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Last updated Mon Jan 15 2024

50+ Onsite Notification Templates [+Resources]

When you create an account in Wisepops, you get full access to Notifications.

Notifications are designed to let you engage more website visitors in many ways. They are a new and unique channel to increase website conversions—with a social media-like feed.

If you’d like to use this channel—

You can use 50+ templates in this post. Just copy them into Wisepops, personalize, and publish—it’s that easy.

How to make an onsite notification campaign

In your Wisepops account:

  • Go to Notifications in the main menu

  • Click Create campaign 

  • Choose the goal and confirm

  • Copy & paste a template from this article (or write your own copy)

You can also freelance and start from a blank template (choose Blank Canvas).

wisepops notifications menu


Connect your Wisepops account to your Shopify and Instagram to unlock notification campaigns marked by the Shopify and Instagram logos.

Onsite notifications templates

  • “Sign up”

  • “Announce” 

  • “Discount”

  • “Welcome”

  • “Loyalty”

  • “Repeat” (Shopify-only)

  • “Reactivate” (Shopify-only)

  • “Cart” (Shopify-only)

  • Login (Shopify-only)

  • Instagram

1. Campaign type: Sign up

Use this campaign to collect emails from your visitors and build your subscriber list.

Default template: 

Teaser: 🎁 Here's 10% OFF your first order!

Description: Get 10% OFF your first order! Plus the latest news, sales and discounts right into your inbox.

Success message: Thanks for joining. We're excited to have you. As our thank-you, enjoy this 10% off discount for your first order: TENOFF

Targeting: Visit count > is equal to: 1

Sync: Klaviyo or Zapier + your ESP

Template 1

Teaser: Don’t miss anything!

Description: Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about our latest collections, lookbooks, promos, discounts, and more.

Success message: Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! We look forward to sharing what’s going on at [brand] with you!

Template 2

Teaser: Signup for [brand name] scoop

Description: Sign up today and you will receive exclusive offers and information on discounts, sales, special events and promotions.

Success message: You’re now a new member of [brand] fam!

Template 3

Teaser: 15% off your first purchase

Description: Sign up for our newsletter and receive 15% off your first order and stay up to date with new arrivals, announcements, and discounts.

Success message: GOT IT DONE! Apply this discount code: [code] to your cart for 10% off

Template 4

Teaser: Join the list

Description: Sign up to get exclusive content, personalized offers, new arrivals, and exciting updates from the world of [Brand name].

Success message: You’re on the list! 

Template 5

Teaser: Would you like a FREE [product] sample?

Description: Drop your email below and soon you'll be getting [product name]. While supplies last. You'll also get all the latest highlights, tips, inspirations and offers.

Success message: Nice! Your [product name] will get prepared and shipped shortly. Meanwhile, have a look around our store!  

Template 6

Teaser: Claim your welcome discount!

Description: Join our email list and be the first to know about product updates, fantastic deals, [brand name] news + 10% off your first order.

Success message: You’re on the list! Here’s your discount code: 10OFF

Template 7

Teaser: Get 20% off your order!

Description: Subscribe to our newsletter and unlock your instant discount.

Success message: You’re in! Copy this discount code: [code] and use it to claim 20% off your next order at checkout. 

Template 8

Teaser: Enjoy 20% off

Description: Subscribe to get a discount code for $20 off all [products]. For new customers only.

Success message: You’re in! Use code: WELCOME20 

Template 9

Teaser: Get VIP offers and a welcome discount

Description: Sign up and enjoy $10 off + free gift with your first order. Don’t miss out!

Success message: Thanks! Here’s your code: 10OFF 

2. Campaign type: Announce

Want to improve engagement with your product and collection announcements? Get more visitors to check them out with this onsite notification campaign.

Default template: 

Teaser: NEW DROP. Our latest collection is here 🛍️


Check out our latest pieces - crafted with care and with our planet in mind.

Grab yours before they're gone!

Targeting: Visit count > is equal to: 1

Case study

Find out how OddBalls, an underwear brand, used an onsite notification campaign to maximize awareness of new products: OddBalls success story

Template 1

Teaser: Shop what’s new 🛍️

Description: Good vibes are here to say with our latest arrivals. Dozens of new items, arriving daily. Grab ‘em before they’re gone! 

Button label: Shop now

Template 2

Teaser: 20% off with free shipping + free returns

Description: Limited time offer. Use promo code [code here] to claim your offer at checkout. 

Button label: Got it!

Template 3

Teaser: Explore the Limited Edition 🛍️

Description: Just landed: [Collection name] is a set of fresh looks ideally suited for this [season]. Available online only. Shop now!

Button label: Take me here

Template 4

Teaser: Win [product]!

Description: Subscribe for our newsletter for monthly chances to win [product]. We’ll also send you member-only deals and exclusive discounts.

Button label: Sign me up

Template 5

Teaser: New arrivals!

Description: Check out this season’s looks and colors that’ll give you new ways to look stylish. 

Button label: Learn more 

3. Campaign type: Discount

Discounts are one of the top reasons why customers buy. If you’re using discount codes to convert your visitors, this campaign will help you boost your performance.

Default template: 

Teaser: 20% OFF our new collection. Ends today! 🔥

Description: Get 20% off today on our new selection. It ends today so hurry up :)

Targeting: to all visitors (default)

Template 1

Teaser: SALE! Save up to 40% off

Description: Shop [product category] on sale with amazing value. As always, returns and shipping are on us. What are you waiting for?

Button: Let’s go! 

Template 2

Teaser: One-day super sale! 🔥

Description: Save 30% with our sitewide sale. Use code [code] at checkout. Grab your favorites fast, it ends tonight!

Button: Shop now! 

Template 3

Teaser: Three days only: 30% on EVERYTHING


Save on all your favorite [Brand name] products when you use the code 30OFF at checkout. The offer ends on [day, date].

BONUS: Spend $80 and get a FREE [product name]. 

Button: Join! 

Template 4

Teaser: It’s [brand name] birthday!


[Brand] is celebrating our Xth anniversary since opening our online store back in [year].

To help us celebrate and to thank you for being our customer, we’re offering a 24-hour sale to all our visitors! 

Use promo code BIRTHDAY to claim 20% off.

Button: Shop now 

Template 5

Teaser: Save up to 40% on selected products

Description: From now through Monday, save up to 40% on some of the best products of the season. Styles and sizes are selling fast, so head over to our Sale page to check what’s on offer before the sale ends.

Button: Shop the Sale! 

4. Campaign type: Welcome

The goal of this campaign is to introduce onsite notifications to your website visitors and let them know why they should engage with it.

Default template: 

Teaser: Welcome to your own feed 👋


This notification feed is where we’ll share things we think you’d love to see, based on what we learn as we get to know you!

Everything from product launches, sales, new content and personalized offers will be sent to you, so when you see that red dot, make sure you check in!

Targeting: Visit count > is lower than > three

Template 1

Teaser: Welcome!


We’re happy you’re here! Welcome to your personalized notification feed.

The feed is a place where you’ll get the latest news, special deals, and personalized offers from us. So check back when you see unread messages! 

In the meantime, how about visiting About Us to learn more about [brand] and our mission?

Button: Yes, let’s do that

[Link to the About Us page]

Template 2

Teaser: This is your own feed!


Keep updated with the latest deals and news on [brand] and never miss anything! This feed is a personalized notification feed that gives you access to all the information about our products and news. Try it out, check out other messages!

Button: Got it!

Template 3

Teaser: Why we are here

Description: We believe in transparent processes, high-quality materials, and sustainability. Learn about [brand name] promise and what we’re doing to hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Button: Learn more 

[Add a link to a page introducing your brand]

Template 4

Teaser: Get started with [Brand name]!

Description: Welcome to [Brand]! If you’re not sure where to start, we can help with that. How about checking out our [product category]? Use code CODE to claim your welcome offer, too.

Button: Shop [product category]

Link: [Link to a product menu page in the button]

Template 5

Teaser: Welcome to [brand]! 

Description: [Brand] is a shop that offers a diverse collection of unique samples and current season overstock from talented designers. We are a "one-stop shop," so you can find a great outfit here for almost any occasion.

Button: Read more about us

5. Campaign type: Loyalty 

With this one, you can get more loyalty program signups as well as more engagement with your program in general.

Default template: 

Teaser: Here's an update on your loyalty status 🏅

Description: You've been collecting points with our loyalty program - check your status and redeem your gifts!

Button: Show my rewards

Targeting: Visit count > Is greater than > 1

Template 1

Teaser: Get rewards and perks.

Description: [Loyalty program name] members get extra discounts, exclusive promotions, points for every purchase, and more. 

Sign up today and discover all the exclusive benefits of [loyalty program].

Button: Learn more

Template 2

Teaser: Discounts, rewards, and more.

Description: It pays to be a loyal customer. Get early access to sales, enjoy fast free shipping, and make purchases with loyalty points.

Become a member of [brand] family by signing up for our loyalty program today.

Button: Join 

Template 3

Teaser: Give $20. Get $20.

Description: Log in to your [brand] loyalty program account and share a reward with your friends. If they make a purchase, they’ll get $20 off from us—and we’ll give you a $20 digital coupon for your next order.

Button: Log in now


Template 4

Teaser: Want to collect rewards points?

Description: Join [brand loyalty program name]. It’s all about early access, member-only offers, product giveaways, and earning points (that you can exchange for products and other perks). And the rewards don’t stop there!

Join now for free

Button: Start now 

Template 5

Teaser: Members earn 2X points on all purchases through [date]!


[Loyalty program name] - join today and get 100 points.

Exchange points for free shipping, discounts, gift cards, and other perks. Learn more and register today!

Button label: Join now 

6. Campaign type: Repeat (Shopify)

More than 50% of revenue in most online stores comes from repeat customers. With this campaign, you can generate more orders from your customer base.

Default template: 

Teaser: 💌 Here's a special offer for your next order. Don't miss out!

Description: Thanks for being one of our customers! Here is a coupon that grants you 20% off on any product in our selection: VIP20

Button: Shop now

Targeting: Order count > greater than > 1

Template 1

Teaser: Special offer for you

Description: Get $20 off when you buy two (or more) [product names]. Valid for 48 hours only. Use the code 20OFF at checkout.

Button: Got it! 

Template 2

Teaser: We’re glad you’re back! 

Description: Enjoy a free [product] with purchases over $80. The discount code will be automatically added to your cart at checkout.

Button: Shop now 

Template 3

Teaser: End of the season sale! 🏷️

Description: Get up to 50% off on 250+ products. Also, free shipping for all orders over $100 + free returns! 

Button: Shop the sale! 

Template 4

Teaser: Glad you’re here!


Welcome back to [brand!] 

As one of our loyal customers, please enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on your next order. Use code: 20OFF at checkout.

The offer is valid for 48 hours, so hurry!

Button: Shop now! 

Template 5

Teaser: Your next order looks great...

Description: We can’t pick the best styles for you... But we can give you all the inspiration you need! And a discount to get you started right: use the code 10OFF to get 10% off.

Button: Shop now 

7. Campaign type: Reactivate (Shopify)

If a visitor does not buy from you in a while but then comes back to your store, it’s a perfect opportunity to convert them. Do that with this notification campaign.

Default template: 

Teaser: Where have you been?

Description: We have not heard from you since a while. Here is a discount code to rekindle the flame: COMEBACK20

Targeting: Last order date > Is before (days) > 30

Template 1

Teaser: You’re here again!

Description: You made it! We haven’t seen you in a while—life gets hectic, we get it. But we’re happy you returned! And there’s a lot of new and exciting products to check out! 

Button: Find great deals 

Template 2

Teaser: Where did you go?

Description: Welcome back! It’s been a while since you dropped by. How about checking out our new arrivals? We don’t want you to miss out on those!

And it gets better: 

Have a $20 discount for your next order with the code IMBACK20. How does that sound?

Button: See new arrivals 

Template 3

Teaser: Missed you! 

Description: You’re finally back! Shop again today and enjoy a special deal just for you: $15 off your order of minimum value of $50. Applies to all products.

Enter the code TOGETHER at checkout. 

Offer ends in 24 hours!

Button: Shop now


Cart value > Is greater than > 0

Cart value > Is lower than > 50

Template 4

Teaser: We miss you at [Brand!]


We’re glad you’re here again!

Rediscover great shopping and grab some exciting deals today. For your next $50+ order, take an extra 10% off—just for you, just for today! 

Explore our latest collection—we’re sure it’s going to be one of your favorites±

Button: Shop latest looks 

Template 5

Teaser: Hello stranger...


We’re just kidding!

It’s awesome to have you visit [brand name] again. Is there anything we can do to make your experience better? How about 10% off—it’ll be our way of saying that we missed you.

Just enter the code 10BACK at checkout.

Happy shopping!

Button: Go to products 

8. Campaign type: Cart (Shopify)

Increase the Average Order Value (AOV) with this campaign that automatically proposes to check out product of your choice when customers add something to the cart.

Default template: 

Teaser: 🛒 ADD TO CART. Complete your cart with this best seller!

Description: Our new sneakers are out. They look great and on top of that by adding them to your cart, you get free shipping!

Button: Check them out!


Cart value > Greater than > 20

Cart value > Is Lower than > 60

Template 1

Teaser: Treat yourself...


Need some inspiration to complete the look? 

We think you’ll love [product] — check it out! It’s a [short description]

Plus, don’t forget that you’ll unlock a $10 discount if your order value is higher than $70!

Button: Go see 

Template 2

Teaser: Unlock free shipping?

Description: Only $X left to enjoy free shipping! 

Check out: [product name]. It’s a related best-selling product you don’t want to miss. Complete the look and get a better deal!

Button: Shop now 

Template 3

Teaser: You might want to see this...


Did you see our new arrivals, too?

X+ top-quality items that are perfect for those who want to take their beauty routine to the next level.

With natural ingredients and a unique formula, they’re a perfect addition to your skin-care arsenal.

Button: Check them out! 

Template 4

Teaser:  Want to get free shipping on your order?

Description: We offer free shipping on orders $100 and over! Check out our best sellers or items on sale for inspiration.

Offer valid for 48 hours.

Button: Got it! 

Template 5

Teaser: Get the best deal


Just for you:

Looking to add some more style to your wardrobe? We have the perfect idea for you: [product name].

It’s made with the highest quality materials and comes with an amazing design that will make heads turn. And right now, we’re offering free shipping when you add this item to your cart.

Button: See more 

9. Campaign type: Login (Shopify)

Remind your customers to log in to their account on your store to personalize their shopping experience.

Default template: 

Teaser: 🔓 LOG IN for easier shopping and personalized offers

Description: Check and see if you have any updates or offers waiting for you.

Button: Log in

Targeting: Is logged in > Is false

Template 1

Teaser: Welcome to [brand]! We’re glad you’re here!


Log into your customer account on [brand name] to unlock a personalized shopping experience with exclusive deals and product recommendations tailored just for you.

With just one click, you can get our products at better prices!

Button: Sign in now 

Template 2

Teaser: Get a better shopping experience

Description: You can get exclusive discounts and deals!

To get started, just log into your customer account. Personalized product recommendations, members-only deals, and much more, only a few clicks away. 

Button: Log in or create account


Template 3

Teaser: Sign up!


Sign up for faster checkout, tailored product recommendations, and our awesome newsletter.

Button: Create account now


Template 4

Teaser: Login to your account

Description: Are you an insider?

Sign in with your account to get the best of [brand]. Become an insider, customize your experience, and collect redeemable points that can be used for shopping.

Button: Sign in now 

Template 5

Teaser: Enjoy a personalized experience!


Sign in now to enjoy a more personalized experience at [brand], from faster checkout and order updates to collecting redeemable points and making wishlists. Make your shopping experience faster and easier.

Button: Account login 

10. Campaign type: Instagram

Use this campaign type to promote posts from your Instagram brand’s account on your online store.

When you connect Wisepops with your store's business account, our app will automatically extract the content of the post.

So, no need for templates here—just make an Instagram post, and Wisepops will take care of promoting it via the feed.

👉 How to integrate Wisepops and Instagram

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