Popup Design Gallery

Designing website popups is an art. Whatever tool you’re using — a popup builder, an image editor or raw HTML — your design plays a huge role. We’ve gathered a few popup templates to inspire you.

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Exit Popups

Exit popups are popups displayed when your visitor is about to leave your website. As such, their design must be especially catchy. They're a safety net, the last way to retain your visitors before they leave.

Exit popup templates

Lightbox Popups

Dimming the background, lightbox popups are commonly used to interrupt visitors during their navigation. They’re often used on exit to catch users’ attention at the last minute.

Lightbox popup templates

Email Popups

Email popups have become a standard component of any email marketing strategy. When connected to your email tool, they can help you grow your email list effortlessly.

Email popup templates

Mobile Popups

Google made it clear: marketers should use mobile-optimized popups only. Usually displayed at the bottom of the screen to avoid hiding any important element of the page, they help increase conversions on mobile websites.

Mobile popup templates

Video Popups

Video marketing is a huge trend, and so are video popups. They help you make your videos more visible and increase your video views.

video popup templates


One powerful way to inspire website visitors to engage with your brand is embedded content. By inserting a video, a sign-up form, a promotion, or a survey, marketers can grab attention, inspire action and transform their websites into conversion machines.

Email popup templates