Convert Visitors With Lightbox Popups 

Lightbox popups have become one of the digital marketers’ favorite tools — they help focus your users’ attention on the content of the modal itself.

With Wisepops, you can design lightbox popups effortlessly by simply dragging and dropping the elements you want to add to your popup. It usually takes less than two minutes to get a campaign ready.

Email Popup Templates

How to Design Your First Lightbox Popup?

  1. Sign up for a Wisepops account.
  2. Select a lightbox popup template or start from scratch and activate an overlay.
  3. Customize the popup (you can add visuals, customize the popup size, position, colors, wording, etc.)
  4. Prepare your targeting scenario and determine which users will see your overlay and when.
  5. Turn on your campaign. Your popup is live instantly!

Use Cases

  1. Collect emails

    As they are very visible, lightbox popups are one of the most powerful ways to grow your email list. Our customers convince, on average, 6 out of 100 visitors to share their contact details.

  2. Retain abandoning visitors

    Lightboxes are the best format to retain abandoning visitors. Even when they’re about to leave, your visitors can’t miss them. Combine our flexible editor with our advanced targeting engine to retain your users before it’s too late.

  3. Engage your visitors with videos

    Video marketing’s popularity has grown significantly these past few months. Use your lightbox popups to share your most recent videos and engage your audience in a fun and modern way.

  4. Share announcements

    Do you have a new collection? Have you just released a new feature? Share these announcements in a simple, visible and scalable way.

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