot answer

Although AI chatbots may sound like an expensive B2B lead generation strategy, it doesn't have to be. With tools like Chatgpt being free, your developers can potentially build a custom chatbot in-house.

10. Use social media marketing

Using social media marketing is still a valid B2B lead generation strategy. There are over 67 million company accounts with millions more decision-makers on LinkedIn alone, so your target audience is definitely using the platform.

Here are common ideas to generate B2B leads on social media, namely Linkedin:

Funnel stageCampaign goalLinkedin campaign idea
Middle of the funnel (Consideration)Thought leadershipRun LinkedIn polls inviting B2B professionals to share insights and best practices
Create blog posts or articles on LinkedIn showcasing your expertise
Top of the funnel (Awareness)Brand awarenessHost LinkedIn Live sessions featuring industry experts discussing relevant topics and trends
Share industry insights and research reports on LinkedIn Pulse
Bottom of the funnel (Conversion)Lead generationRun LinkedIn lead generation ads targeting decision-makers in specific industries or job roles
Host LinkedIn events or webinars targeting B2B prospects based on your audience data

"Consider investing in thought leadership on Linkedin.

People relate to other people, not companies, so share your own experiences, tips, and best practices. Humanize yourself by publishing relatable content (even if it means some failures) and that will go a long way towards building an excellent reputation for both you and your B2B company."

Pawel Lawrowski, digital marketing expert

11. A/B test your campaigns

If your B2B lead generation ideas and strategies aren't performing well, consider testing them. Changing the design, message, or placement can really make a difference.

Consider these ideas:

  • Emails. Subject lines, preheader texts, main copy, discount sizes

  • Targeted ads. Copy, incentives, platforms, social proof, audiences

  • Lead magnets. Types of content (case studies, webinars, etc.), display pages

  • Landing pages. Design, texts, signup form placement, headlines, customer testimonials

  • Lead generation forms. Display pages, audience targeting, incentive, number of signup fields

Useful resources:

This guide to A/B testing for popups will help learn how to experiment with forms.

Also, these signup form examples will show you different designs and copies that B2B and SaaS companies use.


Generating B2B leads requires a strategic and multifaceted approach. From personalized product demonstrations and engaging influencer marketing campaigns to innovative AI chatbots and effective social media marketing, each method can play a crucial role in driving quality leads.

Still have questions or need some more ideas?

Consider these resources:

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