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Last updated Tue Jan 09 2024

8 Brilliant Onsite Marketing Campaigns from the Notification Feed Contest

We've done it again!

In our latest Wisepops Community contest, online businesses from different industries showcased their creative ways of using the onsite notification feed, demonstrating how they engaged website visitors and elevated their overall visitor experience.

In this article, you will find their remarkable campaigns, highlighting the impactful ways in which they leveraged the onsite notification feed.

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Best seasonal campaign contest results (includes examples of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Easter, and other holiday campaigns)

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  • émoi émoi — Combining onsite notifications and embedded popups to increase the average order size

  • The Knitting NetworkAn eye-catching bell that presents a mother lode of deals

  • Naelle Studio — Starting a personalized conversation instead of sending dozens of emails

  • The Nines — Informing and guiding customers through a brand-new website

  • Yespark Sharing strategies news and highlighting offers

  • — Letting visitors discover the brand at their own pace

  • Black Ember — Building excitement (and the email list) in a fun and easy way

  • Vai Vai — A helpful mascot that assists with navigating and buying

Who won?

🏆 The Community Choice Award: émoi émoi 

🏅  The Wisepops Choice Award: The Knitting Network and Naelle Studio

1. émoi émoi 🏆

Combining onsite notifications and embedded popups to increase the average order size

émoi émoi is a fabulous French fashion brand that celebrates the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. They offer stylish and comfortable clothing designed specifically for expectant mothers, as well as adorable accessories for babies and children. With their emphasis on quality and chic designs, émoi émoi is the go-to brand for stylish moms-to-be.

emoi emoi
Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

“We decided to give customers a pair of socks for every two pairs of shoes they bought, encouraging them to buy a duo and increase the average order value of the period. The pain point was that we needed our customers to:

  • know exactly which product was eligible to get the promotion

  • select the size of the gift and add it to cart

  • add a discount code to the cart 

  • without losing or bothering them

Too much to explain in a single notification!”

Lucie Poirier, Digital marketing manager, émoi émoi

How émoi émoi is using the onsite notification feed

Website: émoi émoi

Campaign goal: Let customers get a free pair of socks for buying two pairs of matching shoes (one for a mom and another one for the kid)


  • Using two channels (onsite notifications and embeds) together—customers clicked the feed to go to the eligible products and then applied the discount code to take advantage of the offer

  • Making it easy for customers to apply the discount code to the shopping cart (in just one click in the Wisepops embed)

emoi emoi onsite marketingemoi emoi campaign onsite marketing


Since the launch of the campaign, the promoted products (the shoes and the socks) are the 3rd and 4th most viewed product pages on the émoi émoi’s website.

2. The Knitting Network 🏅 

An eye-catching bell that presents a mother lode of deals

The Knitting Network is the ultimate online yarn store, beloved by knitting enthusiasts across the UK. They offer a wide range of high-quality yarns, patterns, and knitting accessories, catering to all skill levels. With their extensive selection and excellent customer service, The Knitting Network is a go-to destination for all things knitting.

the knitting network
Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

“The idea to implement a notification feed on our website came from our desire to engage with our customers more effectively. We wanted to provide them with real-time updates on relevant promotions and product news, while also maintaining an unobtrusive browsing experience. To achieve this, we turned to Wisepops and its powerful notification capabilities.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

How The Knitting Network is using the onsite notification feed

Website: The Knitting Network

Goals of notification feed campaigns: 

  • Promote deals and sales

  • Increase average order value

  • Communicate product launches

  • Share important news


  • Eye-catching animated “bell” 

  • Onsite notifications drive traffic to offers and sales

  • Updating customers on relevant promotions in real time while maintaining an unobtrusive browsing experience

the knitting network onsite marketing


Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

“We've seen significant success with our notification feed, as evidenced by increased customer engagement and higher average order values. In the last 30 days, site users who opened their feed, visited 236% more pages than the rest of our traffic. Furthermore, we have an average campaign open rate of 26%

These impressive metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of our notification strategy in engaging customers and driving website interactions.”

Steve Hollis, The Knitting Network

3. Naelle Studio 🏅

Starting a personalized conversation instead of sending dozens of emails

Naelle Studio is a visionary brand dedicated to catering to the unique needs of black hair. Their product range focuses on providing specialized care, styling, and maintenance solutions that enhance and celebrate the beauty of black hair.

naelle studio

"Since using Wisepops, we’ve been able to effectively communicate and engage with our customers in real-time, without infiltrating their inboxes. Important comms are live, and up to date as and when needed. Customers are notified accordingly and the information provided isn’t sitting in an inbox with 300 other unopened emails.”

Naelle Studio

How Nealle Studio is using the onsite notification feed

Website: Naelle Studio

Campaign goal: Communicate news and offers and engage with customers in real-time without using emails


  • Sharing promo offers such as free shipping, discounts, and competitions

  • The feed helps the brand’s customers feel involved and notified without being intrusive or constantly emailing them

  • Using beautiful gifs to make memorable and engaging campaigns

naelle studio onsite marketing

4. The Nines

Informing and guiding customers through a brand-new website

The Nines is a fantastic clothing brand that's all about classic elegance and sophistication. They offer a wide range of high-quality clothing and accessories for men, from sharp suits to stylish shirts and accessories. The brand has recently launched a new website, and used the onsite notification feed to enhance the browsing experience.

the nines

“The notification is perfect to inform about something, without sacrificing too much space or attention, two main barriers in the e-commerce sector. Online, people hardly stay focused for a very long time so your message has to be seen and easy to spot. Wiseopos fits perfectly here, offering us the possibility to share the news subtly. It also permits to leave this message for a month, while changing our homepages sliders and not sacrificing any other main event (product launch or sales)”

Terence Lajaumont, The Nines

How The Nines is using the onsite notification feed

Website: The Nines

Campaign goal: Guide customers through the whole new user experience on a redesigned website


  • Sharing an exciting announcement with the visitors

  • Showing the preview of the new website in the notification

  • Keeping an important message on the homepage for weeks without changing homepage content or sacrificing other, more recent marketing messages

5. YesPark

Sharing strategies news and highlighting offers

YesPark is a convenient car rental business that takes the hassle out of parking in cities in France and Italy. With their innovative approach, you can reserve a parking spot in advance, ensuring a stress-free experience, and open a parking space with one tap on your smartphone.

Mathilde Granier, CRM Lead Manager, YesPark

“Our Feed notifications are essential for us, as it’s a new way to communicate with all of our visitors, without being intrusive like it can be with a popup or an email.”

Mathilde Granier, CRM Lead Manager, YesPark

How Yespark is using the onsite notification feed

Website: YesPark France

Campaign goal: Raise awareness of the new service: short-term parking space rental—until now, YesPark offered longer (monthly) subscriptions


  • Promoting the new services and getting more short-term rentals from visitors

  • Custom integration of the feed into the website’s header (there’s a loudspeaker instead of the “bell”)

  • Onsite notifications drive traffic to pages where customers can start searching for parking spaces easily

  • Using GTM data to raise awareness of the referral program among active customers

yes park onsite marketing

Here’s the view of the notification sharing the news about the launch of short-term rentals:

yespark campaign onsite marketing feed

The campaign promoting the referral program (displayed to active customers only):

promoting loyalty program via onsite notification feed


The short-term booking announcement campaign had been clicked by 15% of the viewers, which suggested a lot of interest in the new offer:

6. Oé

“Letting visitors discover the brand at their own pace”

Oé is on a mission to transform agriculture, consumption, and wine production. The business has been a certified B Corp company since 2017, pushing the limits of environmentally sustainable practices in the wine industry. Oé’s online shop has their mission front and center, also changing the way wine brands promote themselves and their products.

oe wines
Paul Le Roch, Head of Growth, Oé

“People are so exposed to advertising campaigns and popups, we wanted to present our brand in a slow way.”

Paul Le Roch, Head of Growth, Oé

How Oé is using the onsite notification feed


Campaign goal: “As we have some people who come to our website only to find information and not to buy products, we aim to present simply and efficiently our brand and our commitments.” 


  • Simple and non-pushy brand introduction to website visitors

  • Beautifully made notification that fits the overall website design

  • Brand’s values and mission influence customers, so this campaign supports the branding strategy

oe campaign onsite marketing


This onsite notification campaign is a success, according to Paul, as 20% of the visitors click on the link in the button.

Paul Le Roch, Head of Growth, Oé

"Our advice: let your visitors discover your brand and website at their pace, and address the right message at the right moment."

Paul Le Roch, Head of Growth, Oé

7. Black Ember

Building excitement (and the email list) in a fun and easy way

Black Ember is a seriously cool backpack brand that's all about combining style with functionality. Their backpacks are sleek, durable, and designed to handle whatever adventure you throw at them. With innovative features and top-notch materials, Black Ember backpacks are perfect for urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

black ember

“Our first priority is to provide our community with a positive, engaging and easy-to-use UX. We have found Wisp by Wisepops to perfectly complement the design and functionality of our website.”

How Black Ember is using the onsite notification feed

Website: Black Ember

Campaigns’ goals:  Make important announcements that new & returning visitors may be interested in (new product launches, new arrivals, and free shipping promo)


  • Announcing multiple product launches without changing the homepage content

  • Capturing emails with “Be the first to know” notifications (emails sent directly Klaviyo thanks to the integration)

  • Notifying visitors of free shipping thresholds when they add products to the cart (international and US-based customers)


The “Be the first to know” campaign including an upcoming product:

onsite notification feed wisepops campaign black ember

A “New Arrivals” notification that updated visitors on the release of The Kompak—one of Black Ember’s best-selling backpacks:

A “Limited edition” notification about a popular product:

onsite notification feed wisepops campaign

Black Ember also use notifications to notify visitors of the ‘free shipping’ thresholds. Two free shipping options are available for customers depending on location.

Black Ember offers free shipping in the USA for all orders (no limit) and free international shipping for orders over $395. The Wisepops team helped to set up the two thresholds for visitors arriving by location.

Here's how these campaigns performed:

Get more details about Black Ember's campaigns:

8. Vai Vai Visby

A helpful mascot that assists with navigating and buying

Founded by three friends, Teodor Malmbord, Jonas Kullman, and Andreas Phersson, Vai Vai Visby is not just a bicycle store but also a meeting place for all local bike enthusiasts in Visby, Sweden. The business’s website is a stunning example of an ecommerce store design whose focus is user experience.

vai vai visby campaign onsite marketing

The goal is to simulate the kind of friendly advice and insights we can give to our customers when visiting our physical store. If I want to talk to a customer about our special kind of bike shorts – I only want to do it when I know they are visiting our cycling apparel section.”

Teodor Malmborg, Vai Vai Visby

How Vai Vai Visby is using the onsite notification feed

Website: Vai Vai Visby (in Swedish)


  • Maximize customer engagement with a newly launched website

  • Recreate a friendly in-store experience online (help with discovering offers, learning about the brand, etc.)


  • Cool customization with a cute mascot (a chihuahua named Willow)

  • The feed was installed as a floating widget (rather than the “bell” in the header navigation)

  • Relevant content and product recommendations based on page visitors are on

  • Automatic free shipping promo message when visitors add products to the cart

vai vai visby onsite marketing

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