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Last updated Thu May 23 2024

7 Best Wishlist Apps for Shopify, Reviewed [2024]

Want to add a wishlist to your store but your theme doesn't have it?

The best solution is to use a Shopify wishlist app.

In this post, I thought I'd give you a more distilled version of the best Shopify wishlist apps and "heart" plugins, so you get to those worth your attention.

So, consider these for implementing a wishlist on Shopify:

  • AI Wishlist — AI-made wishlists in the notification feed, assisting with conversions

  • Wishlist Plus — used by both small stores and names like Steve Madden

  • Wishlist Hero — the most generous free plan (500 monthly wishlist additions)

  • Smart Wishlist — all wishlist features you need for $4.99/month

  • Wishlist Engine — automatic email alerts included

  • Wishify — wishlists with an "add to cart" feature integrated

  • Growave — wishlists with loyalty program features

Convert visitors with AI-powered wishlists and "recently viewed items"

AI Wishlist

ai wishlist app shopify

AI Wishlist from Wisepops offers a unique take on wishlist apps. Unlike the traditional way where shoppers add the items they love to wishlists manually, AI Wishlist makes them automatically based on the products they view.

The list is displayed in the onsite notification feed. Your shoppers can access the list from any page (which helps with finding the items quickly) thanks to the feed, and add them to the shopping cart in one click.

Let's see AI Wishlist in action.

I have viewed a few interesting items in Dusk and returned to the homepage. There, I was greeted by an animated bell, which showed the products I checked out:

ai wishlist on dusk

The products were presented on top of a neat feed with marketing messages (which is the onsite notification feed):

notification feed with recommended products

But it's not just a random list: the order is defined by an AI algorithm.

It analyzed browsing activity (both mine and other visitors), the sales performance of each item, and my profile (if I'm a registered customer) to predict my purchase intention, and moved the most promising items to the top of the list.

So, when I open that message, I see those items on the top. Here's me browsing the list and adding one item to the cart after choosing a size:

adding to cart

AI Wishlist runs on autopilot, analyzing customer data and tracking browsing activity, so you don't really have to do anything.

If the visitor leaves without buying (even if they haven't created an account), they can easily find the list by visiting again—it remains in the feed as "recently viewed items."

So, unlike traditional Shopify wishlist apps, AI Wishlist collects and saves the visited products autonomously, saving visitors the work of creating lists. But you can keep your traditional wishlist app, too, and have two apps engaging visitors at the same time.

What you can do with AI Wishlist:

  • Create a wishlist based on the browsing history of each visitor, automatically

  • Allow visitors to access the list of recently viewed products from any page thanks to "the bell"

  • Enable customers to choose product sizes right from the feed and add them to the shopping cart


  • AI creates wishlists on autopilot

  • Built-in conversion boosters allow adding products to the cart in one click

  • Built-in revenue tracking to monitor how much incremental revenue Wisepops generates

  • More marketing channels included (popups, onsite notifications, embedded forms, and bars)


  • AI Wishlist is created exclusively for Shopify

Who uses AI Wishlist?

Shopify stores of all sizes, including OddBalls, Dusk, and Soi Paris.

See campaigns of businesses using Wisepops.


You can use AI Wishlist in beta for free.

Also, you can take advantage of all features in Wisepops for free with a 14-day unlimited trial. Paid plans begin at $49/mo.

See full pricing here.

A special offer is available for enterprise-level needs: Wisepops One.

If you'd like to try Wisepops on your store, grab a free account today:

Unlimited free trial, no cc needed. Learn more about Wisepops


"The notification feed at OddBalls has been instrumental in helping us to gather data, assist conversion rates, promoting new launches and ultimately generating revenue since we launched it. It's a fantastic feature that has been in use for over a year... We highly recommend the use of the feed for all stores."

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager OddBalls

Wishlist Plus

wishlist plus

This is one of the best Shopify wishlist apps for smaller stores because it comes with a generous free account (and affordable paid plans) and provides essential functionality.

It gives all the features you'd want, including "heart" buttons, unlimited wishlists, guest wishlists, and even restock alerts.

Our experience with Wishlist Plus

With the help of Wishlist Plus, you can add "Add to wishlist" buttons on your product pages. I visited Artfully Adorned, a store that uses this app, to see them in action.

The store had the wishlist button right below the "Add to cart":

add to wishlist button

When I added the item (along with a few other ones) to the wishlist, I could access it by clicking the "heart" in the website's header. So, the app allowed to create wishlists without registration, easily.

Here's how the wishlist looked (please see below). It was not exactly the best-looking one but did the job well. There was also an option to share the list, but it wasn't accessible unless I created an account.

wishlist review

And here's an example of a more customized wishlist made with this app.

The website is Steve Madden (one of the most successful Shopify stores), and we see the option to save the list as a guest:

wishlist on steve madden

What you can do with Wishlist Plus:

  • Unlimited wishlists for registered shoppers

  • Allow to create guest wishlists

  • Automatic reminders for restocks

  • Sharing wishlist with others via email or social media (only for registered customers)

  • Add the number of times a product has been added to a wishlist for some social proof


  • Generous free version for small businesses

  • Easy to match the look of your store

  • Integrates with Klaviyo and other popular email apps for personalized campaigns


  • Reporting is very basic


There's a free subscription (100 wishlist items, 20 "save for later" items per month). Paid plans begin at $19.99/mo

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Wishlist Hero

wishlist hero wishlist app shopify

Wishlist Hero is an affordable wishlist app for small Shopify stores. You get the most essential wishlist functionality along with built-in emails to send restock and price drop messages.

Our experience with Wishlist Hero

I have visited a few Shopify stores that use Wishlist Hero to find out more about the app. One of them was My Little Thieves, which implemented the "add to wishlist" button to fit the existing buying buttons.

The app worked like this: when I added the item to a wishlist, a small notification popped up in the bottom right corner to confirm:

adding to wishlist widget

As is the case with most Shopify wishlist apps, accessing the wishlist was possible by clicking the "heart" icon in the store's menu.

Here's what it looked like (see below). Even though it was a guest wishlist, I could easily get a sharing link for social media by clicking "share":

wishlist window

What you can do with this wishlist app for Shopify:

  • Add "heart" icons to the header menu, product listings, and menu items

  • Create wishlists for both unregistered and unregistered customers

  • Allow customers to share wishlists with others via Facebook

  • Send automatic emails with restock or price drop alerts for wishlisted items


  • Wishlist Hero developers help with installing the app for less common themes

  • You can let your unregistered visitors save items, too

  • Sharing is available for unregistered visitors


  • Customization feels very basic (you'll need a developer to do more)


You can use this app for free for up to 500 items added by your customers to their wishlists. Paid plans begin at $4/mo.

Read the stories of brands and people who made it:

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Smart Wishlist

smart wishlist app shopify

An easy-to-implement wishlist app for small and mid-sized Shopify stores. If prefer to install the app yourself and have a helpful support team ready to help at all times, Smart Wishlist is a good one to check out.

Our experience with Smart Wishlist

Fenity Fashion, a mid-sized Shopify store, gives us a good example of how Smart Wishlist can be seamlessly integrated. That store has recently reviewed Smart Wishlist on the Shopify App store, so I went there to check out their implementation.

Fenity had "Add to Wishlist" buttons in the usual spot under the "Add to cart":

add to wishlist button implemented

After adding a few items to the list, it was surprisingly difficult to find it since the store did not have the usual "heart" icon in the menu.

As it turns out, the link to the list appeared only in a floating tip for items that have not been added yet:

I was able to find the list by using that link. It fits naturally in the overall store design (except only the buttons whose shapes differed a bit from other buttons in the store):

wishlist page example

Another interesting thing was that Fenity offered visitors to win all the items in the wishlist in a TikTok giveaway. That's a great example of how businesses can increase Shopify conversions by using wishlists and social media:

wishlist contest

What you can do with this Shopify wishlist app:

  • Create wishlists without registering for an account

  • Allow customers to add items to wishlists both from product menu pages and individual product pages


  • Useful statistics on wishlist usage

  • 24/7 customer support


  • Some users report some difficulties with customizing wishlist buttons


You can try this app for 60 days on your store for free. Paid plans begin at $4.99/mo.

Engage more customers with giveaways and contests:

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Wishlist Engine

wishlist engine wishlist app shopify

Wishlist Engine has a perfect Shopify store rating because of two things: a lot of features (you get practically the same functionality as the most expensive tools at a fraction of the cost) and a helpful support team.

Quite a few users also reported sending multiple customization requests and help requests and receiving all the help they needed quickly.

Our experience with Wishlist Engine

To review this wishlist app, two stores were used: OEShop and the Wasabi Company. Both are mid-sized Shopify stores with a comparable product range sizes.

First off, OEShop had the "heart" buttons added to the product categories (below) and individual product pages:

add to wishlist buttons

Finding the wishlist was easy thanks to the familiar "heart" icon in the store's header.

Once I clicked the "heart," the wishlist appeared, along with the "add to cart" and sharing options:

my wishlist page

Next, the Wasabi Company offered a similar using experience.

The implementation differed, though—we had a different "heart" icon, showing the number of added items in a more reader-friendly way:

heart icon store header

Also, the wishlist itself appeared in a lightbox popup window:

wishlist popup window

What you can do with this wishlist app for Shopify:

  • Easily allow adding items to wishlists from product menus and pages

  • Enable wishlist creation for both guests and registered users

  • Choose between traditional buttons and "heart" icons for "add to wishlist" button types


  • Good customization options

  • Built-in email alerts for product restocking and other actions

  • Analytics to find the most popular products and the most active customers


  • Emails and widgets are available only in the highest, albeit not very expensive plan ($.9.49/mo)


The free version is limited to 100 wishlist items. Paid plans begin at $4.49/mo.

Useful apps to recover abandoned orders on Shopify:

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wishify wishlist app shopify

Wishify is a bit more expensive than most of the Shopify wishlist apps we've reviewed so far. However, its range of features is rather comparable to other apps.

Our experience with Wishify:

To see this wishlist app in action, I went to a store called Parker on the Porch. They sell a wide range of embroidery designs, which was a good opportunity to see how Wishify helps them sell.

The store implemented the "heart" buttons on the product menu and individual product pages. The first thing that I noticed was that the implementation of the "hearts" was not perfect, as they were transparent and not so easily visible on colorful product images:

heart buttons wishlist on product pages

Besides that, I could easily create and share my wishlist as both a guest and a registered user.

For example, here's the look of the wishlist from a customer's account:

wishlist app review

What you can do with this Shopify wishlist app:

  • Enable wishlists for guest and registered customers

  • Send email reminders about price drops or restocks of items on the list

  • Allow customers to share wishlists on social media


  • Capability for targeted email reminders based on wishlist contents

  • Intuitive interface for both users and store owners


  • More expensive compared to similar apps

  • Some customization options require technical knowledge to be implemented effectively


Free for up to 100 wishlist items. Paid subscriptions start at $5.99/mo. There's also a 7-day free trial available.

See how other businesses promote new products:

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growave wishlist app shopify

Growave is not an ordinary Shopify wishlist app because it also includes customer loyalty and reward program features. That's why it's also the priciest one on our list, but that might make sense since you can substitute your current loyalty app.

Our experience with Growave:

Although many Growave users prefer to stick to the customer rewards features, I found multiple different implementations of this app.

For example, Prairie Spirit Trading Post had an "add to wishlist button embedded between the "add to cart" and Shop Pay buttons:

implementation of add to wishlist button

Next, MorningWood used a different approach.

Apart from the "heart" icons on product category menu pages, they also had a small widget to allow customers to manage the list:

adding to wishlist

The wishlist page looked very neat and provided the essential features, like sharing on social media, deleting items, and choosing product colors:

wishlist example on a shopify store

What you can do with this Shopify wishlist app:

  • Allow both registered and unregistered customers to create wishlists

  • Sharing of wishlists on social media

  • Creation of multiple lists, even as a guest

  • Reward customers with points and gift cards for their loyalty


  • Good-looking widget for easy wishlist management

  • Highly customizable "heart" buttons

  • Built-in customer rewards features (points, coupons, gift cards)

  • Customer review forms


  • The overall design of the dashboard is outdated

  • Some users reported poor performance of the reviews widget, both due to unattractive design and a lack of really effective reward options


Free for 100 wishlist additions. Paid plans begin at $49/mo.

How we chose these Shopify wishlist apps

We looked a few aspects:

  • range of features (included those with widgets, guest wishlists, heart icons, etc.)

  • level of customization (how easy it is to customize widgets, etc. to your Shopify theme)

  • price (we included both free and paid options)

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