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Last updated Fri Jan 27 2023

9 Headlines for Convincing Email Pop-ups

By Paweł Ławrowski

Great headlines are the key to effective email pop-ups, especially when it comes to convincing your website’s visitors to join your newsletter.

Email inbox space is a precious commodity, so your headline needs to get your visitors on board—and fast. Try these 9 ideas to increase your newsletter sign-ups through the power of language.

“Join XX,XXX Happy Subscribers”

If you’re on a crowded street and you notice a bunch of people looking up at the sky, you’re almost certainly going to stop and look, too. Part of that instinct is curiosity, but it’s also driven by social proof.

Social proof is a psychological principle that explains how people mirror others’ behaviors in an effort to be correct.

Providing numbers lets visitors know that they aren’t taking a risk on your newsletter. When thousands of people already support you, it must be for a reason—and that’s comforting to a new reader.

A popup inviting to join 60,000 sales leaders

“Don’t Miss Out on Our Next Deal”

Saving money (while we’re spending it) makes us feel good, and it keeps us coming back for more. Offering a future deal in your newsletter captures your audience’s value-oriented minds.

But don’t settle for a standard deal-offer pop-up. Harness your buyers’ FOMO, or the fear of missing out, to encourage sign-ups.
FOMO is pervasive in our internet-focused lives. In fact, 56% of people reported feeling afraid of missing out on content when away from social networks.

Showing buyers that they might miss something important in your emails helps them make the decision to stay tuned and increases the value of their relationship with your brand.

“Want a Chance to Win XYZ?”

A coupon or sale can excite your newsletter’s audience, but giveaways are a true win. If you offer a weekly or monthly giveaway in your newsletter, say so in your pop-ups!
The benefit of explaining your giveaway is twofold: not only does it prove the value of your newsletter (a chance to win!), it shows transparency and gives your visitors an idea of what awesome things to expect from your newsletter.
Yes, people love opportunities to win, which piques their interest in your newsletter itself. But it also gets them thinking about the product or service they could receive for free. Those leads are likely to be quality subscribers within your niche, and your giveaway gave you the leverage to talk directly to them via email. It’s a win-win!

a popup on casper.com offering to win a free pillow

“Get a Free Weekly Newsletter, Complete with Exclusive Content”

This headline is especially effective if you include a subtext that reads something like “Get the exclusive news we only send to subscribers.”

Exclusivity and scarcity are a classic selling techniques based in psychology. In this case, you’re selling your newsletter’s content, but the principle is the same. We all want to feel elite and highly revered, so let your audience join your company’s inner circle. The relationship feels more two-way when the space in their inbox comes with tangible select perks and information.

A popup on feed.com offering to receive exclusive content

“Do You Love Your XYZ?”

Target your customers’ pain points with this headline, and you’re sure to usher in more sign-ups. When you ask people if they love something that they don’t, it reminds them of their problem and opens them up to considering solutions.

Your newsletter should be designed to be an antidote to their pain points, and you can communicate that with your pop-ups. Once your headline provokes that need to resolve that issue, offer your newsletter’s insights as a way to change and improve.

That connection helps your readers envision their future with your newsletter—and your brand.

“Be the first to know about XYZ”

All ambitious professionals have one thing in common: they want to be the first to know new information about their industry that will give them a leg up in creating their success.

Remember the enticing psychological principle of exclusivity? Insider information is hard to resist—no matter if your target audience is made up of small business owners, professionals at massive international corporations, or self-employed freelancers. Play up that allure in your pop-ups, and you’re sure to attract new sign-ups.

A popup on thehundreds.co.uk inviting visitors to be the first to know about new collections

“Want XYZ?”

It’s specific, attention-grabbing, and appeals to your customer’s particular desires. It feels useful to the visitor rather than beneficial to the company. No wonder this simple question has statistically proven to be a high-converting headline.

A popup on refinery29 asking visitors if they want to receive the best from their best

“We Love Helping XYZ Like Yourself.”

When “XYZ” represents your target audience (or, alternatively, what your target audience aspires to be), this pop-up suddenly seems like a personal offer rather than generically annoying. The word “help” also portrays your brand as generous and customer-focused.
Go the next step with this headline and use a subtext explains why and how your newsletter provides this “help” to your audience. Does it include industry tips? Giveaways of helpful products or exclusive content? Details help to pack a persuasive 1-2 punch and boost your email list.

“Join XYZ and Do This Thing Better”

This headline is super flexible to your company’s mission—from “Join XYZ and Lose Weight Smarter” to “Join XYZ and Get Better Interviewing Skills”—which is why it’s a great choice for your newsletter pop-up.

We’re all on a quest to get better, faster, and stronger, so hone in on your audience’s goal-oriented mentality to tempt that inner improvement-seeker. Soon you’ll see your sign-up rate increase too, and you’ll know you’ve hit the mark.

Klientboost's email pop up inviting visitors to upgrade their knowledge of PPC

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Paweł Ławrowski

Pawel is a Head of Growth at Wisepops and a Lead Generation&Pop-up Expert.