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Last updated Mon Apr 15 2024

7 Product Recommendation Software [Reviewed]

Here, you'll find product recommendation software that'll help you personalize the experience of almost every visitor and get those sales figures up.

I reviewed seven popular product recommendation tools for businesses of all sizes and types, so you can have at least a few great options to choose from (or at least inform your research).

Later, grab these product recommendation strategies to start engaging customers.

Create personalized shopping experiences for every visitor at your store
sales popup with targeting and results

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Product recommendation software

Here are some of the best product recommendation tools, in no particular order:

  • Wisepops — Best for increasing revenue on Shopify

  • Bloomreach — Great for combining personalization and email

  • Dynamic Yield — Best for service businesses

  • Klevu — Powerful features for retailers

  • Nosto — Great real-time personalization and reporting

  • LimeSpot — Best for small ecommerce businesses

  • Luigi's Box — Great for small-scale retailers

1. Wisepops

wisepops ai wishlist

Wisepops is a top-rated platform for creating personalized ecommerce customer experiences.

Wisepops includes AI Wishlist—a feature that uses data sources like browsing activity, visitor profiles, and sales performance to predict purchase intentions and automatically display products each visitor is most likely to buy, including those previously viewed.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated product wishlist for Shopify stores

  • Algorithm that displays recommendations based on purchase intention analysis

  • Additional onsite marketing channels, including onsite notifications, popups, embeds, bars, and push notifications

How online stores recommend products with Wisepops

Product recommendations appear within the onsite notification feed, which looks like a small feed with messages in a website's header. It's non-intrusive—visitors click a special "bell" to read the messages whenever they'd like.

Here's the feed on OddBalls, one of the UK's leading underwear brands (below).

It contains no recommendations yet (AI Wishlist will self-activate when shoppers visit at least three products), so we see only promotional messages, including product promotions and "back-in-stock" notifications:

notifications feed

When visitors view a few products, they'll get a personalized notification in the feed, asking them to check out the items once again (that's AI Wishlist at work!).

recommmendation feed

By now, AI Wishlist would have evaluated the interest score for each product, displaying them in order of the items the visitor is most likely to purchase:

browsing ai wishlist

Not only visitors are reminded about the products they viewed, but they can also add them to the shopping cart in one click.

For example, here's me choosing a product size and adding a product to the cart at Dusk, a luxury homeware store:

adding a recommended product to cart

Another thing about Wisepops is that it's an onsite ("on website") marketing platform for creating personalized and positive shopping experiences. So, you also get popups of all types, sticky bars, embeds (forms you can add to any web page), and push notifications to try any marketing tactic you may need.

Popups in particular can be very useful for recommending products.


Le Creuset used Wisepops to create this exit intent popup to drive shoppers to a specific product category:

product exploration popup

What you can do with this product recommendation tool:

  • Display "You recently viewed" items

  • Show product recommendations based on a customer's browsing experience

  • Allow shoppers to add items to the cart right from the notification feed

  • Drive a sense of urgency with "best-selling" and "soon out of stock" conversion boosters

  • Cover almost the entire customer journey with personalized recommendations

  • Add unique discount codes from your Shopify dash to drive sales

  • Track goals and revenue from your campaigns

  • Use advanced A/B testing to find what works best

  • Create upsell popups to increase the average order value

  • Use Shopify properties to create personalized marketing offers

  • Target your Klaviyo customer segments from your dash


  • Effective from day one

  • Quick setup thanks to a deep Shopify integration

  • Autonomous, constantly improving AI algorithm

  • Proven to increase revenue by up to 5%

  • Non-intrusive, good-looking notification feed

  • Powerful performance analytics (including revenue tracking)

  • Includes other onsite marketing channels (onsite notifications, popups, embedded forms, push notifications, and sticky bars)


  • AI Wishlist is built exclusively for Shopify

Who should try Wisepops?

Wisepops is made for Shopify stores of all sizes.

If you'd like to know who's using this tool, some of the names are Converse, OddBalls, Asphalte, Dusk, Soi Paris, and Quandoo. (see their campaigns).


You can use Wisepops for 14 days for free with no limits.

The paid plan pricing begins at $49/mo.

See full pricing.

A special offer is available for enterprise users: Wisepops ONE.

If you'd like to try Wisepops on your store, grab a free account today and take advantage of the unlimited free trial:

14-day free trial, no cc needed. Learn more about Wisepops


"The notification feed at OddBalls has been instrumental in helping us to gather data, assist conversion rates, promoting new launches and ultimately generating revenue since we launched it. It's a fantastic feature that has been in use for over a year... We highly recommend the use of the feed for all stores"

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

Bloomreach is a marketing personalization suite that includes omnichannel marketing, onsite search, headless CMS, and product recommendations. So you can take care of recommending products on your website and outside (in emails, SMS, or mobile apps).

Key Features:

  • AI-powered product recommendations

  • Dynamic targeting and real-time product recommendations to personalize the visitor experience

  • Additional growth features (merchandizing, SEO, and search personalization)

Our experience with Bloomreach

If the idea of a product recommendation tool for both onsite and offsite marketing appeals to you, then Bloomreach should be a good option.

If we're talking about the onsite part, you add pretty much any product recommender box to your store using one of the many templates:

choosing template

Creating a recommendation is pretty easy, too.

You need to go through a series of settings (define where to display the campaign, choose product categories, select the time during which the model learns what products to show, etc.) and then preview the campaign (below).

From there, it's just adding the code to the website and checking the performance (AI features will help to improve it, too):

product recomendation bloomreach

What you can do with this product recommendation software:

  • Add sections with recommended and similar products to any page, including shopping cart and blog posts

  • Import data about your customers and product into AI to quickly define the most relevant recommendations for every shopper

  • Send marketing emails, sms, and in-app messages with product recommendations from inside Bloomreach


  • Very visual, easy-to-use recommender box editor

  • Multi-channel integration of product recommendations

  • Real-time personalization of shopping experience for higher profits


  • The functionality is designed to best meet the needs of retailers

  • Limited reports for analytics

Who should try Bloomreach?

Large ecommerce stores that need a site search personalization and product recommender solution in one.


Bloomreach doesn't list pricing but the cost depends on the size of your product catalog and page views on your store. Although you can buy product recommendations as a separate service, various online sources suggest that the cost could start from $200/month for mid-sized ecommerce stores.

onsite campaign3

Learn how a retailer engaged 748 visitors with a few campaigns in 48 hours:

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dynamic yield

Dynamic Field is one of the leading product recommendation engines for large businesses. The rich feature suite is geared towards businesses in the travel, B2B, financial, media, and gaming industries.

Key Features:

  • Deep learning algorithms that provide contextual recommendations for large retailer websites

  • Customer insights from traffic to enhance marketing strategies

  • A gallery of recommendation templates for popular goals

Our experience with Dynamic Yield

With this software, you can embed or otherwise show any product recommendations almost anywhere on your website. You get seven campaign types to choose from, so your recommendations will not interfere with other projects you may be running:

choose campaign type

It might take you a while to figure out how to create campaigns in this product recommendation software (there's just so many features to choose from). But once you get a hang of it, you'll see that you can create recommendations literally for every user, for any possible customer journey.

For example—

If you'd like to try an upsell strategy on a shopping cart page, your campaign options might look like this (a combination of items that others have bought/viewed with the product the customer has in the cart):

creating a recommendation

What you can do with Dynamic Yield:

  • Show product recommendations in dynamic content, manually embedded sections, notifications, overlays, and the traditional sections

  • Create personalized recommendation campaigns for each user with AdaptML, an AI algorithm that predicts purchase intent

  • Test recommendation campaigns to improve performance


  • Place recommendations almost anywhere on your website

  • A lot of filters and customizations to create personalized recommendations for most visitor and customer groups

  • Get a variety of built-in apps (including for email marketing and marketing intelligence)

  • Recommend products in emails, your mobile app, or connected devices


  • Requires some tech expertise with implementation

  • No ability to export some reports

Who should try this product recommendation tool?

Mid-sized and large real estate websites, travel agencies, financial companies, and B2B businesses.


Dynamic Yield does not list pricing on their website. You can request this information on their demo request page.

See how successful businesses promote products:

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Klevu is a site search personalization and product recommendation tool that promises to increase sales by up to 6% thanks to AI algorithms. It gives you a comprehensive set of features for ecommerce out of the box, and is used primarily by retailers.

Key Features:

  • Powerful website search personalization

  • Product recommendations for homepages, product pages, cart pages, and category pages

  • Live view with the top site searches and top viewed products

Our experience with Klevu

I could tell right away that Klevu is a powerful product recommendation platform due to the sheer number of features. But that also means that there's a bit of a learning curve—the dashboard did not feel very intuitive at first (although the customer support was very quick to respond).

Creating a product recommendation means going through a series of steps, including choosing the pages (below) and defining target shoppers:

creating recommendations campaign

In terms of analytics, you get a lot of useful performance info, which will also help you get an idea of how to upsell, cross-sell, and otherwise improve conversions. Klevu also calculates how much in revenue it made so you can access its impact on your business:

dashboard analytics

What you can do with this product recommendation tool:

  • Add "recommended products," "similar products" and "others also bought" sections to pages with products and menus on your store

  • Track performance (CTR, product clicks, sales, and popular product segments)

  • Target specific shopper segments from your Klaviyo account


  • A great option for enhancing native site search and product recommendations in many ecommerce platforms

  • Impressive product recommendation features for retailers and marketers who have a lot of experience with similar tools

  • Easy to customize and manage sections with recommended products


  • The cost can rise very quickly

  • AI features are included in a separate, more expensive plan

Who should try Klevu?

Klevu's set of features makes it a good fit for retailers.


Klevu gives you a 14-day free trial to test recommendations and search personalization features.

If you decide to continue, you can get Klevu's product recommendation engine as a separate offering for $399/month for 500K impressions (which is not a lot if you're a retailer). AI features (including AI product recommendations) are included in a special plan that starts from $1,497/month.

Have a Shopify store? Get ideas on how to sell more:

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Nosto is a platform for content and ecommerce personalization that includes product recommendations features. If you'd like to do massive experiments with website personalization that includes product recommendations and dynamic site personalization, look into this tool.

Key Features:

  • Machine learning algorithms for recommending relevant items based on data

  • Real-time reporting on what recommendations and techniques engage your visitors

  • Highly flexible control features, allowing to change, adjust, and deploy recommendations easily

Our experience with Nosto

Unlike some of the product recommendation platforms we've reviewed, which cater to mid-sized and large retail businesses, Nosto targets ecommerce stores that want to implement large-scale personalization campaigns.

In our experience, the dashboard in Nosto is one of the "cleanest" and most modern-looking we've seen, which also means it's very intuitive:

creating a box

The range of product recommendation features is well enough for mid-size and large businesses. Apart from the traditional sections with recommendations, the tool also has an interesting feature called Dynamic Bundles.

What this feature does is display related products on product pages to encourage more shoppers to buy sets of items. Here's what the dynamic bundle looks like on Pelagic, one of Nosto's clients:

dynamic bundles

What you can do with this product recommendation software:

  • Recommend products on autopilot

  • Let AI analyze and choose product recommendations based on performance data

  • Offer personalized upsell, cross-sell, and other marketing offers


  • Highly intuitive interface

  • Has enterprise-level features

  • Improve average order value with automatic bundles


  • May become quite expensive quickly

  • New users can be overwhelmed by the numbers of features and will need to learn with Nosto Academy (a collection of training videos available only for users)

Who should try this product recommendation tool?

Online stores and marketing agencies.


Nosto does not list pricing on its website. Different sources say that they charge a percentage of sales made through the tool. You can request pricing info by filling out a special form.

Quick ideas on how to increase average order values:

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If you're a startup or a small ecommerce store, LimeSpot can be a good option for you to get started with product recommendations. It's got a generous free plan and decent features for just $18/mo, which could be just right for the budget and needs of smaller businesses.

Key Features:

  • Add the most popular types of product recommendations (related items, trending products, upsell, and cross-sell)

  • Options to engage at the shopping cart page and post-purchase (shopping cart page customizations and email & sms marketing functionality)

  • Integration with loyalty program apps to display reviews in banners with recommended and related products

Our experience with LimeSpot

This product recommendation software works only with Shopify and BigCommerce, as evident from the signup page. So if your store runs on another ecommerce platform, you wouldn't be able to try this tool:


With LimeSpot, you can place boxes with recommended products pretty much anywhere in your online store. There are helpful templates and ideas to speed up this process:

recommender boxes

What you can do with LimeSpot:

  • Add product recommendations to product pages, category pages, shopping cart pages, checkout, and thank-you pages

  • Use upsell and cross-sell features to create product bundles automatically

  • Engage more shoppers with built-in email and SMS marketing features


  • Good basics: you can add various types of product recommendations to important pages like product pages and cart

  • You can get started with using product recommendations for free if your traffic is low thanks to the free plan

  • Create personalized customer journeys with segmentation and content curation


  • Not as advanced as Nosto, Dynamic Yield, and other tools

  • Available only for Shopify and BigCommerce

Who should try this product recommendation tool?

Small ecommerce stores can use LimeSpot to get started with product recommendations thanks to its rather affordable basic plan.


You can start using product recommendations in LimeSpot for $18/month. More important features like A/B testing and revenue dashboard are available in higher, "pay-as-you-grow" plans.

A free 15-day trial is also available.

Want to take a step back and see how other businesses recommend products?

Examples of product recommendations

7. Luigi's Box

luigis box

Luigi's Box is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the ecommerce experience by providing accurate product recommendations. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, it offers a seamless way for ecommerce and SaaS businesses to increase their conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Personalized product recommendations based on individual customer behavior and preferences

  • Website search personalization features to speed up product discovery

  • Detailed analytics dashboard to track the performance of product recommendations and adjust strategies accordingly

Our experience with Luigi's Box

Luigi's Box impresses with powerful features that cater to both small and large ecommerce businesses. You can create recommender boxes for product pages, menu pages, cart pages, and checkout.

Let's see an example: these "recommended accessories" and "customers also bought" sections on Musiker were made with Luigi's Box:


The analytics for both site search and product recommendations were some of the most easy-to-understand we've seen so far. For example, here's a look at the recommendations analytics based on the website conversion funnel:

recommender analytics

What you can do with this product recommendation software:

  • Deliver personalized shopping experiences by suggesting products that match each customer's interests thanks to AI

  • Increase revenue through targeted upsells and cross-sells based on the browsing and shopping behavior of your visitors

  • Gain insights into customer preferences and behavior with comprehensive analytics


  • Add recommender boxes anywhere in your store

  • Easy to use with a minimal learning curve

  • Integration with the most popular ecommerce platforms


  • Price increases fast if you choose a higher plan

  • Overwhelming interface for beginners

Who should try this product recommendation tool?

Mid-sized stores and retailers.


You can try Luigi's Box for free for 30 days. The pricing is based on the number of products in your catalog (which is a bit confusing at first). Using the price calculator, I found that the tool may cost anywhere between $200 and $500/month for a mid-sized store.


Investing in quality product recommendation software is investing in the future of your e-commerce operation. These tools lay the groundwork for deeper customer relationships, increased sales, and sustainable growth.

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