Create Spin-The-Wheel Pop-Ups
That Work

All the credit for spin-to-win popups should go to Karlo Bradica from Conversion Pirates. Back in 2017, he invented gamified popups with his app called “Wheelio.” It’s only after seeing Karlo’s impressive results that other popup tools such as Privy and us added the feature to their existing builder.

Fast forward to today: these kinds of pop-ups have only become more popular…and more sophisticated. But why all the fuss about this kind of modals?

Because they work wonders. While traditional email pop-ups convert 3.75% of visitors into subscribers on average, our clients report an average conversion rate between 5% and 20% for this kind of campaign.

Convinced? Now let’s explain why Wisepops offers the best spin-the-wheel app you can find.

spin to win popup vs form


Fully customizable

Wisepops is the only app that lets you customize 100% of your spin to win pop-up – your pop-up placement, its colors, its font, the size of the wheel itself, etc. You want to design a full-screen pop-up that includes your brand’s colors and font? Done in under a minute. Do you prefer a side pop-up? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Works with any platform

Wisepops can be added to any website with a simple copy and paste. If you’re using Shopify or Magento, we’ve got a few bonus features for you. If you’re using WooCommerce, BigCommerce or any other e-commerce platform, Wisepops will work great as well.

Advanced targeting

Wisepops includes more than 40 targeting and segmentation options to help you reach qualified visitors when they’re most likely to convert. Segment your campaigns depending on your visitors’ behavior (cart value, time on page, purchase history, etc.), their demographic characteristics (country, language, etc.), their source of traffic, or even technical properties (device, OS…).

Integrates with most ESPs

Wisepops integrates natively with a dozen email service providers (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more). If you can’t find yours in the list, you can rely on our Zapier integration, which allows you to connect Wisepops with 700+ ESPs and CRM or use our API. We can also develop an integration for you (contact us for more information about this last option).

Detailed reporting

Wisepops provides you with all the metrics you need to understand how your campaigns are doing: are they displaying as often as they should? Are they converting? We also let you create A/B tests in just a few clicks. And if you’re hungry for even more data, we integrate with Google Analytics.

More than spin to win pop-ups

Wisepops make it possible to create all kinds of popups for all kinds of contexts. Need to run a quick exit survey? To share your latest promotion on your homepage? To increase your average order value with a targeted offer? All of that is included in our tool out-of-the-box.

GDPR compliant

Wisepops follows the latest security and privacy standards. Since GDPR enforcement, we’ve taken all the legal and technical measures required to respect the European law.

How to Create a Gamified Pop-Up?

  1. Select one of our Wheel of Fortune templates
  2. Customize the look & feel of the popup
  3. If necessary, add additional fields to get to know your leads better
  4. Turn on the campaign
  5. Set up our script

And voila!


Best Practices

Are you convinced that gamified popups could help your business? Check out this article where we gathered all the best practices to create wheel of fortune pop-ups that rock!

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